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Dustin’s always waiting we’re waiting
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in internet land my name is Dustin I’m gonna be your host I hope everybody can
hear me and is excited because I’ve got this beautiful table right here that
I’ve got all set up here and I’ve got some chipotle water and I’ve got this
microphone and I’ve got a t-shirt on cuz it’s hotter than the blazes in here and
uh yeah is everybody good we good everybody can see can I get just a quick
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for me we’re good hello what’s going on Audio good video good no one’s saying
one there’s a word ok we gotta warn we’re gonna roll so today I’m gonna do a
livestream only what I’m gonna do is I’m not gonna do it with all of my wonderful
children around and I love my children a lot but honestly they they tend to
interrupt the flow just a tiny bit and I’m trying to have some flow I’m trying
to have some group with you you’ll notice here I’m in a nice little walled
in echo kind of room or whatever and I want to bring you some tips on getting a
better looking tank I I don’t have fantastic tanks I got ok tanks but
there’s some really easy stuff that people can do to get a better looking
aquarium so what’s going on everybody how you doing
hope you’re doing well and that tank in the thumbnail we’re going to discuss
later on here so I hope everybody’s seeing this here
and remove the add I can’t move the ad YouTube won’t do it so can you everybody
see this little easy tip thing or here everybody see this graphics on the way
alright cool here’s the graphic and right on cue Josh calls just want you
guys to see this is Josh greenhouse calling me I’m sorry I can’t talk right
now and yeah cool little role so let’s do
this party right here I want you guys to see this because you’re not going to see
anything from me so let’s get started going to here get this rolling
so yeah it’s alright for if you’re watching this later but you know
sometimes we’re gonna talk about this tonight we’re going to talk about
banners in the way take it down you guys need to see this this is the whole thing
this is the whole thing okay this is the banner just what you need a sneaks what
you need to be watching you don’t want to watch me you want to watch this so
check it out we all have done some things like this we have all done some
ugly things can everybody see this alright yeah cool everybody can see this
here this is ugly equipment this is the killer of more beautiful aquariums than
anything I’ve ever seen ugly equipment this is my ghetto
aquarium from 1996 okay it’s the ghetto aquarium everybody pay attention it’s
not that hard I have a little screen down here and I’d use this screen and
then I talked to you in the camera so you got me here we’re right here I’m
writing it with you I’m not leaving you we’re all here we’re together then
together we’re the happy little fish tape treat together but then we’ve got
the little screen down here got it okay thank you everybody so this is the ugly
equipment slide this is my piranha tank this is a prawn Tech I had when I was a
youngster when I was a kid I had this tank this tank right here see this tank
see how this works there’s two screens good and this is also the ghetto repair
tech this had a piece of silicone that I glued in there but notice this tank
under gravel filter you can see the pipes a giant awful repaired crack right
in through here I’ll make this bigger you see this right here this whole crack
Giants terrible okay this is the CD case yes correct everyone
that’s seen the kind of recording and then this is plastic plants this is ugly
this is like beginning and Aquarium 101 do not show the equipment do not show
the equipment hide your equipment it’s not that hard okay so I had another
gravel court underground filter that’s actually an upside down no fishing sign
right there and then this is the whisper number
three filter pipe this is a plastic plant under gravel filter it’s one two
three four piranhas and advise the therm heater and then the rail okay everybody
here everybody got that you can hide your equipment it’s not hard do it
okay step one easy better looking planted aquarium hide your equipment not
hard we’re gonna move over here to slide numero dos I’m going to text Josh I’m
gonna tell him I’m on a webinar and imma let him know that I’m on a webinar it’ll
be one second on webinar Josh on webinar and there we go so this is another quick
look is this aquarium has the trim this is my old tank right here back here look
at this see the trim piece back here see the trim right here look at this query
same thing same thing I love this person I’m glad they submitted their tank and
I’m glad they’re letting me do it but this right here is the banner you can
only see the banner opposite can you see me and the banner somebody tell me
something yeah see this exact same thing well how can we solve this this is an
easy fix just add a background it’s simple if you
add a background you won’t see this and you won’t see this and you won’t see
this line and you’ll have a nice nice thing hide the kids hide the wife yeah
hide it hide it it’s not hard it’s not difficult people make this too hard you
got to get a background it defines the stuff okay no tank just manner Dustin no
I taught you to see is the come on can everybody see both of this I can see
both are cool and some of you just need to fix yourselves sorry alright so
that’s that simply your background you hide your filter you hide that next
thing moving on I’m going to not look at the chat anymore because I’m feel like
I’m all right over here next slide boom
what’s going on with this time this is good look at tank I like this too it’s
got a giant piece of driftwood or something it’s got some good plants took
a look at tank there’s one final problem with this that I don’t I don’t really
dig simple simple fixtures aquarium is this this giant silver bullet heater
right here is messing up everything for me it’s
killing me everything’s great he’s got this monster log hide this here
behind this lock it’s not that hard hide it behind the lock take this heater
put it behind the law you can do it simple it’s a great that’s a great thing
actually I would move that whole rock over to the left over to the right a
little bit it’s neither here nor there by the way if you want to get 10% off
plants use the promo code easy you’ll save 10% off of your order with dust and
on again promo code easy save 10% next slide
there’s a lot of pain in this slide right here it’s a lot of pain not gonna
lie there’s a lot of pain we’re gonna work through the pain together me and
you guys as a team we’re gonna work through the pain the pain is caused by
me on plants the pain is caused by low light fish the pain is caused by blue
gravel there’s a lot of pain in this photo but that’s okay because we’ve all
been here I have pink gravel in my yard right now okay you’re not alone we’ve
all been here we can get through this together as a fish Pam if you will but
there’s simple solutions to this one you need to not have like bright blue gravel
I’ve been all over this world I’ve never seen blue gravel in nature so I’m just
gonna say you probably shouldn’t do it a couple of the things here you don’t know
how I feel about glow fish if you’re just joining us glow fish kind of
