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Easy Fish Tacos | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Easy Fish Tacos | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

Is there anything better than a classic San Diego fish taco I don’t think so and we should know because we’re from San Diego Still I’m probably gonna do something it will piss somebody off which makes me a little happy inside But it’s a great thing to have light fish crispy on the outside Little sauce underneath warm tortilla a little hot sauce. It’s fantastic. So we’ll start by making the the batter It’ll just let it sit for a minute and it’s really easy starts like this This is tempura batter. There’s a version you could make with flour and stuff like that, but this is not best version So we want a cup of this tempura batter. It is never gonna come out of this bag. Oh my god Okay, let’s goes in our bowl now what of course you need some liquid and of course you could add water you could add like a sparkling soda To lighten it up a bit. The bubbles are very good for that or for a little extra flavor You get out a little Mexican beer because why not? and by the way, we just used a Sanli cooking guys speed opener. We’ll give away this and some shot glasses in the show so we want about 3/4 of a cup of this So we’ll pour slowly And then we’ll add and we’ll mix the bubbles will subside and You’ll be left with a delicious light perfect better for our fish So now for our fish we’re using Cod. I like cod to me It’s it’s the right thing and I’m gonna cut these in little I don’t know 1 inch slices They might be called batons, I don’t know if that’s true There’s a culinary term baton for something sort of like this. We talked in the In the mashed-potato episode we talked about a similar size pieces Cook at the same time in a pot of either water or in this case oil So make them the same size. You don’t want to drive piece. I’m a little tiny piece, right? So now these are you ready batter is ready. This is ready now Let’s just get our sauce ready and our consists of two things one is sour cream and one is Green salsa, we mix the two together. So close to eating these so we go like this sour cream the Green salsa sold so better today for those of you that prefer my horrible Spanish We mix again. Look this is not traditional folks, but it’s damn good Set that aside, let’s cook our fish so we want to be between two basically between 350 and 360 ish and we’re Over there. Oh, it’s hot. So we take a piece of fish You dip it well Let a little excess drip off and then and it goes and that’s repeat We’ll do it with a few pieces now from before when we’ve deep-fried. We know we don’t want to put too many pieces in because it’ll bring the temperature the oil way down and that won’t help you and You want these guys just to be beautiful golden brown and you’re gonna be fine just a little bit, you know Make sure they’re not sticking to the bottom or each other and if you don’t have enough oil that they’re submerged then just flip them over about a minute and a half or so in they’re not gonna take much more than about three minutes to Cook. So here. We are look get in there. Right a couple minutes in a little bit more to go golden brown That’s what you’re looking for. Mmm. I Could not let this go to waste could I read these guys ready? Let’s take them up and We’re done lovely light crispy let the oil drain a bit then onto paper towels Amazing let’s see it’s tortilla time. And by the way if you can get them Find a raw tortilla. So I have these because I have a taco restaurant and these are the ones we use so on they go Good okay, let’s go. We’ll make two first the sauce a little bit on each or decent amount on each I should say What I tell you when it comes to the sauce part, don’t be cheap next some green cabbage for crunch and absolute deliciousness and then some of our fish and what really stands out for me is how light and Flaky, this is look I’ve had fish tacos before that. We’re super heavy and that’s not what these are meant to be I like a light batter I like the crunch and now the little Cholula and when I say a little Cholula I mean a little because this literally is all I have left clearly time to buy more. Oh my god and the last thing you need before a bite a good squeeze of lime That’s where fish taco should be it should be crispy it should be light I Love the little kick that the beer gives it a little extra flavor and it’s so simple You don’t need a deep fryer. A little pot is all you need a Little pot on the Evo that we’re giving away. Do you know that we’re gonna give away one of these Next month, you gotta be a subscriber You could win one. All right. Thank you This is crazy delicious You should make them. You should subscribe. You should like you should comment all those things. And by the way My kidney stones Goodbye I could show you the stone, but I don’t know that that would be food friendly thing to do It’s very small. So I said we’d give away a cooking you guys speed opener and some shot glasses and we will give them to fire Russ Will give them away to fire rust who wrote love these videos , really dislike when the cameraman gives his opinions. Oh Snap, you got called out. He’s not what I want to hear. I want to hear from you Sam and For that fire rust. These will be coming your way. We’ll reach out Thanks everybody. Hey don’t go yet There’s more great Sam the cooking episodes you can watch and don’t forget to subscribe and check out the links below For stuff we might have used

100 comments on “Easy Fish Tacos | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

  1. 😍😍😍 awesome fish tacos!
    What about doing your take on beef tips with a wine and mushroom reduction, served with either pasta or rice or some form of starch, it can be tater tots for all I care. I love tater tots!lol!

