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Drugs Found in Birmingham While Magnet Fishing

Drugs Found in Birmingham While Magnet Fishing

Morning everybody today we’re in Birmingham
and we’re here for the weekend and we were friend Alex he’s a well wrapped up
its absolutely freezing this canal looks pretty clear I could
see the bottom was still gonna find some good stuff so
let’s find out so first bit of coinage for the
day eighteen pence 18p richer so my first mystery item of
the day is this bar its in two pieces it’s got a hole in the top of it
and then a notch in the shaft don’t know probably just scrap just a
cash box is anything inside? and no its empty it’s a very old one and it’s
snowing okay old crusty lock pretty smart, its snowing and it is not even Christmas Size of that beauty you can see down there even the canal and river trust are doing some magnet fishing The other part was clean but we have moved down to see what we can find here. They are in packets what it’s some to
move the magnet that’s a big bag as well yeah so it’s sharps box with needles inside, an old
radio that’s quite disgusting that’s just dumped in there we have to
dispose of that proper yes be careful there are drugs in there and dont know if they are
steroids or like vials sodium chloride, what do you reckon thats used for?
does anybody know what sodium chloride is useful absolutely tons of them are in
the bottles that sounds tough Metatrophine?
will have to google that and see what its udes for At first i thought it was like steroids but
who knows I’m going to tidy this up and dispose of it properly Gas cylinder Big heavy gas cylinder mysterious like discs of all different
sizes Look at all them what we keep finding disks of all different sizes what we
think it’s like a motorbike in there because is oil every time we disturb
something oil keeps coming to the surface so I’m going to try to grapple
hook and see what can find First scooter another shopping trolley Alex thinks its a hoover? oh wow
its an electric wood saw. found a Makita saw so just come to another bridge and as you
can see somebody has left all there magnet fishing finds on the foot pat no good we’re
gonna move them and we’re gonna check if anybody’s missed something
so hopefully, absolutely freezing but yeah hopefully somebody’s left something
for us so you find out very happy so we’ve come further north in Birmingham
it’s where i did a collaberation with blazing magnets down there with a
stretch is crazy I can see in the water we found four trolleys just a bit further
down but five six seven it’s like part of one, 8 one eight nine ten
keep going is any more eleven twelve thirteen fourteen Wow this is all littered with trolleys
14 fifteen shopping trolleys in this tiny little stretch is
he one there but yeah mad fifteen or bike frame see the blue bike can’t
tell what the name is but bikes is all sorts in here just crystal clear but
yeah we did the collab with blazing magnet between them two bridges found loads of
cool stuff and so me and Alex are going to do this stretch to see what we can find see it shine

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  1. Thankyou for watching and dont forget to watch this playlist of me finding loads of guns, knives and loads more weapons HERE

  2. "Sodium chloride is the chemical name for salt. Sodium is an electrolyte that regulates the amount of water in your body. … Sodium chloride is used to treat or prevent sodium loss caused by dehydration, excessive sweating, or other causes.Sodium chloride may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide."

  3. None of that was hard drugs some salt and a fertility drugs not sure why they were chucked in the canal lol

  4. So sodium chloride is commonly used by most British people those who use it tend to mix it with vinegar and soak it over starchy deep fried vegetables before the user ingests it.
    You could say it's a flavour enhancer not too much to worry about but prolonged use can lead to heart attacks etc

  5. Do you ever come across any issues whilst magnet fishing? (Locals, police, etc) Considering taking it up as hobby

  6. The buggers that dump trolleys in the canal should have one chained to their leg for a year, might make them less likely to do it again.

  7. Sodium chloride is just salt and menotrophin (HMG shot) is used in females to help fertility by making ovaries healthier and such,

  8. Sodium chloride in vials is saline solution which is then injected into vials with powdered medications. Once the medication is fully dissolved into the saline solution, it can be injected into a vein or IV or muscle.

  9. Seems like the council doesn’t do there job properly they need to be contacted about this and clean it up

  10. @Drasticg It's salt water, or saline solution. Used for all medicine basically. Helping other drugs dilute as they are pushed in. Test canula's before they are used. Or cleaning wounds to reduce risk of infection.

  11. Does anyone know what sodium chloride is used for?

    Haha, clearly a bit dumb eh mate. It's fucking salt.

  12. Loving the vids mate, I saw in one of the comments somewhere that you said the canal and rivers trust don’t like what you’re doing or something? You guys are helping clear the canals of shit! How can they have an issue with that? Keep it up chaps.

  13. That liquid in the needles is insulin I'm pretty sure, send me a picture of them on insta my @ is @oliverjones_2

  14. As soon as you seen the needles that bag should of been dumped back in the water not taken out, not worth your life

  15. why are there so many shopping trolleys in canals in Brum? Is it a local sport? disposing of them by leaving them on the towpath would be just as easy?

  16. I’m a nurse and we use the vials to mix medication into a solution for injections. It’s basically just sterile water

  17. Padlocks, empty cash boxes, medical supplies etc are thrown in by local criminals. That sodium chloride solution and needles probably stolen hoping for something like actual drugs or sellable items, and tossed when they realised what it all was. Tools like grinders etc may have been stolen then used in burglary. Weapons, including guns, pipes, explosives all thrown by them too. Shopping trolleys used to push shopping home then dumped or found by kids, ridden about and dumped. Gas bottles etc dumped by irresponsible boat owners.

  18. We found a load of old tat, some needles and some magic sodium chloride, and it was all in the Di-Hydrogen Monoxide. Classic.

  19. DrasticG. you should take the trollys out and have them scrapped for metal, worth quite a bit all 15 would have made you a tidy some in metal weight.

  20. 6:11 “gunna tidy this up and dispose of it properly”… they deffo just threw the bag back in😂

  21. What's Sodium Chloride used for? You can put it on your dinner! It's saline solution which is used subcutaneously for dehydration. I suspect that bag belonged to a diabetic.

  22. So… You use a 1,200 lb pull magnet and you hook up to something weighing more… Now you can't pull up your magnet.

  23. The sharps bin you found wasn't for sharps either. Anything with a purple lid is classified as cyto toxic waste.

  24. You guys ever considered having your own scrap metal business.? Appears to be enough scrap in Birmingham canals to keep you going. Well done for cleaning them up. 🙂 all the way from Birmingham to Worcester and on to London. I think you will have done your homework on the sodium chloride and other you mentioned.

  25. There not drugs in the bad way they were medication The first is salt used for dehydration the 2nd is to be used with insulin for diabetes

  26. Sodium Chloride is a salt solution for cleaning veins before and after an intravenous injection. 99% sure anyway.

  27. Thinking of starting up myself bud have you ever fished rivers with magnets or just stay to the canals bud just going to get my old triple hook made from rebar and buy a new magnet is single or double better also great video bud

  28. The saline solution is used to mix with hgh. Normally 10iu bottles with 1ml water. Blue tops are usually Chinese generic.. shame you didn't find 36iu phizer pens in there worth between £180 and £260… Great channel btw

  29. Someone went magnet fishing in my lockal park in birmingham (Hazelwell park stirchly) and found a load of old ford escorts a fridge and a lot more you should check it out also if you want to get a bit of cash you can take your scrap to a scrapyard

  30. The sodium chloride is used by heroin addicts to break down the powder heroin when they are about to inject through the syringe

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