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Dubai Food – RARE Camel Platter – WHOLE Camel w/ Rice + Eggs – Traditional Emirati Cuisine in UAE!

Dubai Food – RARE Camel Platter – WHOLE Camel w/ Rice + Eggs – Traditional Emirati Cuisine in UAE!

– What you’re about to witness
is an ultra traditional and rare Emirati meal. An ancient tradition since the
early days of civilization, one that we were incredibly
lucky to experience. That being said, this is a tradition that may be sensitive or controversial to some viewers. So if you feel uncomfortable,
please close this video. All right, check it out, guys. It’s Trevor James. We are in Dubai, I’m hanging
out with my buddy, Peyman. You can check out his YouTube channel in the description below. And today is a super special occasion. We’re going for a whole camel. – It’s gonna be amazing. Trevor, welcome to Dubai. This is like the ultimate welcome meal, It’s tribal, it’s traditional
and I hope you enjoy it. – Can’t wait, let’s go check it out. This is it, Dubai. Home to the world famous Emiratic cuisine and the world’s tallest
building, the Burj Khalifa. And when our friend, Peyman invited us out to experience this once in
a lifetime entire camel meal and an opportunity to share with the world an ancient tradition
since the dawn of time. We decided to come and check it out. And knowing the historical
importance of the skin, milk and meat of the camel,
being an important part for the survival of the Bedouin people, it made us wanna see this tradition in the modern world even more. Nowadays is prepared using camel’s raise in a nearby desert for exclusive guess and special occasions. Awesome, so this is it right here. – So this is it, it’s called Zaman Awal. – Zaman Awal? – Zaman Awal and Zaman means
time, Awal means first. So this is kind of like, olden time. So this is basically a
Bedouin tribal, cultural meal. – Okay.
– It’s very, very traditional soup. – Awesome! Let’s go try it out, guys. Thank you. Here we go. – So this is– – Okay, here we go. – [Peyman] How are you? – [Trevor] Hi. – [Peyman] My friend Trevor. – Nice to meet you. Thank you for having us. Hey, how are you? – It’s huge! – Whoa! Here we go. So they’ve been preparing
it overnight so we’re seeing an entire camel that’s been marinated. Whoa! Look at that. If you’re wondering how
we could eat all of these, a communal meal usually
eaten by 20 or more people. It was all decided upon as per tradition, that the restaurant would
give us as the guest, the first taste. After which the entire
staff of about 20 who rarely get to eat any camels
that they cook joined in. After which, the
restaurant donated the rest to a non-profit charity who
gives food to people in need. But first, we had to help
with the marination process. – So look at this. – So tamarind, turmeric, cumin. – [Chef] Chili, chili. – Chili. Oh, chili.
– Green chili is like that. And also the local masala so
those are the local spices. They usually have them in a
mix and they put ’em on top. And we’re gonna be putting
a second coat of that local masala over the top. Look at that masala we’ve got here, guys. You can smell the tomato, the chili, all those spices, the cumin. Beautiful. – So this is, I want you to
have a quick smell of this. – Ooh! Wow. You can smell all the cumin. – Yeah, absolutely.
– Yeah. – [Chef] Local ghee. – Local ghee? Ooh! – This is animal fat, right?
– That is potent ghee. – This is called samen over here. – Oh, samen!
– Samen, huh? So they call it samen,
this local, local oil. – Oh, lentil! – So you know the stuffing,
the actual stuffing. So you probably have
split peas over there, you have cashew nuts,
you’ve got raisins in there and you would put this inside the camel or on the rice? On the top.
– On the top. Saffron, and we’re gonna
be putting this on top of the camel, all over top? – [Chef] I mean, very good smell. – [Trevor] Very good. – Already you finished putting
or now you would put it? (speaks in foreign language) – Okay, sprinkle the saffron on top. Wow, look at that. Oh, look at all the cardamom. After this, the pot was loaded
up with water and steamed. There it is. And it is on the flame. – So amazing and all of this is being done by the team over here. So the chefs, so chef Azis over here. Chef Umbakar. – Thank you so much for having us. – Thank you, thank you
so much and the guys are originally from Kerala,
from south of India. – Kerala. (speaks foreign language) And you guys have been here
for more than 20 years? – Yeah, yeah, more than
24 year, him 28 year. – So you guys are from Dubai,
you’re not from India anymore. This is your home. – Same small, same small come here. – So Trevor, you won’t find
a lot of chefs in the country that can cook Emirati food
so when you have people that cook Emirati food well, this is gold. – This is golden and we’re
so lucky to be here today. Thank you for having us. We’re gonna wait a couple
more hours and have a feast. Thank you, thank you. And after waiting six hours
for the steaming camel, it was time to plate the camel and eat. Look at that beautiful camel. Whoa! That is a lot of camel meat. Wow! Look at that! There it is, guys. The entire roast, steamed camel. And look at that, the meat all just got so succulent and soft. That is so much meat. – [Peyman] So look at that,
now, he’s putting the stuffing all the way. So normally, you would have
that stuffing in the middle of the stomach of the lamb, right? But now, he’s just pouring the
stuffing all over the rice. So that’s split peas, there’s
lentils, it’s cashew nuts, it’s raisin and obviously,
it’s got spices. – Oh, an egg! Look at the eggs on there. Oh, and the liver. The liver goes on top. Whoa! That is a huge, huge. Let’s turn it this way. Whoa, look at that! It’s all here so we just
watched them put everything on. So we’ve got all of that
masala on the camel meat. What else are we seeing here? – You’re seeing all the stuffing. And the stuffing is split
