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Dum Steamed Fish | दम मछली | Healthy Bengali Machli Recipe | 10 Mins Cooking Time | Ravi’s Special

Dum Steamed Fish | दम मछली | Healthy Bengali Machli Recipe | 10 Mins Cooking Time | Ravi’s Special

I, Ravi Sisodiya on demand of my subscribers and friends is going to make dum fish which we will cook in banana leaf This is a very tasty and quick recipe This can be eaten by kid, young and old people If anyone has any kind of disease can also eat this recipe The biggest thing about this recipe is after marination of 1 hour this will be cooked in 10 mins The ingredients used will be If you like my videos please subscribe, press the bell button like, comment and share Now we will marinate this dish For marination we have taken yellow mustard and made a paste of it I had diluted this in warm water and made a paste. This is the main ingredient yellow mustard To enhance the taste of fish I am using yellow mustard After this we have 2 tbsp Salt salt you can take according to your need I have 2 tbsp red chilli powder Coriander Powder this is the quickest recipe of fish 2 tbsp Mustard Oil which after making hot we made it cold so that the smell is vanished After this I have 1.5 tbsp Lemon Juice Turmeric I have is 1/2 tsp 1 tsp Sugar next I have 20 gms of Coriander Leaf Before marination please wash your hands with soap and then marinate As you can see I have mixed it well Now I will add 8 green chilli spread them across whole fish This marination is to be kept for 1 hour in the fridge I had kept fish for marinating in fridge marination is complete now I had taken it out 1 hour before Now I will wrap it around in banana leaf and cut small pieces of the leaf see the way pick 1 piece taken a banana leaf cut the way we wrap the pan wrap the fish piece around the leaf we have wrapped it around a very simple recipe now we have a tooth pick insert the tooth pick now one piece is ready now again we will cut the leaf a very short simple recipe of fish I have taken one more piece wrap it around do it properly so that it doesn’t fall and insert the toothpick in all the fishes As you can see the fish is wrapped properly this water is also now hot keep the inner lid in the pot set it properly the steam will come out on top and heat it and fish will get ready by steam See the method very simple way to do it there is no oil no fry no shallow fry also this will get cooked by steam and the taste is very good This is the quickest recipe also keep green chillies on it so that the juice of chilli goes inside cover it with a lid we will open it after 10 mins have the fish will be ready keep the flame on low medium on high flame fish might spread 10 mins have elapsed now I am removing the lid this dum fish in banana leaf is ready Now I will take it out in a separate bowl I have opened one piece In the same way we will open all the pieces and the fish is ready to eat!

9 comments on “Dum Steamed Fish | दम मछली | Healthy Bengali Machli Recipe | 10 Mins Cooking Time | Ravi’s Special

  1. सिसोदिया जी नमस्ते हर बार की तरह एक नया आइटम दम फिश आप लेकर आए बहुत खूब मैं इसे अवश्य ट्राई करूंगा आप और आपकी रेसिपी दोनों लाजवाब हैं आप ने इसमें कौनसी फिश इस्तेमाल की है कृपा करके अवश्य बताइएगा

  2. Not at all authentic recipe. One uses yellow and black mustard and coconut paste along with chilli, yoghurt and other things.

  3. आपकी हर रेसिपी लाजबाब होती है फिश मेरी फ़ेवरेट है बहुत शानदार रेसिपी मजा आ गया सन्डे बनाऊंगा👌👌

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