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Early April Lake Trout Fishing – Northern Michigan

Early April Lake Trout Fishing – Northern Michigan

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish
Michigan. It’s early April. We’re out here on Grand Traverse Bay. We have an early spring pattern here – we’re
looking for lake trout, cisco, maybe some whitefish, and possibly even some early smallmouth
bass. They’re in deep water, but they should be
just starting to move up a little bit shallower. So, let’s see how we do – we’ve got a beautiful
day!Here’s what we want, we’ve got an absolute pile of lake trout right here in the graph. There’s still a pile of them on the graph. Look at this graph right here. Early April, Grand Traverse Bay lake trout
jigging. Let’s get this fish back in the water and
let him swim another day. For more information, or if you’re looking
for a Captain or Guide in the state of Michigan, please give Sport Fish Michigan a call, or
check us out on the web at

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