actually hurt my eyes and they hurt a little part of my soul so I don’t
recommend any sort of glow fish and then the other thing is plastic plants now
look I don’t know how well the person is to put this aquarium together this is
not a knock on them this is just an idea of how you can get a better look
aquarium because we want to imitate nature and nature does not have bright
pink glow fish created by a glow company and then does not have these blue gravel
right here so I love this person and I’m glad to submit their tank to me and I do
think that they’re headed in the right direction I do like the driftwood this
is not a natural lay of driftwood I would recommend not having a lid like
that but yeah this person has potential also this is fake anubius that doesn’t
matter because it’s down in the substrate moving on from this tank we’re
gonna tell you a little more here can I get a like or share or some sort of
confirmation digitally that you are enjoying what I’m spittin tinea can I
get a share or like a hey dusty we like this so when I get off I can look at how
many like so I can just be like wow that was worth my time and it was worth your
time it was worth our time okay as I proceed here this is my tank I love this
tank y’all seem to enjoy this tank too this is simple thank you for the super
chat by the way alright we’ve all been there cool yes so this is my blue ball
b-26 aquarium this tank was set up in I’m trying to get rid of my verbal tics
this cake this aquarium was constructed in November of last not last year with
year before so it has now grown in immensely
what do you not see in this tank you do not see my filter what are you not
seeing this tank you do not see my heater what do you not see in this tank
you not see any sort of equipment whatsoever why because I took the camera
and I should shot it just right so you couldn’t see that but honestly when
you’re looking at the tank you don’t see it and those of you have been in the
aquatic experience have seen this aquarium because I product because it
sucks to film because it’s actually a boat front and the optics with cameras
sucks so this is the fooball b-26 that is a better fish that is a bunch of
busie Flandre I shot a highly caffeinated video earlier today talking
about boots of Flandre and I can tell you this this tank is nothing but love
and you don’t see it equipment there’s no equipment in here none you don’t see
nothing you might see the tiny little clip at the top there but that’s it so
every understand can I get a one remember I likes that and somebody isn’t
with me and we learning that is anybody gonna use the promo code easy and save
10% of their site as soon as I get off this webinar I thought so good fantastic
moving on from this no equipment also easy setup I’ve got baby tears down here
I gotta do up there with his tank baby tears down here boosah Flandre named
after Alexander the Great’s whore Bruce of ballast that’s right a planet
named after Alexander the Great’s horse you conquered all of antiquity on this
force and it was a palace and it’s boosah Philander no I don’t have any
other in stock still trying to get it okay we’re moving on from that we’re
gonna go over here we’re gonna go to this is the 220 baby this is the 220 in
January of 2010 does anybody has anybody known me this
long be honest have you been following me since 2010 you and I both know you
don’t lie to yourselves don’t lie to me it’s not good one you like that
all right you with me on that this is the old school 220 tank from way back in
the day and I want to talk about this tank because this tank had a lot of
great things going on with it and had a lot of miserable things going on that
I’m gonna check on Josh josh has not texted me back he’s good he’s doing a
fantastic job is cleaning out the greenhouse guys as we speak so this is
the 220 on aquarium what are some things in this tank that we just talked about
this is a quiz I know you didn’t think it was gonna be a quiz there’s a quiz
that’s an easy quiz what am i doing in this aquarium that I just told you not
to do can somebody please in the chat and like me yes cool yes that’s right
everybody knows yes the equipment is showing that’s right you see this giant
Powerade here that’s a no-no you see this here right here that’s a no-no over
the top that’s a no-no what else do you see you see this filter pump pipe here
you see this heater here you see this pipe all this could be avoided all of
this could make it better everything could be better everything
could be so much better but instead I decided to make it ugly for you all and
this is happening back in day what’s lesson one hide your equipment
it’s not that hard okay we’re on our equipment now I do want to
show something on this that I did that I think it looks cool but I think it’s I
think it’s actually ultimately a bigger pain you’ll notice I’ve got you know dos
três types of gravel in here I’ve got three types of gravel in here I’ve got
the brown gravel down yonder I’ve got the white gravel in the middle and I’ve
got the black on the opposite side okay and the problem with this is this this
tank ultimately all gravel wants to mix
together okay so it yeah it’s just not rollin properly with
the gravel of the gravel actually became a huge pain and then over here this this
ultimately just like shifted in here suddenly a black and white gravel mixing
together and that’s not good I’m not happy so we had to reduce that so I do
not recommend mixing like high contrasting colors of gravel because
it’s just going to be a big pain so with this gravel right here mixed in
and this this actually wasn’t too bad the brown and the white mixing in that
wasn’t overly difficult but this right here was a huge pain so I don’t
recommend this what else somebody sit in the chat I seen your chats a little bit
I try not to but the rocks on top of this look unnatural well all these rocks
were on here for a reason these rocks are on here for a reason
because they are holding down this massive piece of drift oil
so does it look unnatural abso-freakin’-lutely absolutely Johnny
chats absolutely it looks terrible but you know what this piece of driftwood
will look real unnatural if it was just floating around the top of a 220 gallon
aquarium so this is the old the old set up here I want to show this tank just a
tiny bit later though just a tiny itsy-bitsy bit a little bit
later one more slide here we’ll go this is January look at the growth difference
between here and here look at that that’s four months that’s four months of
growth right there that’s all it takes four months a grow a third of ten good
life boom notice the gravel has everything is filled in I still have
these ugly atrocious rocks on top of here which is fine because they’re
holding on the gravel assist right in java fern I do have a lot of tried in
Java for an in stock right now by the way and if you use the promo code easy
you can save 10% so yeah but look at the difference here though I’m gonna go back
I’m gonna go click on here and go back see look at that see that look at the
difference in this tank no look wiggy a– no big swords all that
look at its back forth look at the difference in those tanks that’s four
months of growth right there swords got bigger fuller underwater
growth Trident popped off see the difference notice I’m hiding the
