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Easy Fish Tacos – Swordfish Tacos Recipe

Easy Fish Tacos – Swordfish Tacos Recipe

everybody this is Lila no hippie BBQ and
Julie Steindel over a cooking with Julie Stein Dell talked me into buying
some swordfish so what I’m be doing today is we’re going to be doing some
swordfish tacos I have about one and a half pounds of swordfish so that’s we’re
gonna be hooking up anyway first thing we need to do to get these tacos hooked
up is we need to come up with our marinade and I will be going through our
ingredients as we go now I don’t have a specific recipe on this so this is
something that I’m throwing together and hopefully you can take inspiration from
me and do the same thing without getting bogged down by a recipe so anyway our
ingredients I have some fresh pineapple if you don’t have fresh pineapple if you
have the canned stuff you know what go ahead and use that anyway I already have
a couple chunks in here go ahead and throw the rest in I have some jalapenos
and like I said we are just eyeballing this some garlic and this is fresh
garlic but I’m sure that the jar stuff will be fine
some white onions and we have some limes now as far as this marinade goes this is
not anything that we’re going to be marinating too long there is some fresh
lime juice in this and you know fresh lime juice will start cooking your fish
if you leave it in there too long so this is only gonna marinate for a couple
hours and I’m using about three limes and Lori’s I’m using three is a couple
of these lines a little bit older so I’m not getting as much juice out of here as
I’d like so let me get this last one done all right so that’s good to go
I’m also going to be adding some rice vinegar and we are going to be seasoning
it up now forgot to bring my seasoning over here we are going to keep this very
simple I think all these flavors are going to be good to go but we’re just
going to go ahead and hit it with a little bit of kosher salt and now we are
just going to blended all right so we got that all blended up
I’m gonna go ahead and set this aside and we’ll get working on this swordfish
so as far as this swordfish goes all we’re gonna do is kind of cut them into
small chunks I was thinking about cutting them into strips but I think you
know the chunks are kind of the way I’m gonna go so we’re gonna cut them into
kind of chunks like that all right so that is a wrap I’m gonna go ahead and
marinate it marinate it in this bowl right here so I’m just gonna go ahead
and pour it right on over we’re gonna cover this up let it sit in the
refrigerator for two hours two and a half hours maximum finished marinating
what we’re gonna do is just come up with a real quick kind of a salsa I’m just
using what I have on hand you don’t have to be too specific about it the
ingredients I have is just the chopped up bell pepper I have some of this
minced garlic that I had earlier go ahead and throw that in I have some red
onions we’re not gonna be afraid to go too heavy on that we definitely like red
onions around here and I have some jalapenos and we’re just gonna hit it
with a little bit of salt like I said I really don’t have a recipe for this
specific salsa but if you want a nice salsa recipe I’m gonna leave – salsa
recipes in the iCard above and description below one is going to be a
regular pico de gallo salsa and one is going to be a pineapple mango pico de
gallo salsa anyway we’re keeping this simple feel like your heads not screwed
on all the way I kept looking at this sauce and I was like something’s missing
you know the lime juice was bad enough and I’m
with missing max I could have told you you know we’re gonna go ahead and add
that off-camera whatever but I also miss the cilantro now I know a lot of people
don’t like cilantro that’s like a staple around here but we’re gonna go ahead and
add that you don’t want it add any cilantro go ahead and throw in some
parsley if you don’t want either of those it will be fine without it but I
have to roll with my cilantro so sorry I missed those couple ingredients now we
will pick this back up one way to cook the fish let this sort fish marinate for
about two hours gonna go ahead and throw the marinade and the swordfish into this
skillet and I’m gonna go ahead and let this cook probably on about a medium for
just a couple minutes until we can sell that it’s cooked through lid on top of
it there’s about as cooked as I want it so what we’re gonna do is we’re just
gonna go ahead and take these and just set them off to the side on a plate and
when I’m done with this we’ll go ahead and get our tortillas and start making
up these tacos you ready to make these tacos I have my tacos in this taco rack
and this this is kind of what it looks like this was a from taco a calm I’ll
leave a link in the description so you can go take a look at these if you like
tacos this is a must-have right here anyway as far as how we’re gonna build
these tacos we’re just going to kind of hit it with guacamole to be you know
we’re gonna hit the bottom hook wakka moly and that’s going to keep any of
that liquid from the fish from kinda going through then you know what I’m gonna go ahead
and use this spoon and I forgot to bring over a fork we’re gonna hit it with
about four pieces you know go three pieces of this fish depending on the
size some of these are a little bit smaller and then we’re just going to go
ahead and not finish the rest of these later we’re gonna hit it with this salsa
that we made up and this is the bottom and I’m not going to go with any sauce
on top of this I think we’re gonna be good to go this right here is a wrap for all you
football fans out of you out there I have a celebrity taste tester we’re here
with the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers heady DeBartolo jr.
anyway you know this is the first time I made this taco so keep it real attend
what you think let’s go mmm yeah he goes amazing that meats nice
and tender guac mix it all come together near your job unlike these I think next
time I might try to slap him out on the grill but some of you guys know whether
just hasn’t been cooperating with this not that I can’t get out there I’m like
out there in the cold but that debt gets a little icy out there maybe where hey
this right here winter you know what cooking that
swordfish where they kind of infuse that kind of a the marinated in the fish so I
think it’s good to go anyway thanks for stopping by no hippie BBQ I appreciate
it comment subscribe I’m out

42 comments on “Easy Fish Tacos – Swordfish Tacos Recipe

  1. I am glad that Julie had you try these tacos w/ the sword fish. LOL I know how much Lyle & your son Mason love your FISH TACOS. TFS my friend XOXO Happy cooking but better yet happy eating

  2. Swordfish has the perfect combination of subtle taste and texture, and it holds sweet marinades quite well.

  3. Nice take on those Fish Tacos. I've said it before, I've got to get me one of those Taco Holders. Awesome looking recipe! Tfs!

  4. man that looks delicious …Mason should become a professional food critic. I've never had swordfish (that I know of).

  5. Swordfish was a most excellent choice. I love cilantro and pineapple. Really nice and refreshing recipe

  6. If we ever get warm weather here, in Ohio…i'm ready for Fish Tacos!! I really like your marinade recipe, and your whole approach to fish tacos…I use codfish for mine, because it's readily available at my local grocery, but swordfish does rock. Thumbs Up again, Lyle!

  7. Does Julie know how cheap you are? 😂😂Swordfish😮I know those were delicious. Last time I made fish tacos, I used Mahi Mahi, that was some expensive tacos too. Those looked delicious, thanks for sharing😃

  8. Very nice fish taco recipe Lyle, you thought of it all in this…from laying the quack on the bottom so the fish doesn't moisten the shell…very nice

  9. Swordfish is delicious and I know it made your tacos special. Very meaty. Oh yeah, gotta have cilantro! Very cool watching you and Mason dig in, they looked fabulous!

  10. Lyle, I am sorry I am behind on watching videos. You know spring cleaning and all. Back in the day before I got so hippie a friend talked me into eating shark and I have heard swordfish has a similar taste. It is the only seafood I have ever liked. You had me wondering where the cilantro was for the salsa.

  11. Never would have thought about swordfish. Mahi Mahi, Swai or catfish are my go-to for fish tacos. I gotta check out that taco rack for sure tho.

  12. Deine Fisch-Tacos schauen fantastisch aus! Hab Dir ein Abo dagelassen, #17.707. Liebe Grüße aus München, Alex @ GarPunkt.TV

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