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Easy Baked Salmon Recipe How To Choose Fresh Salmon How To Cook Salmon Fish

easy baked salmon recipe how to choose fresh salmon how to cook salmon fresh caught Alaskan Salmon how to buy choose shop fresh salmon hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper here’s the star of the show freshly caught Alaskan salmon if you
don’t have the opportunity to catch your own salmon when you go to the store how to buy choose shop fresh salmon
there are three things you want to look for to find the freshest best quality
salmon ever the skin of the salmon should be iridescent it should look like it just
came from the sea the salmon meat should be springy to the touch it should have no
smell or it should smell like the ocean how delicious is this this has been cut
up into beautiful portions but there’s one other thing you need to do before
you cook your salmon I have a pair of pliers that is only reserved for the
salmon and you want to look along the edge and feel in case there are any of
the little pin bones how to remove bones from salmon choose a baking dish that fits the size
of your salmon give it a quick spray of cooking spray so nothing sticks place
your salmon skin side down and you only need to top it with two ingredients
butter and I like to use Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning blend this time I’m using ghee Organic Valley ghee it’s a clarified butter it adds a little bit of an extra delicious flavor
sprinkle a few tablespoons of butter over your salmon sprinkle it with Mrs. Dash seasoning blend
and then you’re going to put the salmon in a preheated oven 325 degrees and want to
cook it from about eight to ten minutes depending on the thickness of your fish
never overcook fish that’s what makes it dry and that people just don’t care for
it this is delicate delicious and awesome only cook it just until the meat
turns opaque and is still moist and delicious it’s exquisitely perfect like
a flaky tender best ever yummy look at that flaky tender delicious yummy fresh baked salmon try
this simple recipe for delicious easy baked fresh salmon simple recipe salmon you get the full flavor of the
fish nothing is overpowering and it is absolutely delicious try it learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel youtube prepper channel

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