equipment now you know I’ve even got more command I’ve got an old young
filter in there too so that’s actually worse but less fish the whole deal
through the difference four months all it takes shouldn’t even see the crypts
in this boat I can’t even see him here they are now look at me look at me look
at me now see that difference I hope everybody’s feeling me are you with me
can I get a light can I get a share can I get some sort of notification that you
care okay good I’m gonna keep going here folks with you
oh we’re gonna talk about this this is something we got to talk about this is
the 220 gallon aquarium in my basement I’m going fullscreen for this folks
you’re not gonna be able to see me anymore so install screen I hope you can
handle it I think you can handle it we’re all
adults here right actually probably your most of you probably tender that’s okay
this is full-screen mode this is the 220 gallon aquarium this is the day I added
Drive rocks you know what I did with these giant rocks is fun because I got
these in Kentucky you want to see me so small peak you’re here like this I got
these rocks in Kentucky and I added them to this aquarium let me show you
something that I chickened out on you guys don’t even know about this look at
this these are giant rocks this right here is what it looked like there notice
on this right side right here see how this is all open right here that’s all
open I wanted to put this rock but I got too scared that rock I’m gonna shrink
this down so you could see me better that rock over here was actually really
really ridiculously huge like that rock is like give you some perspective that
rock is like this big okay it’s probably 14 inches tall 18 across and weighs
every bit of like 90 pounds just pure thickness rock and I had this rock and I
was gonna put it over here on this side again I was gonna put it out that’s not
doing it I was gonna put it over here on this side right here but I chickened out
I’ll admit I chickened out I’m not afraid I didn’t want it to bust through
the floor and I have 200 gallons of water on my tank if I were to put this
rock in there I would use a giant piece of wood and I would lay it on top of the
Lord’s will disperse the extra extra weight and then it would
give me the contrast but I didn’t end up doing that rock because I was afraid
there I admitted in front of 100 and some people that I was afraid it’s ok to
the minute right I was afraid scared he got scared so yeah I was afraid but I
work through it I’m fighting it did ok yeah so it’s a monster rock but I want
you guys to take a lesson yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna downsize this for a secondary
I’ve done I’ve I’ve helped a Oliver cannot one of the world’s best
Aquos gamers and the best my opinion just about based on body of work not at
the couch of models dead and has been dead for a while but and what he said
and he said in this instance is he said in English they said of the best German
accent is too many people use small rocks big tank needs big rocks and it
always stuck with me and you’ll notice that my heart skipping has gotten better
because I’ve started adding monster rocks like there’s a tank in the room
next door my doing Brian’s office that like needs a bunch of really big rocks
and we want big rocks we want to build that thing bigger larger stronger and
the big rocks are critically important to that and I think that a lot of people
don’t don’t play with the hardscape enough so I am excited when I see people
really getting after it with big rocks then you’ll notice this has become more
a part of my aquascaping between here the no maintenance tank whatever so I
want people to really take away that if you want to have a really I mean get
aggressive with the rocks that’s all I can say get aggressive with the rocks
and really push it with the larger rock so I think you’re gonna find success now
look it’s gonna take a minute like this rock right here is huge and this rock
comes up about this rock right here this is a 30 inch tall tank that rock is
every bit of a foot tall so it’s coming up over a third which works then I’ve
got the one two three right there which seems to pull off okay so I really
challenge you all if you want a better looking tank to get massive rocks and
you know be willing to risk it do it get crazy with it get help with it
and then break them with a sledge hammer – I don’t have a hammer here I’ll leave
that home with Josh but get a hammer break the rocks and when you break the
rocks those breaks will be the best-looking rock receiving rocks you’ll
ever use it’s way better to break your own rocks
than to find like smaller ones to put them the other you can do that but it’s
way easier if you get big massive rocks like this rock righty-o I’ll because
show you oh yeah we got this rock this rock right yo we’re showing us this rock
yeah that rock right there break that thing with a sledgehammer put it in
there up oh man everybody with this everybody feeling good so far can I get
a another like can I just get that little digital confirmation that I’m
doing the right thing that everyone’s good everyone happy out there in fish
tank land everybody okay I’m buddy good everybody supporting
Dustin use the promo code easy make it easy on you so we go from here can’t
move it like that gonna go here and I want to talk about my fish philosophy
okay in the words of whoo tang Socrates
philosophies and hypotheses can’t define on how we drop in these mockeries
lyrically performed armed robbery flee with the lottery possibly they spotted
me Battlestar Shogun explosion with my been
hits tremendous ultraviolet shine by forensics just a little blue tank
triumph if you can handle it I don’t know if you can handle something you
can’t something you can’t if you can’t handle it you should you should pick up
a double LP it’s pretty good I was grounded when I was in high school and I
had to listen the entire room to hang out by myself cause I don’t friends he’s
on gravity anyway my fish philosophy and high pot to see is this what you want to
do with your fish philosophy is you want to get I mean it’s so simple but it
needs to be explained again and again because people just aren’t getting it
you want to get a lot of one type of fish and I don’t really care what type
of fish it is unless it’s all male Bettis
but the ultimate goal is to have a natural-looking aquarium which is why we
don’t like blue rocks which is why we don’t like pink router which is lobby
don’t like fake plants which is why we don’t like here the equipment whatever
we want to just focus on the nature here and I’m a firm believer and I have been
a Peru and I pulled my own fish in yada yada yada is that you want to get all of
one type of fish so if you want to do a school the tagging bombs or you want to
do a school of ballast yards or you want to do a school of the
you want to do a school of rainbows but you want to pick a school or pick a type
of finish or just commit to one type of fish one species only primarily if that
species likes to be kept by itself and roll with that I think you’re just going
to be so much happier and this hit me back in the day i don’t have my 90 on
the corner my 40 on the chrome up here but i had a I had a 40 tall 37 if you
want to be a nerd about it 40 tall is a real nice – 20 long stack on top of each
other and I had like 50 to 60 neon tetras in it
