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Easy Method of Cleaning Aquarium – DIY

Easy Method of Cleaning Aquarium – DIY

Hi There,
Hope you are doing great. I am going to tell how you can clean your
freshwater aquarium in easy way. There is no requirement of water pump to take
the water nor you need to take bucket and empty out water one by one using mug. I will tell how you can use potential energy
to empty your aquarium water and fill in fresh treated water after cleaning everything. I will also discuss the aquarium décor that
I made by myself plus about the new turtle stand I made from a unique wood and this unique
blue lined fish that bought. So stay tuned and keep watching till the end. You can also subscribe and turn on the notifications
for getting all videos that I am going to upload in the future. Step 1, Take all the Decors and Fishes from
the Aquarium First you need to take all your decors and
place in a separate container with cleaning solutions. Then take another big container with freshwater
and take all fishes and put in them. Step 2, Take Water from the Aquarium using
Pipe and Tap I will tell you how you can use my method
of empting water from aquarium using the potential energy differences. Put the pipe into the aquarium tank and connect
the other end to garden hose, now put some water into the tank and then closed the tap
and pull out the pipe at the hose end and you will see the water coming out nicely now
empty whole tank using this pipe of running water. If your aquarium is at some height from ground
this method will always work. Step 3, Clean all Decors and Aquarium Walls
properly Now collect the gravel to separate tank and
wash it properly using stain removing solutions. Similarly collect all decors too and wash
it with similar solutions. Wash the walls of aquarium too properly and
watch carefully of any stains that make be left over. You can also use gravel cleaner after 4 weeks
or so to remove the dirt without cleaning the whole setup. Also there is aquarium wall cleaner that looks
like this with strong magnets. You can use it to clean the walls but make
sure if your aquarium breakable glass is too thin then don’t use it as it may break it. Step 4, Move Gravels and Decors into the Aquarium
Now arrange the gravels in the aquarium I always lay the gravels in slightly hilly manner
as it creates a good view from the front and sides. After putting the gravels arrange the decors
one by one. Also make sure there is proper place to stroll
and proper hiding place too. After the decors are placed give look from
the front and check if it suits your viewing pleasure or imagination. Step 5, Fill the Aquarium with Fresh Water
After everything has been arranged put the freshwater into the aquarium. Fill it completely up to the rim I have applied
the blue to check the water level so that it does not becomes completely visible. Step 6, Move the fishes back in and treat
the water with fungus removing solutions Finally you can move the fishes back in and
put some fungus removing solutions into the aquarium. For new aquariums and certain aquariums where
water chemistry is bad there are chances of diatoms formations you check this video to
know more about them and prevent them from appearing in your aquarium. That’s it always check the temperature and
pH of the water and make sure that are at correct level as required by your fish types. Do change 10% of the volume of aquarium water
every week. If you have small fishes then your aquarium
tank needs cleaning after 2 to 4 weeks depending on the aquarium design and visibility of dirt. Also I was saying that I made an aquarium
décor myself it is from the wood that I found in my farm They are of teak wood that is costly
and they need some processing before they become fit to be used in aquariums I will
make a video about it very soon. Also I made a turtle stand also of teak wood
you can check this design if you are willing to make turtle stand for your turtle as well. I finally moving on I would like to show my
new fish that I bought they are the Neon Tetras very beautiful fish that always moves in group
and has good blue lining and red bottom towards the tail, I liked them tell me if you too
and any news about them in the comment section. I hope you liked my video and found it useful,
please do comment about any suggestions or concerns you have. Give this video a “like” and subscribe
for upcoming videos. Also connect and follow on social networks
links to all this are in the description so do check them out. I will catch you guys next time with another
video till then bye and take care and Thanks for Watching

16 comments on “Easy Method of Cleaning Aquarium – DIY

  1. Stop cleaning you tank like this mate ,you are killing all yor healthy bacteria .Doing your tank like this is probably killing your fish

  2. there is a term new tank syndrome (NTS) google it and you will get all the info why you should never change 100% water of your aquarium.. it take 2 to 3 months for cycling a newly established tank for the growth of healthy beneficial bacteria.. 30 % water change in a week is enough maximum 50% if situation demands.. mostly fishes are messy eater so you need a proper filtration not a total water change.. feed them in a way, avoid over feeding and dont over stock ur tank

    total water change is not the solution proper feeding, effective filtration , and basic aquarium care is more than enough for keeping ur fish n ur self happy

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