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EASY Minecraft AFK Fish Farm [BEST DESIGN] AFK Fish Farm Tutorial 1.14+

EASY Minecraft AFK Fish Farm [BEST DESIGN] AFK Fish Farm Tutorial 1.14+

Hello everybody and welcome back to
another Kid-A-Loo tutorial video! So today I am going to be talking about the best
afk fish farm design for Minecraft 1.14 and if you are watching this video you
probably already know that an afk fish farm is really one of the best ways to
get tons of early game loot, XP and even level up your gear with enchanted books.
So let’s go ahead and get into it! Okay so when we are looking for the best afk
fish farm this is actually going to be no redstone and this was originally a
design by docm77 so big shout out to him, this worked in the last couple
versions of Minecraft and it is still working so let me show you quickly how
to build this super easy fish farm in 1.14 Java edition. Okay so first we’re
gonna grab a note block and this is a note block not a jukebox okay they look
very similar but you want a note block, a jukebox is not gonna work okay so
note block there, we’ll go ahead and put a slab on top of it so I’m going to
shift crouch and put a slab right on top of that and then I’m gonna break out the
two blocks in front of it and the two blocks to the side. Now over here on the
side this is where our chest is gonna go so I’m gonna put a double chest there
and then I’m going to come back on this side, crouch place a hopper so that the
hopper is pointed into that chest so you can kind of see it’s pointed into the
chest which is exactly what we want okay. So next we are going to grab the fence
put a fence post into the top of this hopper so again shift crouch place the
fence post and then we’re gonna grab a pressure plate, so I’ve used this with
the gold the light-weighted pressure plate and it works really well. I’ve also
used it with the wooden pressure plates so for now we’re going to use the wooden
pressure plate right there and then the next thing that we need to do is go
ahead and put our iron trap door and we want to attach it to the slab not the
note block okay so we’re gonna attach that to the slab so you can see right
there and then believe it or not guys this fish farm is
almost done so let’s grab our bucket of water we’re gonna pour it right on that
fence post it’ll flow down just like that and now all we have left to do is
to test our fish farm to see if it is working. Now before I do this I’ve got
five tips (best practices) top five AFK fish farm tips right after this so don’t
leave the video before you hear this because it could make the difference in
whether this works well or whether it works awesome.
Okay so we are going to test this so I’m gonna right click, hold down right click
and yeah you can see we’re fishing right now so what will happen is when we catch
a fish that trap door will slam down it should flow right into the hopper and
then over into our chest so we don’t have to collect anything it does it all
for us and the afk part of this is actually really great. Okay see we just
caught something so let’s go over here open this up and you can see we’ve got
our fish in there. Okay now if you know about AFK fish farms you can catch a
ton of stuff in here including enchanted books leather stuff you can catch a
bunch of fish and food many, many, many different items that you can catch at an
afk fish farm so the afk part of this is awesome because you can go grab a
sandwich, you can go watch a movie, you can go hang out do other things while
this thing is fishing for you and all you have to do is either hold down the
right mouse button like I’m doing now and set something on top of it, something
heavy on top of it or another way that you can do this is if we go into the
settings, we’re gonna go to options, controls and
then we’re going to scroll down to this right button right here and then I’m
gonna click on that and then I’m gonna push my Enter key so I use the Enter key
on the very lower right hand side of my keyboard and once I go out of here I hit
Done, Done, Back to Game, now if I walk up here
and I hold down Enter with my fishing rod it’s gonna be the same thing so I
can set something heavy on this key and it’s gonna just sit here and fish for me
as long as that Enter key is held down on my keyboard. Okay guys so the next
thing that we want to do is if you’re going to use this for any amount of time
at all this chest is gonna fill up so you can punch this out right here we can
go down a few blocks here we’ll just knock all this out and then you can
place some more chests just like this and then even the hopper system we can
get that going too. So we’re gonna grab some hoppers and then again we’re gonna
shift crouch into there into there and into there and then lastly if you want
to grab some ladders so you can get back out this is going to be really an easy
way to access the chests that you have here and then once we start fishing
again you’ll see those items will flow to that bottom chest. Ok guys so we are
back at my base my afk fish farm that I have set up and I promised you the Top 5
AFK Fish Farm Tips so here we go with number 5. Number 5 – you will need to make
sure the block above the pressure plate is clear to get better catch rates – so if
you are in a tree house like I am you will want to clear the leaves directly
above the pressure plate and you can see that I’ve cleared the leaves that will
help with your catch rates. So if you’re building this underground you’ll want to
clear that block directly above the pressure plate to get better catch rates.
Okay, Number 4 – you will need to make sure that you are in an area that is blocked
off or well lit to avoid mobs while AFK fishing. So you can see I have this area
lit up, it’s blocked off, mobs can’t get in here and the mobs are not going to spawn
on these leaves, the Phantom’s are probably not going to be able to get in
here on me while I’m afk fishing. There’s nothing
worse than afk fishing and then you come back into the room and your player is
dead because the mobs got to you so make sure that your area is well covered and
the mobs won’t be able to get to you while you are away. Tip Number 3 – so I
went into it a little bit earlier but the simplest way to afk fish is to
change the settings on your keyboard or place something heavy on your mouse
clicker. I prefer not to install the automated clicker systems because you
have to put things on your computer. Alright,
Tip Number 2 – you will start to get enchanted rods as loot and if you have
an anvil nearby you can really combine those rods until you have a rod that has
Luck of the Sea III, Lure III, Mending and Unbreaking III – that is going to be the
best rod in the game and once you have that rod, because it is mending, it will
repair itself as you fish and really allow you to fish indefinitely. Alright,
and then Tip Number 1 – if you have any other automated farms around they will
continue to work as well while you are afk fishing so if you’re going to build
an afk fish farm, you might as well build it near some of your other farms and
then that way those farms will continue to work for you as well and you can
really stack up those benefits. Ok guys I hope you enjoyed this video thank you
for joining me for the afk fish farm the best design AFK fish farm in Minecraft
1.14 hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you for stopping by don’t forget
to hit the subscribe button, like this video if it helped you out and stick
around for more cool minecraft tutorial build videos and I’ll see you
on the next one! Bye!

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