and all the drunk dumb frat boys would come in there go is third soul tune and
I’d say no it’s not so bro it’s brush man but that’s how you know you’re
dealing with somebody you need to kick out of your house when they’re like is
that salt you just need to just you got to go that’s my that’s my thing that
people tell me to get a shark was like the two fastest ways you can get kicked
out of my life is that salt and you should get a shark this is the most
painful things you could say to me really there’s a lot of things you can
say but that’s the most painful stuff get a sharpie anyway my fish philosophy
get a ton of fish you get them all the same size you know what I’m talking
about I want to go on from here and I want to show you something that I don’t
think you all realize and I think it’s worth pointing out and that is this are
you ready here it comes it’s simple this is an aquascape I did not ask them
directly before I grabbed this but I’m assuming they wouldn’t care this wasn’t
done by you know Jeff or Mike Cenci at the aquarium design without a Houston
whatever if you’re following me on Instagram I was on there doing a live
thing with Mike the other day what buddies if you will or friends and so
yeah I took their tagging and asking they probably don’t care and if they do
care I’ll take it down but they don’t care so this is one of their fat
aquariums how sick is this tent can I get it yeah that’s sick people like that
that awesome I want to show actually what goes into this tank here we’re
gonna break this tank down for you though because it’s not an emu tank keep
but I do think you guys should all check this out because I think it’s worth
breaking down this is an 88 is is I mean this is arguably like some of the best
doctors campers in the United States in the best opportunity United States so we
got Galasso stigma here no idea what this red stuff is some hair grass in the
back and this is a school notice one type of
fish one type of fish one type of fish once the fish rummy knows Tetris okay
notice the surface of this tank okay chess is film look at this driftwood
comes out doesn’t go over the edge driftwood comes out here it goes a
little over here like pulls you from this way pulled you from that way so
really really awesome tank okay I’m gonna go from this tank I want to show
you guys this tank and I’m showing you this because this is what’s possible
this is a high co2 lower pH tank this is not an easy tag you do not recommend
this for beginners this is actually the opposite of what the US is trying to
teach in these lessons here today but I want to show you guys what goes into
this aquarium cuz it’s pretty sweet let’s see how this photograph just
happens to like fade to white and this just happens to have like no background
and what do you not see we just talked about it lesson one no equipment no
equipment you don’t see any equipment does anybody have any idea what this
tank look like you know what’s up everybody y’all doing good cool that’s a
sick tank yeah you like that it’s a great tank it’s not a fake tank it’s a
great tank so so fabulous tank let me just this is the final slide that I want
people to understand what goes into these any other comments on this tank
because I don’t know the rimless is probably old 88 I’m not sure the size in
this tank we’re gonna go from here we’re gonna go to this Liz this is how this
tank looks right here in this photograph this is a one stop shot boom shot in
your face this is right here this is how you take those photos okay this is
actually what happens to make this photograph possible if I ever have this
much equipment around my my tanks somebody shoot me because I’m trying too
hard just not my style but this is all these look at all that stuff around
there then that madness all that stuff around there you got a light one two
three four four lights a backlight behind it one two three four five five
lights and a big camera does everybody understand what goes into this everybody
understand so when you see those tanks with those amazing aquascapes know that
somebody behind it doing something like this to make it look that good okay then
I’m just like you don’t just roll in there and that’s what it looks like now
they look pretty sick in person they look like nothing let’s not be disputing
that those are epic tanks and that’s an amazing aquarium right there I’m not
it’s no diss on them it’s just you guys need to understand the reality of what
goes in there you can see the filter pipes are down here in the bucket I mean
the Mac laptops up it’s open they’re doing editing I mean the whole deal
that’s the full monty right there so I hope everybody understands that right
there hi yo that’s too much equipment you like that that’s a lot of equipment
cool that was glosso in the beginning there so can I get a 1 if you learned
anything can I get a 10% off use the promo code easy how many times can i
plug it yeah you like that that’s how they do the professional shooting so I’m
going to wrap up here with this and yeah cool that good you losing me I don’t
know you’re losing me but I’m here and I’m still loving so yeah what do we got
going on anything going on anything going on with you all anybody want to
tell me something exciting get me excited to fire it up I’m gonna be out
in Seattle at the reef work show I’m pleased to announce we have I don’t have
I don’t have the link set up yet but I have people that are wanting to compete
it’s a hundred percent free aquascaping contest three you’re not get to keep the
aquarium but you can purchase it at heck of a discount on 12 inch cubes that are
12 inches tall 12 inches wide 12 inches front-to-back cubes and it’s 100% free
contests shoutouts to frits shoutouts to planet aquarium for a free aquascaping
event the winner gets $200 so I others show up I got to get people to register
so finished in that email Dustin and Dustin’s fishtanks
and say yo Seattle what’s going on and I’ll look it up I feel like a comedian
announcing tour dates on a podcast but whatever I’m gonna be out in st. Louis
next Thursday Friday Saturday and then that’s going to be awesome reef works
live aquascaping hundred percent free none of you are
probably watching that but because you’re all in here live and it’s four
o’clock Eastern Time and whatever but that’s going to be really sweet so I’m
super pumped about that so tell your friends and then the other thing we got
going on we got March we’re going to be on the Colorado I literally just got a
text today from goldfish member Ryan and he said that he’s gonna pick me up in
Denver and take me out to bail we’re gonna go shred and Brad we’re
gonna go shred it’s gonna be epic Brown and so that’s gonna be real sick I’m
real super stoked about that and then I’m gonna speak to so and I’m
gonna talk to an aquarium club I’m going to talk to the Colorado cichlids
Association my man Jessie gonna bring a really ridiculous amount of cichlid
videos from you guys those guys he’s got an 11 foot tank it’s real sweet so
that’s gonna be pretty killer yeah so I’m digging that and then in June or
yeah in the beginning of June we’ll go back out west
Westy dusty and I’m gonna go all the way to out west and I’m gonna go to
Sacramento in San Francisco so that’s gonna be really cool I’m SuperDuper
pumped about all this and yeah so I got three events coming up and then at some
