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Dr. Peter Fisher – Urology Robotics

Dr. Peter Fisher – Urology Robotics

– Hi I’m Dr. Peter Fisher, here at St. Mark’s
Hospital in Salt Lake City. We started our robotics
program here at St. Mark’s about 10 years ago, and
we’ve been gradually building that program ever since it began. The participation of
surgeons in multiple venues and in my specialty of urology is something that we’re quite proud of as we built this program
through the years. We have a team of experts, this is not just surgeons and patients, but this administrative
help, nursing help, techs in the operating room, who’ve been trained in
these specific modalities ad take pride in their work. So that we can offer
patients the optimum outcomes in a variety of surgical procedures. Robotics in urology, we started
doing just prostate surgery, radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer, we’ve expanded our robotics program to include kidney surgery, reconstructive surgery
of the urinary tract, prostate surgery for prostate enlargement, and bladder surgery for bladder cancer. The variety of robotics
that we’re doing now is something that I think
can continue to expand based on patient need,
development of instrumentation and further surgical and team training. We’re thrilled to offer robotic surgery both in urology and in a
number of different fields here at St. Mark’s hospital. And we service Salt Lake
City, the Wasatch Front, and the Intermountain area, for patients seeking expert surgery, particularly in robotics. (upbeat music)

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