peas, it’s got lentils, cashew nuts, raisins and of course spices on top of that as well.
– Yeah! – Saffron.
– Saffron. You instantly smell that rich masala, that Emirati masala. It’s just amazing. – Oh, this is fantastic.
– Thank you, chef. Thank you! – Oh, look what’s coming here! – And this is the ghee. – So this is the ghee which
is getting poured on top. So you know people over
here like their food nice! Which means oily. – Heavy! Oh, look at that, that’s pure ghee. Here we go, guys. – [Peyman] So, basically we’ve got, look, the entire restaurant
needs to work on this meal. Think about it, right? – [Trevor] Yeah. – [Peyman] There’s like
17 or 18 people over here, setting everything up. – [Trevor] Setting this
beautiful meal out for us. – [Peyman] And there’s no
better place than this center. – Absolutely beautiful, unbelievable. (speaking in foreign language) This is the moment we
have been waiting for. Just look at this giant, giant plate platter full of camel meat. You can see, it’s just covered
with spices and that aroma coming off of this is insane. And this is the hump right here, right? – [Peyman] That is. – [Trevor] So we’ve got the
hump, we’ve got boiled eggs, they’ve put a ton of
saffron and that camel meat is just wafting the masala flavor. – [Peyman] So with this
kind of meal, you basically there’s more meat than
there is rice on purpose so you eat a lot more meat. So basically take
yourself a piece of meat. – [Trevor] Oh wow, so soft! – [Peyman] Look at that, and the fat has lots of spices on it. So it’s customary for the host to give the meat to the guest. – [Trevor] Okay. – [Peyman] So I’ll normally pick at it and put some good meat in front of it. – [Trevor] Oh, thank you! – [Peyman] So we’ll start with that. – [Trevor] Amazing. – [Peyman] And I’ll get
myself a piece and actually, this is a great piece for you to have. It’s from the inside that’s still hot. And it’s good, you can
get a piece of that. Look at those strands,
look at that, super nice. – Perfect strands of meat. – Let’s get some of this rice.
– Okay. – And make sure you get a lot of that hashu sort of stuffing. I want you to get everything
so the cashew nuts, the split peas, the raisins, all of it. So, get that. – [Trevor] Get it all together? Into a mound? – [Peyman] Into a mound, yeah. So something like this, like that. – [Trevor] Just squeeze it into a ball. Oh, and there’s all those curry
leaves and spices in there. Squeeze it into a ball. – [Peyman] Squeeze it
into a ball like that and then straight into the mouth. – [Trevor] You can see
all the saffron in there. – [Peyman] So get yourself
maybe a little bit more rice. – [Trevor] A little more rice and cashew. – [Peyman] ‘Cause the rice
will allow you to actually turn it into a ball. – [Trevor] Look at that! That’s pure beauty right there. – And use your thumb,
just scoop it straight into the mouth. – Oh wow! That is purely amazing. That rice with this mixture here. – [Peyman] So we call the hashu. – [Trevor] Hashu. – [Peyman] An hashu is basically, it’s the word for stuffing. – [Trevor] Stuffing. Wow, the rice with the
stuffing is actually almost a little sweet. It tastes almost like some
berries or something in there. – [Peyman] It’s the raisin in there. – [Trevor] The raisin
and you got the cashews, that nutty fattiness from
the cashews, all the spice, the cilantro and when you mix it with that super tender camel meat. – [Peyman] And I’m gonna
give you a little bit of camel meat on top of that. – [Trevor] Thank you. Look at that and just squeeze it together. That is the definition
of happiness right there. – This is amazing and this is. – That’s so tender! – This is good as if you have
lamb like roasted, right? – It really tastes just
like almost a lamb meat. Maybe a bit more deserty that you can feel it’s from the desert in a way
but it’s absolutely tender. Almost like a lamb. – Almost like a lamb.
– Yeah. – [Peyman] I think 90% of
people wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a camel versus lamb, I think. – It’s very similar to
lamb, tender, super soft, fatty, it’s got a bit of that strong. Almost lamb-like flavor and incredible. – [Peyman] And I have to
tell you, Trevor, this meal was done in true tribal style. When I called Mr. Hamad Harab,
the owner of this restaurant and I said a friend of
mine is coming to town and we would like to serve him camel. He said, say no more. – [Trevor] Really? In true tribal style,
what happens is any guess of anybody within the tribe
is the guess of everybody. – It’s a true privilege to be here. – [Peyman] It is our pleasure. – So this is it, the hump. How do you eat this? Oh! Oh, wow! – Wow, that fat like melts. – Wow! – It’s almost like butter. – That is really beautiful.
– Pure butter, right? – It almost tastes like the fat from lamb when it’s on the grill on
the barbecue with cumin except upgraded fragrance level. That is so fragrant. It’s like a buttery, lamb
fat, upgraded extreme. This was honestly the most
unique food experience we’ve ever had. Special thanks to Zaman
Awal restaurant for putting this on and to Peyman who invited us out. And after all the staff feasted, the remaining camel was
packed up and brought to a local charity to
give to people in need so that no camel was wasted and to help as many people as possible. What an amazing day, thank you Peyman. I am stuffed. – Me too.
– Incredible experience. You guys gotta check out
Peyman’s YouTube channel. I’m gonna leave a link in the description and pin comment below. Go subscribe, he’s got
a ton of cool content and what an amazing experience that was. – Thank you so much for being here. I’m taking the credit for bringing The Food Ranger to Dubai. That’s it, thank you so much.
– Well, it was amazing. Thank you so much, buddy. – Pleasure, awesome.

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