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Dustin’s Fish Tanks YouTube Channel Intro. Welcome to Dustin’s Fish Tanks, DustinsFishTanks!

Dustin’s Fish Tanks YouTube Channel Intro. Welcome to Dustin’s Fish Tanks, DustinsFishTanks!

what’s up fish tank people my name is
Dustin this is my youtube channel Dustin’s fishtanks thanks for checking
it out this is my 220 gallon planet aquarium
these are boesemani rainbows fish that I bred myself
these are apistogramma x’ that i caught with my own two bare hands in Iquitos
Peru I’ve got 800 videos of everything including catching these fish and
breeding these fish I’ve also got a 125 upstairs that I’ve had forever I’ve got
275 s in my house another 90 and I’ve got a greenhouse with about a thousand
gallons worth of fish tanks I also sell aquarium plants on aquatic jungles calm
my videos rule every Sunday I have what’s called species Sunday where I’m
in your face with the latest either aquarium plant or aquarium fish hit
subscribe above now and check out more thanks for watching

56 comments on “Dustin’s Fish Tanks YouTube Channel Intro. Welcome to Dustin’s Fish Tanks, DustinsFishTanks!

  1. Hey man, Just found your channel yesterday and spent the whole day watching your vids. Just wanted to say thanks, it's so rad to learn from someone so passionate and who is very real. I've been in the aquarium gig for a while now and I'm only just starting to get into the planted side of it all. I was wondering if you had any experience with API's Root Tabs. I was thinking of adding some basic plants to one of my tanks and these seem like the most efficient way of providing nutrients. Thanks!

  2. And videos like this are just another reason why I keep watching. You get me all fired up about fish tanks! Keep doing your thing Dustin, I am officially a dirt convert for life because of you. Thanks for all of the great info!

  3. You are the reason why I moved my TV to have a 55 gallon fish tank in my room. Keep up the awesome videos.

  4. Great videos and an addictive personality, especially for the younger generation. Dustin has inspired countless people to check out the hobby and made it "cool". Keep up the great work and keep bringing the passion!

  5. Oh snap shit just got real!O.O Lol jk good video Dustin! Who would not subscribe to this!!? Subscribe people!

  6. Sooooooo You bred those rainbows yourself huh……Any footage of that? JK Keep up the good work. I wish you were into Peacock Cichlids but I appreciate the planted tanks and rainbows!

  7. Dustin! you are awesome man!! I've been a fan of your videos for a while, and you have gotten me addicted to the aquarium hobby! I have 5 tanks and I'm planning on getting a 6th as soon as I have enough money lol. you have taught me a lot about fish and plants, keep it up dude!

  8. Awesome tank dude. Also I would like to say to all the people out their that love aquariums I've made a Facebook group and anyone can join just look up

  9. So guys I'm starting up a dirted tank what's the best substrate to cap of the dirt I heard sand works and where do you get your black gravel from the only one I can find are the big ones

  10. Caribsea Peace river gravel is the perfect size for a dirted tank. Dustin sells it on Aquatic Jungles and he recommends it. I use it it my tank and the plants and fish love it.

  11. What's up Fishtank People? I am doing a bunch of
    30 second videos on Instagram- Follow me for more shorter random videos CLICK

  12. Dustin I have all cold water fish and I bought tons of plants for my 3 tanks and all the plants died, I need to know and buy fresh water cold water plants. Do these exist. Do you have any

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