point we’re gonna have a we’re gonna have a dusty dusty green house party as
you can see we are not currently in a green house we’re still working on the
green house so if you want to support Dustin you should go to Dustin’s
fishtanks calm and use the promo code easy and it will be easy for you to say
tried and concern to off your order or cool alright I’m gonna do some QA but
just don’t be stupid okay ask smart questions ask something that’s like like
a good question not like do dolphins like beer like I’m gonna like a legit
question marry you can go first what’s up anything going on in Boston no
oh let’s see here what’s going on Karen Peck thank you for your order you’re
gonna love the what’s it called a CCR cool
my name is Dustin not Justin just notice the FDNY shirt yeah the dude the dude
that actually I forget his name John I forget his last name
he he sent me all these and I wore one of the ghetto aquarium I think it’s
brought me good luck Jessica yeah my wife will never be on a live stream
people are asking the answer is no I’m not doing it what’s the best way for
treating algae depends on the type of algae now we got a good question you got
to give me the type of algae so I can break it down more significantly for you
yeah because I don’t know what that value you’re talking about generally
Steve netizen coming through with a $5 super chat long time so if remember
stable of you man how do you plan to credit halfway down bro
thank you for your order it really means a lot dude always awesome how do you
propagate java fern you just pull it apart you just go pull it apart like
that I feel like I’m doing magic tricks like this and then you pull it out the
rabbit and the rabbit goes Boop then you pull it is it possible there
you go well here we go now we’re talking about carpeting plants here when you
have a cooperating plant come on a Mac you should leave them and push them in
the substrate okay all right we got a question about carpeting plants
everybody wants to know about carpeting plants carpeting plants ok monitors
rectified situation is repaired wish you could have seen that carpeting plants
let’s back up the carpeting plants where the carpeting plants come from you come
from nature why are they short growing plants because they grow in short
shallow waters so if you have a carpeting plant you want to give me Nate
emulator number one what emulate nature how do
you melee nature you have a river bank there’s a river bank and on the edge of
that Bank it is shallow because that’s how you walk in that’s why like baby
tears and wharfs and all that are short because they don’t need to be tall
because they’re in this much water so what happens when you’re in this much
water well first of all you’re in good substrate cuz you’re on the edge of a
river right step 1 that’s a river dirt or something
equivalent to dirt right you have to have good substrate step 1 cut a hole in
the box step 2 you’ve got your substrate you got
your good substrate shallow water with shallow water mean it means lots and
lots of light right here light in your face like this just POW in your face
lots of light so if you one carpeting plants you need good
substrate they need lots of light so don’t come at me with that I’ve got a 90
gallons Hall or I’ve got a 20 tall or a 40 tall and you say I want to have a
carpet because that involves a ridiculous amount like to penetrate deep
sand the depths of that aquarium that was a good question I deserve it I would
do a reverse super chat for that question because that was actually
something that was a value to everyone I’m paying attention here in this little
livestream let’s continue with the intelligent question shall we what do we
got let’s see here best way to treat hair algae in green spot allottee those
are the worst okay so hair algae for me is the worst
so correct you are correct coal happens hair algae is the worst this hair algae
look at this hair algae this is right before it needs to cut it by the way
hair algae is worst and the problem with heralding is when you scrub it you
spread the spores you spread it and when you spread the spores you spread them
all over your tank so what you want to do is this we want to grab an airline
tubing tube like this and if I disconnect this you will not hear me as
well but that’s okay because we’re friends and you take it and you grab it
and you pretend this little piece right here goes like this and you grab the
airline tubing and the airline tubing goes like this and then you start the
siphon okay and then you go you start the siphon and you scrub but as you
scrub you’re sucking out the water with all the particles in it as an algae
guide on my website you can purchase and you get that you could pay to get that
about three to get it for free so yeah that’s what you do with aerology it
sucks or you use a giant Python or an airline tubing or whatever that’s how I
get rid of hair algae also you turn your lights off you turn your lights up for
four days and I know what you’re asking yourself you’re like but man it doesn’t
but it’s simple you just do it you just do it
cuz I import plants from all over the world and guess what happens they don’t
just like open them up on the airplane in hitting with the metal halide no sir
no man they sit in darkness for four days five days six days depended upon
how angry you guys custom visit me and then they come out of the box and
they’re like oh there’s some some like cool so you’re planning to be fine
choose you try that do you get brown algae in your tanks no and
we’re gonna define brown algae for me to better help me with that question but
your head in the right direction let’s see here let’s what else we got here Shh
we’ve got a question we got my java moss is sneaking all over the place should I
just pull it all you probably should because java moss is up there with the
biggest trophies of aquariums it’s up there thick it’s thick and it will just
creep and creep I’ll tell you something cool about java moss though as I drink
my h2o water Chipotle was awesome today I was talking with a guy what brown
sources it was bad he’s killing um check it out the the thing about java moss is
that java moss and anubius get along great they get along great I’ve always
had java moss and anubius and like the java moss grows through the anubius bay
a little bottom and that’s just awesome so I really recommend mat and then just
pull it on out somebody is asking me how do I like the 400 watt metal halide yeah
I love it I think it’s fantastic so yeah I love the Florida Waddell halide I
actually was running it too long and I got a video coming out tomorrow about
that can I get a one for the daily video love y’all loving that I need tips on
getting rid of llanera use your plant using my tank and now I
found a baby I got your thing Thank You Patricia I love it hey Kareem Kareem I
thank you for asking about Kareem okay well with the passing of Karen Kareem
has been a little sad but you know what like his wife Karen Kareem is a fighter
Kareem fights he likes to fight is it okay that I wore this shirt on the last
livestream on Saturday is anybody gonna know or call me on that because I’m
feeling a little self-conscious about it all some yeah you’re liking the dailies
cool because we’re bringing it to you daily every day all day every day I’ve
