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Easy Salmon Recipe with Almond Herb Relish

Easy Salmon Recipe with Almond Herb Relish

Healthy and delicious the cooking show
and a new episode starts right now Californian welcome back to healthy and
delicious today’s special it’s all about Cali remember the stuffed mushroom with crab and now it is time to make some salmon. I have a trick
Salman on parchment paper that’s gonna allow it to get a lot of flavor using
any pot and pan I love that easy cleanup I’m all about that yes and I love it
because salmon is super great for us and I’m gonna top it with some herb relish
and also put it with some veggies so and salmon is delicious you can come from
both sides because I’m telling you the flavor and a little bit
of that fat that the salmon has really goes for some really really good
there so true so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna put everything in the
parchment paper and let those flavors infuse with each other, this is a
French technique right it is but it’s really not too hard actually okay so I’m
gonna have you cutting a little bit of those vegetables so get some asparagus
and carrots hmm as you do that I’m gonna season my salmon only one side
okay and why only one side because you’re gonna season your vegetable one
layer down on one side so is going to go layer to layer , I will just let the
gravity work for me okay so a little bit salt a little bit of pepper
beautiful carrot over here yeah it’s gorgeous
hey that’s California right there we got some good produce and I’m gonna cut the carrots about the same size as the asparagus so
that they cook at the same rate so we don’t have crunchy carrots that are overdone, yes that’s exactly what we want
No over cooked carrots, nope never never ever okay I have a parchment paper over
here so you place it right there not exactly in the center a little bit off
okay exactly and now we’re gonna dress it up
okay what are you gonna dress it up with oh that’s enough that’s good yes okay
I’m gonna put a little salt mm-hmm a little pepper and a little bit olive oil, okay what you do with the olive oil is to give it a little flavor we’re only
cooking at what probably 375 okay give or take I’m gonna put my
salmon right on the top beautiful it is beautiful isn’t it and I know what
you’re on the top it with butter I mean why you even ask you wanted to make my
day, make it with ghee that will be better, right? well a little
bit better but I want the butter to brown up to give a little more flavor
and it’s gonna be my vehicle to the salt too so I’m gonna close it down now all
right it’s very simple actually you’re gonna start the one side and just skew down like this close done so as long as it’s kind of close it’s gonna
create some steam in there and all the flavor will be inside so you don’t have
to leave with the smell of the salmon for days in your apartment of a new
house it’s all contained yeah and it’ll make it really tender to to steam it
right exactly everything is in there very very tender is your whole meal
inside a little paper perfect and then you only have to like rinse this dish
because it’s all contained yeah just rinse it and you are ready to go, I am gonna put this guy in the oven and what temperature 375 you can go for 20
minutes okay okay so while that’s baking I’m gonna go ahead and make our herb
relish it’s gonna go on the top so we’re gonna start with a little bit of
champagne vinegar but you could also do like white wine vinegar pretty much any
vinegar that’s got that whitish color now I know that this is a little bit like
you secret release recipe I love it yes and it is really good and it’s
really good with fish is very different than you traditional French burblonde
something very very grassy will you add a little bit of salt pepper in here
use your technique get that dissolving in and I’m actually
gonna add a little bit of honey at this point you taste your
dressing and it doesn’t taste seasoned at all and then later on a few minutes
later the salt dissolve and it is too salty that’s right so I’m adding a little bit
of honey to sweeten this a lot of times dressings will have a lot of sugar, so I like honey a little better, This is California you need a little bit of sugar in your dressing so we’re gonna
let those mix together and then while he’s whisking, by any mean we let those
mixed together, means like I mix them all together, make him do the work
okay we’re gonna drizzle in this olive oil while he’s whisking just
to get that emulsification so it’s like a dressing using pretty much and then
we’re gonna improve it we’re gonna add on to the dressing just a little more, yeah I like you way of thinking now, just put it in, all right so now it looks like
we’re getting the most fat oh I forgot something I’m sorry Dijon
Dijon, how can you forget Dijon couldn’t, that actually help it
keep that emulsification together That’s true. It’s act like a glue. think we’re mixed so now I’m gonna go
ahead and mix in I have some diced shallots here gosh I like shallots
they’re kind of like they’re an onion right but they are a little bit sweeter
the fancier, they’ll be the French on the onions okay and then I’m
gonna add in a little bit of toasted slivered almonds give it a little bit of
crunch nice and then last but not least our tarragon so I’m gonna go ahead yeah
yeah so this has lots of great flavor you could really do any herb I’ve done
the cilantro you could do it with parsley but that is just gonna really
give it some grassy finish to it too it gives a little marmalade you know I like
it’s very chunky, I like it. You can add more oil just because olive oil isfantastic for us and especially when we’re finishing with it we’re not
cooking with it and California have some of the best olive
oil in the world, like Napa Valley has a lot olive producer but they
are yeah and we got some great stuff in Cali okay so there’s our relish
so should we let’s take a look on the salmon and see if this is ready okay oh
wow yeah it does look pretty good all right let’s put them in the middle here
so now to finish a salmon properly I’m just gonna place it into a plate and
all I have to do right now is to open up so you have some scissors over here okay
I’m just gonna open up crosswalk so pretty wide so we can get into the
salmon right yes I kind of open up and show the world reveal the salmon reveal
the beautiful salmon yeah yeah now we could put a little bit of your relish
beautiful and on the top you get some extra sauce to go over it as well and
you know what look at that, it is so beautiful that
is missing one thing I make it perfect and delicious
I cook some lemon earlier and it beautiful and I like to put just big
chunks of lemon right on the top of it very California, how did you cook them so I just put them into the same sheets right here a little bit of sugar and salt on it and
bake them in the oven for 20 minutes so can I cut them yeah so big chunks okay
so just a couple of big chunks right on top over and put it right on the top here and here it
is this is enough yeah okay yes you can
and actually as a matter of fact this taste very different than if they will be raw
the oil and the natural essence inside the lemon kind of infuse in there and
really gives a nice lemon salsa exactly that’s perfect yeah just put that right
on the top like this and it’s rustic beautiful right? yep that’s
delicious Wow man look at that Salmon right and
with your relish and all those beautiful carrots and asparagus
underneath it is layers and layers of flavor I love it, this is
a healthy and delicious meal! This gets my proof, nice you prove it, that doesn’t happen that often. It is so moist, this is home right there that is California they just open up. why you send a letter just send a little
envelope with the salmon in there that’s true delicious let’s take a quick break
and when we come back we have some skirt steak. California we are home!

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