  2. Made this twice since the fishmonger gave me twice what I asked for! The only thing I'd recommend is salting the fish before dipping in the batter, otherwise amazing!

  3. Certainly one of my favorites channels these days (I will not hold your location against you haha)! These tacos look fantastic man. Great job!

  4. Sam, with all your videos you should warn everybody, Viewer Discretion Is Not Advised as all your uploads are awesome. Thanks as I have tried many of your recipes and for you giving my family many great ideas and happy stomachs. Well Done!!!

  5. Great comedy on this cooking show. Love the recipes, none of this gluten free super food mumbo jumbo. This is stuff I wish I could make.

    Favorite quote: "Ladies and Gentlemen, that's a f*****n' McRib"

  6. the slice of fish is calleda tranche, the same term tranche is used for CDO's on wall street as well. a piece of something a tranche of fish.

  7. Batter was too thin, but overall nice recipe. I mix my tempura batter with sprite, adds a touch of sweetness and works well too

  8. Cod is the bomb! Had a friend from Maine fresh catch and ship to me on dry ice once – totally proved her point, fresh is A-MA-ZING! …I’m trading her beef…from the MidWest. 🤣

  9. my naturopath says: to prevent kidney stones, you gotta keep your body ph on the alkaline side and drink tons of water. check your water ph for sure. the fish tacos look great…and easy to make.

  10. I wish you were my neighbor!!! I bet you get the whole neighborhood smelling good!!!
    Love the videos!! You are THE MAN!!

  11. I want that evo so bad bud.
    Best cooking show ever.
    Keep it up.
    My wife and i are planning on opening a taco resturant. Any tips would help.
    I have a few recipes i would like to send you.

  12. These looks great. Would you recommend using that badass cooktop of yours to char the cabbage before hand, like quarter the heads and get some maillard action on the faces?

  13. Hey Sam, is your recipe the same as baja style fish tacos? I've heard of Baja style and know you are kinda down in that direction. Just curious

  14. Ah man these look so good! We loved having fish tacos when we visited west coast of USA. Quick question, can you use other types of fish like trout or is it strictly cod?

  15. Ok, I found my new favorite cooking tv show . Good food, good Humor, good editing !! I’m officially subscribed !! I watched this and the McDonalds hash brown b-fast burrito im staying 4life .

  16. Man those looked good!!! Sending positive vibes from the DMV area!! I'm new to Fish Taco's, but loving them and will be definitely trying this recipe!! Love your channel!! Gracious!!

  17. and where is the recipe? if you fry some fish and buy tortilias and also you mix a cream with a salsa you are a cooker? my friend i lost some minutes from my life trying to learn something but you do not respect the food

  18. Those Tacos looked kick ass. Love to have a couple and a few modelos . Love to check out your Taco Restaurant when I get down that way. ( My Daughter lives in SD ). What's the name of it ??

  19. Hm, salsa verde and sour cream. Makes sense.

    I make some pretty good fish tacos with some crispy mahi and a garlic herb lemon aioli. Not heavy at all.

  20. @SamtheCookingGuy, my mom makes these tacos but instead of sour cream she uses chipotle mayo (chipotle peppers from Walmart mixed with mayo) and they come out soo good! I recommend you try it with the “mayo” you use. You won’t even need that Cholula sauce

  21. I like corn tortillas because it adds some integrity to the meal. The flour tortillas are too soft and thin. You have a lot to learn from me.

  22. Booooooom, beer batter, lovely! SAM you gotta show your american audience and "San Diego'ns(Anchor Man) how to make Brit Fish & Chips, twiced fried chips and tempura beer battered cod, from a Brit, seriously, done right, it is outstanding! 🐟+🍟's! 👌

  23. Listen I've started watching your videos a couple months ago and have tried several of your recipes. All great. Regardless of what anyone says don't change you videos and your delivery at all!! My wife and I enjoy watching cooking and your humor.


  24. @SAM THE COOKING GUY Big fan from Monterey Ca, I’d LOVE to see you do Filipino lumpia but with Sam The Cooking Guy ingredients🤘😁

  25. Made them and the whole family loved them! BTW got my first taste Fish Tacos in San Diego while covering Super Bowl 37.

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