been thinking about the good old days when I was a whippersnapper used to be
the kind of this but now I need to brought a method I’m just a southern
playlist okay I got to fight our super chat from vexing
how do you get rid of small leeches in a play on the corner you get a fish vexing
cat to get a fish and then will eat them they will eat them I had a point that I
lost it when I started rabbit outcast where’s Lucas spreads me an Eden yeah so
Kareem is a fighter the cream is a fighter Karen died Kareem is a fighter
crane was eaten some some food from our friends of Rods foods the other day he
was doing it he was loving it and let’s see here so he’s a fighter he hasn’t
found a new mate yet I think he’s going to be in mourning for a while you know I
mean how long were they together they were together four years so he’s gonna
be you know he’s going to be in mourning for a couple of years so yeah that would
be that would be a thing let’s see here why does my job for have brown spots
because Java fur does that actually it really does I don’t know why it does
that it just does that it just has that what you ought to know that Josh texted
me is a migraine it’s rough cleaning out 125 gallon tank of sunshine all day to
rob when is the green house party well when the green house gets out of zoning
he’ll will happen I mean heck we’ll have a we’ll have a talk about that there
marry co2 regulator recommendations I do have a co2 radiator recommendation well
first and foremost I sell the $99 blue ball regulators on life sites if you
want to support me you can get the flu ball one but you have to manually turn
it on and off that’s the one I got you’ll support Dustin it is what it is
but if you want to go from that and you want to go and get into the pressurized
co2 I’m gonna tell you right now um there is a big gap and I used to have my
vote manufacturing in China and I stopped selling them years ago because
there’s a big difference between the single single single dual single stage
and dual stage because single stage what happens is this this your co2 tank this
is your regulator this trailer brakes your entire c10 co2 tank dumps into your
tank and it killed everything and it killed everything fast so it’s a big
step if if I had to pick one and I’ve never purchased from them I’ve never
firsthand used one I believe Greenleaf aquarium has the best
to regulators there they’re like three four dollars you mean they’re not cheap
but they’re really good but if I were to go and Bible and that would be one of
the buying um let’s see here good night everyone hello okay best way to what are
we doing here best kind of bottom leaves you can use for coolie loaches cool it
low just talking about a fish you’re gonna buy I never see I don’t know I use
crap like it’s just like seeing substrate and they come out real good
altom ‘angels I love the thoughts on alternatives so here’s the deal with
ultimatums for y’all Ultima jewels are from a pH and I was told this by Sandy
Moritz Segrest okay so it doesn’t get more direct than maybe like Targa heiko
but ultim ‘angels calm frumpy ancient like five point six to six now 99% of
you in the United States and probably around the world are not having water
with that low of a pH so that’s not gonna work so in my opinion I never like
to fight the tides with what I’m trying to do so like I’ll have my aquarium set
up to be ran with me so like for example I run a ridiculous amount of rainbows
and neons and stuff that keeps like the seven and up higher eight and all that
sort of thing and that’s because I don’t have to fight my water so like when
you’re running those Oh pistol was talking about it yesterday where you’re
running those all times and stuff like that you got to be very cognizant of the
pH coming in those tanks because if you want to go to a water change right you
do a water change you’ve got a pH of seven you’re doing a water change to try
to get down to five point six that’s a lot of work it’s not something I like to
do so you’re dealing with a harder to keep you able now and I’m gonna give him
some love here there’s a company called tanning aquatics and I met the guy once
and he’s running and he’s selling awesome now if those are tank-raised all
times that changes everything I’m not I just said that makes sense so if those
are tank-raised Altimas different scenario
altogether so yeah let’s see here I got somebody asking me here cold you ever
come to Southern California member escaped out here be cooler what could to
you one of the shows you know Cole I did an entire aquascaping contest a DAT file
Reaper Palooza last not this past November but the November before with
escape club dude came out Johnny was real cool Victor was
real cool yeah there was a lot there’s a lot of dudes there was a couple news in
like showed up and I can in our threw together amazing escapes that’s a strong
club out there good for you all ah what’s up yo facts that you’re wearing
the same clothes every day okay good alright so Moses my gears is
like what it’s been washed that feel good
um let’s see here only got three genes do some math fantastic I got like one
what else we’re gonna talk about today what can I tell you well things are good
I love the 4-1 metal halide I’m super stoked about Seattle I really am I’m
really super jacked about that that’s all coming together really nicely
I’ve got e8 cubes just ready just throw it down so that’s gonna be real fun
we’re talking about Bob Merrill yeah Bob is a good guy talked about that Robert
Robert dual-stage co2 regulator stainless steel regulator for 250 bucks
Bob we’ll find you the deal there you go and I would trust Bob’s opinion on that
to not lock of products is where you stand for a dual stage what’s up I’m
trying to get to the to the UK to you win the greenhouse yet hey why you got
to bring if I gotta ask questions like that if I was in the greenhouse what
I’ve been doing a video from this room Rainer seriously try to hurt my feelings
come on I got feelings too hello from Slovakia heck yeah so yeah if I had the
greenhouse I would be in the greenhouse what’s up Christmas Mawson tank when she
turned round can you grow jungle on a pond I am currently going growing jungle
back on all day what is more in alternate era learn a key coming back
and stock marry a girl let me tell you about that alternative and a key Mini or
not the mini the regular first of all email greenhouses Dustin’s fishtanks
calm because I believe we should have some and then secondly I have a huge
import coming handed in just a little bit where I will have all kinds of
alternate darn I can sit and talk this is great thoughts on LED fog lamps don’t
do it I mean if it’s your style do it window
lock your super home right somebody asking a question about my wife
to see in a minivan that I cracked the windshield along with my fish tanks
that’s painful yeah hello from Romania cool yeah people were saying they like
the greenhouse updates let me tell you let me tell you about them they’re
greenhouse updates it’s the most painful grossest thing I’ve ever done in my
entire life you have any idea what it’s like to go through all that stuff and I
believe people hate me I got a real the jib video coming out this weekend about
what’s going down with the greenhouse so extinct tuned for those updates they
will be coming has everybody hit the notifications button can you all go to
