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Dr. Peter Fisher – Urethral Reconstruction

Dr. Peter Fisher – Urethral Reconstruction

– I’m Dr. Peter Fisher here at St. Mark’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. A service that we offer in
our Urology Surgical Line is called the Urethral
Reconstruction or Urethroplasty. This is where the
urethra, the urinary track that delivers urine from
the bladder outside the body can be strictured or narrowed. Usually it happens from
an accident in childhood, most men are unaware that
they have urethral stricture until their urine flow
diminishes dramatically. After a trial of, what’s
called a dilation, they’re ways to deal with
urethral stricture disease that unfortunately frequently fail. So when it comes to a
patient who’s gone through minimally invasive options and
still has stricture disease, often patients will come to
me, or one of my partners, to talk about Urethroplasty. What we do here at St. Mark’s
is utilize a piece of tissue actually from inside the
cheek, called a Buccal Graft. We can use that piece of tissue to transpose it and overlay the
stricture in the urethra, and actually cure this disease. Our cure rates of urethral
stricture disease, here at St. Mark’s hospital, approach 95%. It’s a number that we’re
enormously proud of, and we receive referrals for urethral strictures
from all over the state and from some parts of
the inner mountain area. (light music)

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