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Easy Tuna Pesto Pasta Recipe – Lazy Mums Suppers

Easy Tuna Pesto Pasta Recipe – Lazy Mums Suppers

[NADIA} Kaye, I have gone through your cupboards and got some ingredients [KAYE] A gin and tonic… [NADIA] You have the best gin. You bloody do. [KAYE] I’m good at that [NADIA] It’s mid week Don’t know what to cook. Nothing in the fridge. Mind you that’s the same for any day of the week in your house Nothing in the fridge. Mind you that’s the same for any day of the week in your house and I’ve got these together and this is the easiest, most delicious, if you’re throwing it together, dish that you can do…. done in minutes [KAYE] Ok. [NADIA] Ok. we’ve got tuna, sweet corn, you can use
frozen, pine nuts, lemon, pesto, avocado and pasta already cooked [KAYE] If you cook pasta and then let it cool down and heat it up again Apparently it’s really good
because it makes it a complex carbohydrate and you don’t have os much sugar in it [NADIA] So, I’m just going to put this pasta in the bowl You like this dish don’t you Mark [KAYE] For how many people? [NADIA] This would be four to six portions [KAYE] … because Tuna is quite expensive… Two tins… [NADIA] You can use one No, no, no, no! Leave it on and then take it over to the sink drain it and squeeze it because that
kind of the little details which make your food food awful… is that you’ll sort just bung the tin in with half the water still in it Show me what you do with your tin [KAYE] Right, don’t be condescending I know how to drain bloody tuna [NADIA] Show me what I just showed you [KAYE] Oh god. [NADIA] That’s it. Squeeze it. Squeeeeeze it. [KAYE] I like some tomato sauce on my tuna usually [NADIA] Honestly this is so good this dish [KAYE] See I usually use fresh ingredients in mine You just go pretend do you? [NADIA] This is a store cupboard emergency Right sweetcorn Same thing. Get rid of all that water otherwise it will ruin the dish [KAYE] I’m really enjoying this [NADIA LAUGHS] [NADIA] What’s nice about this is you can put in a big bowl in the fridge Put it in .. and then people snack on it or you can put it in school, school, school packed lunch box [MARK] In school what? [NADIA] P..P…P…Pack Pack Pack [NADIA SINGS AN AWFUL TRIBUTE TO THE WORDS “PACKED LUNCH” [KAYE] That’s going to catch on. [KIKI] Don’t sing. [NADIA] Sorry darling Ever since I’ve had children I’ve never ben allowed to sing [KAYE] No, I’m not allowed to sing either [NADIA] That’s the only thing I truly loved about Big Brother, being the Big Brother house, is that I could sing my heart out [KAYE] I know. I am quite sad about that in the car [NADIA] Pesto.. [KAYE] All of it? Well I tell you what.. I need to be convinced of this one [NADIA] Okay [KAYE] I think I’d rather have my Quorn burger with roasted squash [NADIA] We need our avocado and if your kids don’t like avocado, just don’t put it in [KAYE] It’s very salty that Pesto [NADIA] Yeah, but we’ve got so much pasta [NADIA] Avocado, glug of olive oil [KAYE] Are you sure? [NADIA] This is a massive dish. Look this could feed ten people [KAYE] It started off as four to six… and now it’s ten! Is it the magic porridge pot or what? [NADIA] I’m tribal. You watch. You’ll be eating this all week. [KAYE] This dish could feed sixteen to eighteen or put the avocado in and this dish could feed 46 to 50 Very sleek. That’s the way I do it. [NADIA] Yeah, right. God, this is vast [KAYE] How may do you think it’ll feed [NADIA] Twenty people! [NADIA LAUGHS] [KAYE] It’s a metaphor for your life this dish.. .. you exaggerate about everything [NADIA] I do. [KAYE] … so wildly [NADIA] Have you got any black pepper? Not yet! Don’t eat it yet Zest of a lemon Scent of a woman [MARK] Zest of a Lemon, I love it [NADIA] Zest of a Lemon [KAYE] Zest of a Lemon, Scent of a Woman I think I put a whole packet of pasta in when I was supposed to put half… [KAYe] We’re going to put this pasta on eBay [NADIA] This is what happens when I drink gin before i’ve actually started cooking [KAYE] That was a very expensive bag of pasta I gave you there [NADIA] It was lovely [KAYE] It was very good quality [NADIA] I bet your kids don’t eat pine nuts do they.. [KAYE] Yeah! She’s getting better actually with that [NADIA] I think I should take some out You don’t have to toast these if you can’t be bothered [KAYE] Are you going to use them all?! [NADIA] Just to annoy you [MARK] We are feeding 18 [NADIA] It is dinner for 30. You haven’t got any olives have you? Okay so now I’m going to put the pine nuts… okay that was a lot of pine nuts Voila. Done [NADIA] Ten minutes [KAYE] That’s not bad That’s lovely parmesan, that. [NADIA] Go on then, try it. Make sure you get a bit of everything Bit of olive, bit of pine nut, bit of avocado [NADIA] Did you get an olive? Pop an olive in your mouth too [KAYE] Do you just serve this hot or cold? [NADIA] She says reluctantly… Hot or cold. As I say I do a big bowl of that and they take it for packed lunches How many do you think this would feed? [NADIA] Four hundred and fifty two.

38 comments on “Easy Tuna Pesto Pasta Recipe – Lazy Mums Suppers

  1. Hi ladies you both look more rested.Nadia i watch Trinny Woodall.Iv told her id love her to colab with you,that would be fun.Hi to Mark,Kiki and Honie.x

  2. I have just been watching these two for around a week. I can not stop laughing. Think they are so nice and funny.

  3. Nadia you are so confident in the kitchen, your pasta looked so good and was made in a flash. You are starting to inspire me and I am worse cook then Kaye (sorry Kaye – you have other talents!).

  4. Pine nuts are also lovely toasted in the pan with no oil – their own oils will start to come out. Thank you for all the great content N&K!

  5. I give my dog fish n pasta….I love it myself, am I spoiling my doggie?….hope you are all well…lovely to see you Kaye xx

  6. The only thing I don't understand is if they live in the same house or if they're always at each other house because they're always in this kitchen😂😂

  7. Have done the pasta, tuna sweet corn, n oil before but not wth pesto must try that, ur right Nadia, I love it from the fridge as a meal beautiful

  8. PS I made your Mama Seppia (lazy mums spaghetti) for my fiancé the other night, he has a refined palette so I thought he would find it bland but he LOVED it! And the best thing is that it took me under 15 minutes (most of that was boiling the pasta) xxxxxx

  9. Yummy… Will definitely be trying this recipe.. Love your recipes Nadia – you use great ingredients & everything looks so tasty..!! (-:

  10. watched this late…..made me soo hungry… had 2 av a pot noodle! ! ! but will cook 2moz….mmmmmmm ..ta very much xxx

  11. Watching this at 4.30am as can't sleep and worried I will wake the house up laughing lol. Brilliant. You are both so funny! xx

  12. you have to be careful with pesto's as parmesan cheese and pecorino isn't suitable for vegetarians because of the animal rennet… sacla makes organic pesto.. which is sfv. not very nice tho… sooo salty! apparently m&s sells a pesto in the fridge that is sfv and nice. haven't tried it myself though so not sure

    great recipe though, will try this

  13. where r u 2….?? I'm addicted.need more n more n more. ,! ! ! only 2 vids this wk.your country needs u! ! xxxxxx

  14. I wonder how this would be with chicken….I have canned Hormel chicken that's packed in water. I think I'll give this a shot with that as I'm a weirdo who doesn't like any seafood 🙄🤗🤣

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