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Easy To Make Vegan Tacos | LifeStyle Upgrade

Easy To Make Vegan Tacos | LifeStyle Upgrade

[Music] hello my name is Jonah and I welcome you to lifestyle upgrade today we’re going to try a dish that I’m betting you’ve never heard of before because it’s around the new to me where you’re going to make taco filling using faux meat that we will prepare from the banana peel banana peels actually very nutritious cannot believe I was throwing them away for years and we have another use for the actual filling of the bananas some three ingredient breakfast bars which we may get to eventually for the moment let’s discuss the ingredients that we’ll need to make the filling as you can see here’s the list of all ingredients that you will need feel free to take a screenshot for your next trip to the grocery store [Music] so let’s get started with peeling bananas remove the end can’t imagine eating up both ends and slice it down the middle here separate the actual banana from the peel it’s better to freeze the bananas until the next time you use them cut the peels into small cubes about 1/4 inch square and put them into the bowl go ahead and cut the rest of those peels after that let’s cut the onions you can do it any way you like though I understand if you begin with the side opposite the root you might be less likely to have a good cry okay the onions are ready for the frypan and I want to get start it with a saute of the onions because I don’t want to get a little brown once we get those started we can chop the peppers and [Music] reduce the heat to simmer and let the onions saute till they’re golden brown while that’s happening let’s cut the peppers as you can see I don’t mind a few seeds I’m certain they have unknown nutritional value next is the garlic you can crush it or chop it finely as you prefer add the garlic and peppers to the sauteing onions mix and leave them on a low heat while we cut the rest of the greens and the toast now is a good time to grind those flax seeds if you don’t have a grinder be sure to bide some pre ground flax seeds finally let’s add the banana peels to the pot and mix if it’s too dry you can add a little more avocado oil as I did here or some liquid of your choice sprinkle the nutritional yeast and spices next if you like spicy like me chili the Chipotle goes next and if you don’t like spicy good just skip this and simply add your sea salt let’s finish by adding the breadcrumbs the ground flax seeds and the fresh herbs now you’re gonna have to stir and blend it all together swish it up a little bit because this is where you’re gonna get smooth body [Music] see the turn Philip Berry’s completed it looks lovely if it gets too dry feel free to add a little liquid you could add something that you have in your fridge maybe some coconut water Oh beautiful look at that now that I’ve got a metal spoon I’m smashing it you know I bet you you could fool a meat-eater [Music] you [Music] thanks for watching I hope you enjoy I hope you try it yourself and like and subscribe please come back and have another adventure in modern living with John [Music] you

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  1. Hello Janna, love your presentation. I recently prepared burgers out of banana peels and was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture. Will def make tacos using them. Thanks for the cool idea. Cheers!

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