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Drop Shot Fishing

Hi there, welcome to Steve Rogers Outdoors.
Today I’m going to talk about one of my new favorite drop shot baits. Now, drop-shotting,
everybody’s doing it, its taken the United States by storm ever since those Japanese
anglers brought it to this country and it catches a ton of fish.
And we’ve got another segment here on Steve Rogers Outdoors that has a lot of different
drop-shot rigging tips and technqiues that you can use to help you put more fish in the
boat and as a matter of fact it is on the same page on this website and I’ve labeled
it drop-shot mayhem. Make sure you check that one out for like I said a bunch of tips and
techniques on how to improve your drop-shot fishing.
Uhhh, this is Strike King’s Dream Shot its under the Perfect Plastics lineup and it’s
a very nice, small, compact finesse bait. This particular one is in green pumpkin and
look how attractice and appealing that particular bait is. It is very soft, finicky fish come
up and mouth it, it feels very natural and they hold onto it and I have to tell you a
little story about this particular bait. My son and I, my youngest son and I were out
fishing some drop shots a few weeks ago we launched the boat and right there at the boat
launch we started fishing our drop shot rigs. I had four quality fish in the boat still
within sight of the boat ramp. I was within fifty yards of that thing and the Dream Shot
had put four really nice fish in the boat. It is an extremely popular drop shot bait
lure and these are selling like hotcakes all across the country. This is definitely one
that you want to add to your arsenal in that special drop shot box you’ve got all rigged
up. The Dream Shot is a good one to have in there.

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