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Eagle, AK Fish Wheel

Eagle, AK Fish Wheel

Due to the 2009 Spring flooding and ice jams in Eagle, Alaska, the fish wheels along the river, one of the main providers of sustenance, were severely damaged. With the help of residents and volunteers
salmon is back in the wheel. Andy Bassich:
To get the wheel back in the water, to spend a few days and weld it up and replace the broken parts, and then to see all the people that were willing to chip in and help
to do that, that was a really good feeling. Lynford Hostetler:
The second day we got here, Andy Bassich had notified us they needed to get their village fish wheel going again, it was badly damaged from the ice. Andy Bassich:
The ice pretty much devastated every fish wheel in the area
upriver and downriver. Lynford Hostetler:
We worked most of a day reconstructing that, and later that night about twenty of us helped him put the fish wheel out in the river and get it in place, got it going, and
the next morning it had about 18 fish in it. Andy Bassich:
32 and 6.7 pounds, a whopper! Joyce Roberts:
With all the activity that’s been going on with rebuilding Eagle, we’ve neglected our subsistence lifestyle like fishing. It was really nice to have Andy come around and distribute fish among the tribal members, and we’re very grateful to him, to open up his
fish wheel to the community. Andy Bassich:
We put in what we’re calling the community wheel, we’re using this fish to feed people in the community, and try and get fish back to those people who normally rely on the fish. This is an attempt to try and get life back to normal for them and make sure they
have some salmon for the winter time. Since the Fish Wheel started turning again, it has been able to provide a much needed familar taste to the
community of Eagle, Alaska. For more information,

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