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Early Ice Fishing for Walleye on New Lake – Hunting Safe Ice Near Kingston

Early Ice Fishing for Walleye on New Lake – Hunting Safe Ice Near Kingston

Welcome back to Conjuring Rock where we
enjoy all season camping and fishing. Today Ben and Ben are here with ya
and we found some ice We took like an hour and a half drive up north just
trying to find some ice. And uh eah.
We did it. Let’s see if we can catch something now We’re so pumped to get ice fishing. We’re ice fishing!
Yeah! Woo! Yeah so we’ve
never been to this lake before this is called Malcolm Lake. Completely new to us,
we don’t know how deep it is or anything or what fish are even in this lake so
this is just an adventure, just pure adventure right now. The ice is, oh yeah
Six inches. Yeah and it’s really nice clear ice too. But, uh, Ben just checked the
depth here and what did you get? Two and a half feet of water, like three feet
so we got to keep going. so we don’t have electronics with us
today so we’ve got a good old depth stick and we’re just gonna keep going till we
find deep water. This is aabout that deep eh? Benny’s actually gonna just keep
looking for a deeper spot and I’m gonna tie up some baits just so we can be ready to go. Hole number 5. There we go So how deep do you think it is?
I think it’s like, 8 to 10 feet here at least. Could you touch bottom?
I could push down and I think touch it but it was longer than the stick. Awesome.
Some primitive cave an ice-fishing Thanks for cleaning my hole.
No problem man.
That’s what friendsare for right? Yep. Benny’s on our first fish of the ice
fishing season. Big ole bass! Oh yeah that’s a big smallmouth, Wow we
better get that back in quick ’cause it is just out of season by like a day – by like
two days maybe. Wow that’s a good smallie dude. So we’re trying to get it unhooked
and we’ll release it right now. Yeah wow That’s awesome dude. One day out, sorry guy. I’m not trying to catch you. Okay, my correction that was actually in season so we could have like held it and looked
at it a little bit longer oh well. Well we weren’t sure we want to be 100% yeah
I’m a big dummy So that’s Benny’s classic ice fishing pose So got a few holes drilled we have to
tip-ups out there’s one right there then we have another one right here they
got some really lively minnows on there so hopefully they’re putting off a good
action attracting the fish and we’re gonna jig some holes and see if we get
some action that way It’s four holes we just need scooped. I’m
gonna drill a couple more over here too just in case you want to hop. I keep thinking why would that guy yell at us? it’s like this is this not super safe
ice to me – He’s just just trying to bug us. Yeah, he’s just being a funny guy
Ya Well like that ice is definitely safe.
Ya man Like more than safe.
Ya. Well, we know we walked on like less than an
inch today Wait, what? Earlier that day… Today we are at Frontenac park and
we’re gonna do some ice fishing Well like two inches, yeah.
Well like an inch, about an inch yeah In some of those spots we were
walking, it was like an inch. Like I was just letting the axe hit and it was going through Tip-up!
I think it was the wind Yeah
Gosh darn it! He’s (minnow) still alive. Really? Yeah. A perch
well it’s something Healthy looking little perch. I love that snow blowing off the lake. …No – Second fin of the day.
There we go dude. A little perch. It’s something right?
Yeah, it is. Maybe this minnow can do me a favor and
catch us a fish. Oh, I’m on!
This feels better dude It feels better?
Oh yeah – Oh, it’s off! Awe, it was a bass!
No way! hahaha
It was a bass about that big No way!
Awesome dude. Yeah He was right at the hole I saw him.
Awe no. We got two tip-ups right here,
that’s good to know bass are in the area they’d be interested in those. So guys, unfortunately, my GoPro wasn’t on
but we got ourselves a little walleye here It’s your first walleye.
That’s my first actual walleye. A walleye bro!
A walleye! Who woulda thought? Oh I just had a fish on. Yep.
Nope, something keeps taking it. What? I’m on. Oh yeah.
That looks good. Oh yeah! Nice walleye dude
there we go ladies and gentlemen then Benny got himself a walleye
A decent one too What up now? Getting warm?
Yep. Yeah I’m cold dude. I got a little too excited I’m one of the I I don’t know if I caught a fish when that
happened or not so I completely tore the crotchal area
of my pants out. So yeah they’re pretty bad I thought I’d sew them ’cause when I jump
down the hole I’m like ‘Oh’ I’m like this. Not enough stretch.
Those are the action moves of ice fishing. Absolutely! You need a lot of mobility right here.
You do, ’cause you jump down the hole right? Yeah. Oh! Oh he let go! So you just come over right beside me there Eh?
Yep. …then a fish came in grabbed that bait – I’m on!
Are ya? Yep Yes, feel good? Yeah, it’s alright. A little walleye.
My first walleye Awesome dude. That’s a first. cool Cool. Clean him off, let’s take a look.
Yeah, you see they’re cute little things. Yeah they’re awesome.
I love that straight down them eh? It’s almost a tarpon or a snook.
Yeah cool man awesome They don’t really hit it too hard.
No it’s like it’s a really flat bite like it’s a – it’s a – like mine, I’m like ‘Oh yeah I am’,
like it’s not like cuz – That weeds? No that’s a fish Yeah it’s like a what was the
word I used it so I’ve heard people use before it’s like a lazy bite like. I’ve been thinking about you. Oh! I’m on Nice! Oh, I was! Get back in there, they’ll strike twice. Gosh Darnit. Did you see my rod bend there?
No I didn’t. Oh, there we go.
I seen it there. Nice So he did come back for it.
Yep Let him calm down for a second. We got you, buddy.
Another walleye, not a bad one. They’re not huge back here but they are
gorgeous little fish My stick! All right, we had a great day out on the
ice. It’s always nice to find early season ice – and it’s always nice to catch
fish on a new lake too so For sure. We knew nothing about this Lake and we
managed to catch something so anyways make sure you hit that subscribe button
if you haven’t already and hit that like button if you enjoyed the episode.
Anyways we’ll catch you later. Dude, I have like ice chunks hanging off me.

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  1. Good to know that Frontenac Park is starting to get some ice up there. Won't be long before we won't have to drive that far north to find nice ice!

  2. Nice little video, beauty fish too. On a complete side note- I love what you've done with the Conjuring Rocks branding. Very 👌💯Dropped you a 👍

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