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19 comments on “Easy Pesto Tuna Pasta Recipe

  1. Ooooh I like this idea. I enjoy eating celery but I never think about ways to add it to my dishes, so I'll definitely try this pasta – it looks delicious 🙂 (PS: I've never seen anyone cook pesto before, but that's probably because I've never seen anyone freeze it either! haha I'll do it next time I buy pesto)

  2. Have you ever dropped that pepper mill during an intro and had to film it over?

    Been a subscriber since your first or second video and I'm a huge fan! Keep it up! Definitely making this ASAP

  3. Definitely gonna be trying this one out. Though I would probably sub the zucchini for broccoli. Would probably take a little longer to cook though

  4. I wouldn't substitute anything in this dish but it did look a little dry for my tastes.  I would have saved a little of the pasta cooking water to moisten the finished dish.  The pasta water along with a couple of egg yolks (no egg white), off the heat, would have made for a much creamier finished dish.

  5. I'd swap the Zucchini for Kale. Any excuse for me to use Kale is a good one. Kale is literally the healthiest food, all bachelor's on a budget should buy it.

  6. How long does a meal like this keep in the fridge? I'd like to try it, but I prefer to cook batches and eat a single recipe for 2-3 days from leftovers and I've never made anything with egg cooked in this style before.

  7. Hello. Will try this recipe but is it possible that instead of egg, you use an all purpose cream in adding a bit of a creamy texture? 🙂

  8. Im using mayonnaise instead of egg and toss in a lemon juice.. I dont like raw egg, prone to salmonella.. 🙂

  9. We've cooked it today and out as surprisingly amazing and easy to make! And my husband doesn't like tuna… but he debored this dish! Thanks for the frozen pesto and egg tips. Also the order of how to add the ingredients.. it makes sense!

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