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EASY VEGAN TACOS | hot for food

EASY VEGAN TACOS | hot for food

It’s John and Lauren from hot for food… and I’m John! ok we’re going to make tacos today we eat tacos, like, a lot they’re just really easy to make and there’s no rules so whatever you like just put it in a freakin’ taco shell! tacos… let’s “taco” bout it! ya that’s a joke that John says on the regular… almost everyday! ok so what kind of tacos are we making John? we’re just doing ground beef cause we have it. ground round, ya. tons of veggies. I’m gonna make a salsa…like a fresco? what do you call it? I don’t know Fresca! Fresh salsa? Is that what they call it? Fresca? I think you’re making that up! like a … a tomato salsa! I actually don’t like when you put the water from the tomato in it, because it’s too watery and then it soaks through the corn tortilla! she’s never told me that!? making tacos there isn’t really recipe to this, we’re just going to tell you what we’re making but it’s like very easy. There’s nothing to it! Cut up some lettuce or greens. Cut up some jalapenos if you want. Make a really quick guacamole by mashing up an avocado, putting lime juice, salt and pepper! and it’s like just make as much or as little as you need. The key to flavouring your taco meat is to not just cook what you have and not add any flavouring. I think you need to add chili powder and cumin and that’s what gives it the taco flavouring. You can even by taco spice in the spice aisle and then make it taste like tacos. What’s your first taco memory? uhh I don’t wanna taco bout it! Actually talking about this just reminded me of something that I otherwise would have completely forgot about! I was born like 20 days late or something like that. My parents anniversary was like 5 days before I was actually born. So I’m now a couple weeks over due at this point and they’re like well we should still celebrate! And they’re like where do you wanna go? And they’re like let’s go to Mexico town! So I’m ready to be born any day and they just decide to go over to America to go to a spicy food restaurant! ok this is funny! That’s why you like tacos so much! ya! So they had tacos… good thing I didn’t like come out right then! You did come out of a taco though! hahahaha That’s disgusting! You’re talking about my mother! She’s gonna watch this too! NO! Ya your mom watches these videos! That was a really hilarious joke! Ya so they got Mexican food and I betcha that’s why I came out liking tacos! And why you like wearing a moustache! When I met John he had a moustache! He looked Mexican and I hate moustaches. And I was like why am I so attracted to this guy with a moustache? He’s probably a douche! I don’t know if you guys have one of these at home, but it’s very handy! a citrus squeezer! Confession! I saw these on Guy Fieri’s “Big Bite” on Food Network a long time ago, when I was younger. I was like I want those! So I went to Winner’s and got them! Don’t tell people that. hahaa I think it’s a funny story! I used to watch Guy Fieri’s “Big Bite” and “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives” I still like watching “Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives” to see how disgusting the food is! People are like mmm it’s so good! We come here every weekend for home cooking! And they’re literally eating 10 pounds of lard! I love that you can stick the pit of the avocado in your guacamole and it doesn’t go brown! Don’t tell them that! It’s like so weird that the avocado thinks it’s in tact when it’s mashed up with a pit in it! It’s like the shell is communicating to the thing right now! It’s like alien like! Like a pod. And then the pit comes out which is like the core or the centre?! And it can live because its centre is in tact! whoa that’s like spiritual! If you want to be real quick take vegan mayonnaise and make a quick aoili with more lime juice a little bit of garlic powder. Add dill, add cilantro to it, to make like a cream drizzle! I made too much cilantro! So cilantro cream sauce. OK. Who doesn’t like cilantro out there?! You’re crazy! I heard that if you don’t like cilantro, if you have that gene where you can’t eat it you’re actually a serial killer! So tortilla’s! I saw this on like a Buzzfeed, internet thing. They’re so dry! So you’re going to take this and we’re going to put it in the oven on the rack like this. Are you hoping they’re going to be like those Old El Paso shells? ya! That’s what I’m hoping for. It kinda worked! They just moulded like that over the rack! It was not my idea it was the internet’s idea! So the way I’m going to do this… you can make tacos however you want! But I like the lettuce on the bottom and then the meat get’s it hot. ugh, nobody like’s hot lettuce! Ya I do! No!? These look good! Ya ok sorry don’t put lettuce on the bottom then. Fine! OK so here’s the tacos! They’re really loaded and stuffed, but ya know just shove ’em in your mouth! Little known tip! Let’s say you want to eat 5 tacos. You make 3 and then on the plate you like keep extra taco shells as napkins! You put them down on the plate and then as you eat your taco it falls into it and makes another taco! That’s kind of a cool idea! Taco napkins! Ok so we post videos every Wednesday. Let us know if you like seeing John and I in the kitchen! And I just say, you know, go at it however you want with your tacos! Freestyle ’em! Bye!

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