your phones and do me a favor um cool you go yeah everybody’s gotta go and
they got to hit the little notifications button right here see this this little
bell we hit that Bell right there you’ll get notified more and we can become
better friends together sold out all sold out I’m a murder Josh for that we
keep we keep a backlog and keep some around what blow would you recommend for
20 on planet tank so you want to have this was totally by Jeff Kabul at the
Newport Aquarium love him the 20 gallons you 100 gallons per hour
basically 80 gallons per hour four times the volume of water an hour rough Dom
number I don’t like to mix math with that kind of thing but that’s that’s
what you do yeah if you like that so how soon you moving into greenhouse we got
to figure out you don’t get notifications Karen you should get
notifications I’m sorry yeah it’s super the greenhouse is super stressful
horrible for sawing the leaves in the list haha cool yeah tannin aquatic those
how about all teams go so shout out to him do I keep German Andre do I keep
German grams I do not keep German Rams and I’ll tell you why save to go to set
with autumns they come from the lower pH you don’t wanna mess it over the edge
don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it
if you’ve got the low pH and you’re willing to build that water to do it but
if you don’t don’t do it YouTube Facebook about the stream cool
yeah if you’re not good at I’ll send you the
web notifications to we got a question about spiral jumbled Val won’t grow
under 6500 K or le need lipo art Walker this alright Zappa Mahoney you’re gonna
get full hair bro you ready so you’re asking me about you how it’s not girl
donate your light but that’s not that’s just one component right like that’s
just one component of your lighting because your lighting is just one spot
before I talk about your substrate we’re not talking about the nutrients in your
water column we’re not really addressing everything involved in the situation
you’re just talking about how hot the ovens running but you’re not talking
about the ingredients in the cake that makes sense
dude what’s the best most models money rainbow tank mates for a 90 gallon more
boesemani rainbows or check this out you ready for this drum roll please Manny the best tank mate with boesemani
rainbows and rainbows I think are like the flying fox algae eaters and I’m
going to tell you why because they’re long and slender and they sometimes
school with rainbows that’s pro tip right there yeah Thank You Rico Rico I
got to get with you I’m coming on your stream and vice versa and stuff though
so thanks for the lead yeah Bob marrows the man
sneaky Bob everybody that thumbs up you liking this can I get a like where are
the good questions that zap but you’re you’re good you’re good man you got good
questions what else we got I got nine minutes left until I hit corporal wells
from girls well under finnex stingray you complete sugar I don’t use either
that Phenix fixture and I don’t use that substrate so I can really answer that
but bacopa is a pretty already plan depends on which variety but hopefully
you’re dealing with there yeah man you like that answer that’s pretty nice
drew overly wonderful customer you know how are you doing brother hey Dustin
just add tons that’s how you something right hey Dustin you have an annoying
voice true hey Dustin I just added new plants and my tank should I just
sorry should I do some more fertilizers extended life period dude I would had
more furs I wouldn’t add more lights right away I look those plants sit and
chill and then let them kind of get beefed up and then they’ll be good so
yeah I would I would start there and then because you what you don’t want to
do is you want to chakra system cut the plants are not quite ready for your
light load let yet it’s a good question actually direction to make fun of your
voice you probably have a great voice but what you do is this you put the
plants in you leave your lights to sing and then when the plants start to
really take off and you might increase light but what you don’t want to do is
add the plans and then you want to and just increase the light because your
plant might not be ready to be taken all that extra light in your cause algae a
big problem good question somebody asked how the koi are the koi
come out right now and then best high output LED current on the market output
my standard double LED up against anything out there pound for pound
growing plants in LED market I’ll put it up against the Kessel I’ll put it up
against the Radeon my standard double LED I’ll put against pound for path to
true for the before the price I’ll put it up against anything out there and I
think it’s better the castles too and we got some stuff on that let’s see here
I’m trying to do is 75 with soil all over the desert I don’t know what to
tell you when that can I keep – can’t see fancy goldfish it over till 229 I
have one he’s cool but I’ve had it again do it do it do it yeah add the goldfish
but then what you want to do is you want to grow plants up the top of that that
the goldfish kiddie but they’ll absorb the nitrates because goldfish be pooping
must be real goldfish of poopers um see here louder where am i located I’m in
Kentucky got on my teeth see they may not be the straightest but I got a ball
even though I’m in Kentucky how often do you do spurts in a 55-gallon E so you
can’t ask that question you can’t ask the hell out the new you dose first you
know why you can’t ask that question you can’t ask that question because every
tank is different how often should be how big of a salad should I eat long you
know 100 pounds more than my younger daughter so I’m gonna eat more salad
than her how much nutrients did you plan to need well depends how big is the tank
right here how big is this like you know plant load versus the amount of
nutrients you’re putting in there so if it’s a heavily planted tank you want to
add more for labs it’s not a heavily planted tank you want to go slower
any plans to accept cryptocurrency on your sale site not anytime soon but I
just need to like do something and I’ll be able to accept Bitcoin but you can
save 10% today with actual cash money by using the promo code easy me asy I save
yourself ten percent I need some turtles does anybody remember the turtle Diaries
and me to bring those back okay what else we got here how many plants
should I put it in twenty one and twenty five gallon tank did you go to it’s been your entire paycheck all of it
all your money and all that Danko because what you like Chris depends what
you want to try to do see here do you have to cycle a new tank put the plants
in no you know you just put them in and you run the like six hours and
everybody’s good because the plants we’re gonna have some decaying plant
matter it’s gonna jumpstart your nitrogen cycle you’re gonna be going
you’re gonna be golden you’re gonna be rolling
Dustin is for Madagascar rainbows a good start yes for sure
it’s a good start matheus where you from bro it’s in German or Dutch sounding
name of yours can you overdose fertilizer lutely Gionfriddo dude
yesterday I participated about beyond tank standing by deep blue get it take
it more Turtle videos good yeah I don’t have any turtles so how am I gonna do
turtle videos what else we got here folks
