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Easy Halibut Stroganoff Alaska Style- How To Cook Halibut Fish

Easy Halibut Stroganoff Alaska Style- How To Cook Halibut Fish

easy halibut stroganoff Alaska style recipe easy fish recipe how to cook halibut hi it’s AlaskaGranny here’s a very quick
and easy recipe for halibut stroganoff it only has five ingredients you need a
nice piece of halibut a cup of sour cream 1 cup of mayonnaise a chopped onion and some egg noodles pre-heat your oven to
325 degrees spray a glass dish with cooking spray now cut your halibut into about
1-inch pieces lay it in the dish rough cut your onion now combine the sour
cream the mayonnaise and the onions and pour it over your halibut put it in the
oven and bake it for 30 to 35 minutes while it’s baking prepare your egg
noodles boil noodles 8 minutes drain your noodles and there it is hot
steamy bubbly Halibut Stroganoff you can see that the halibut is cooked just right you never want
to overcook halibut because it’ll be tough see how tender and flaky the halibut fish is
still is put some noodles on a plate top it with your halibut stroganoff and
dinner is served when it’s dark at 3:30 pm in Alaska it’s great to have such a warm simple
recipe to serve for dinner and remember the fishing last summer
thank you to the sea for providing the wonderful halibut were enjoying tonight it’s so good and so easy try it learn
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5 comments on “Easy Halibut Stroganoff Alaska Style- How To Cook Halibut Fish

  1. I have some noodles and so halibut fish here at home and can make that as I just bought some mayonnaise to replace what I had used. I will use this recipe and use up the fish I have in my freezer. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us all and I hope you have a great Blessed Sunday.

  2. Hello from Chattanooga!! Love your easy recipes, please do some for the grill?
    Also some easy desserts, like with jello. And what kind of cocktails do you like?

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