how we feeling everybody good thinking our drink here this water has lasted me there we go
so yeah the turtles I missed the turtles anybody remember I did a bunch of videos
called the turtle Diaries what’s my biggest tank my biggest tank with water
in it without water without water in it it’s a 350 320 on aquarium from our
friends at custom aquarium with water and it’s my 220 on the corium what’s a
good way to determine how much fertilizer to dose drill a little add a
lot do big water changes don’t add a lot of potassium if you have shrimp it will
kill the shrimp cool that’s a good cat fish for my tank Cory cats yes Dutch see
you like that I nailed it I nailed the Dutch you know living journey for six
months bro I know that stuff yeah it’s Dutch I got you yeah get the J in there
what’s good plan for a random tank debby anubias java fern and bull Vitus or you
gonna and grab a goldfish Clannad combo what’s my
all-time favorite apistogramma piss the grammar that I showed at the end of the
video yesterday apistogramma caca toy DS type something like this well I’ll be
selling more children I’m on it you shrimp old right now but I’m looking
to get back into them at some point when I have a bigger space that sound
familiar heard that before what else we got here folks chats no
super chats okay just check-in um see here orangish rocky using 10-gallon
your didn’t uh keep no property play yes if I tell you where they are
Dylan I would have to kill you bratwurst a good German food yellow Josh mccoon
all right got to go cool one of the issue was fertilizing too much you would
well you could get algae or you could kill any shrimp or whatever if you think
of sunfish green plants I’m pretty sure pretty sure that would happen all right
Dustin hayy hayy started the school rainbow is important to bury their food
source flakes dried blood worms anything else they were like yes veggies you want
to feed them veggies they like a meaning and they like a lot of veggies in their
back to hit rainbows this is the trick with all fish in my opinion hit them
with all different types of food if I ain’t just a same time food all day long
I’m in trouble hit him with everything get him with this sitting with that it
would vegetative flake it with Paulo to call it with blood blood worms hit him
with you know spirulina hit him with everything everything that he said was
everything just sort of plan to me in those super chats I respect that
thank you for your business what’s the best place to buy sex if you’re for let’s see here can you put rainbow fish and angels together
you know I just did a video on this does anybody watch the videos oh no I deleted
that one you want to put rainbows in with being angelfish that are already
big you don’t want to put a little big rainbows in a little rainy little angel
you could get away with big angels that have already kind of gotten their mojo
with the rainbow fish for sure love and liquid fertilizer you like the growth
juice yeah can I get a review on that girl juice people love it
it’s good stuff Dustin’s fishtanks is the best for driftwood you’re darn right
that’s right I have 16 neons 10 black tetra 7 mollies three adults
two varieties black ghost nine chinese shark upside down catfish and a pleco
dojo in a betta in a 17-7 long-finned daniels
well Caleb don’t you have it going on buddy yeah folks are you feeding your
koi no high school to doc Josh like a dog that pooped on the rug the other day
because he actually speeding them and I was like bro you know what I made him
say hi to them and then he started throwing pellets in there I was like
dude what are you doing he didn’t know um yeah yeah Bexon cat when you have
good questions we’ll get the definitive questions so yeah he was feeding but you
don’t feed him because what happens it was hot the other day and then it gets
cold in there like the food gets stuck inside of me kill him I killed goldfish
like that back in there in the greenhouse don’t do it
thank you Matt for the you got to appreciate the super chair brother thank
you Tiger Barb’s your rainbows absolutely
you can get away with that that’s no problem because they’re not gonna mess
and rainbows cause Ravens are too rambunctious cool what else do i sell in
Europe nope order my first my first name is William but I go by my middle name
second standing W yesterday I love it yo mad love for you on that man thank
you for your business dude means a ton I think people are really liking my LEDs
I’ve had some people do critiques against them versus the flu all 3.0
obviously I’m further with fooball but they have I mean I’ll put on my head to
head I mean they just got just got more LEDs and they’re brighter so they’re not
fancy they don’t have all like the bells and whistles but uh yeah they’re digis
girl plants that’s why I have millions of them so you cannot buy for me a
minion Romania unfortunately I’m sorry to tell you that so yeah folks anybody
got the time even all along been on air what do you feed silver dollars in Red
Hook I would feed them in Icarus I feed him plants straight up and I’ve always
wanted to get some on silver silver dollar static they’re cool Johnny a mime
Anthony everything going slight tells it all fits into a larger box about this
big angelfish holding it now because your
territory 55 are you going to keep babies if you’re cool agreed probably
not but one of my goals though is actually to to keep the
a specific type of Kohaku and then keep reading that out and grow out my own
Kohaku at some point but I do not have the the time well I don’t I don’t got
any time on space to do that so cool so yeah what else you guys what do you mean
do these about these are fun seed in my office no kids running in just got a cup
of water and me and my little 140 fish net people everybody like this can I get
the likes so I know definitely the checkout standard double would be good
for a jock go skate 40 breeder absolutely called 36 entertainer double
pretty against any light on the market bottom line bottom line 10% use the
promo code easy save yourself ten percent millennium rainbows are Randy
I’m going I’m going on Randy Reds on that one actually because the
millenniums don’t have a good personality there to do – we’ll see
unless they’re the first one in there the first one in there better so cool
you’re gonna run an aquaponics system once you get the green on Superman
abso-freakin’-lutely so cool you have folks so Dusty’s got to go home and
gotta eat with the fam gotta eat with the fam shown so you know other other
wonderful questions from you all cool setting up plenty of table discus
injeel’ fits nice do your figures are great do you figured you figgis’s like a
fish that i really wish i had i had in my life because they’ve got that cool
bottom you ever seen my video the other day click links around check out my
other video i talked about that dutch chocolate scaped no because I’m Dutch
its layers um why is my Molly nipping at your grimy spins because it can that’s
why dusting and watching started keeping five years us Wednesday but I made it up
cool thanks dude means a lot that be Swan what’s up what’s for dinner I don’t
know again my wife cooks a meal although all of my laundry takes care of my kids
puts up with me and a garage did you guys see I cleaned the garage it’s clean
do a video on it you’ll love it you see me tomorrow see
you tomorrow anybody out in st. Louis or SEL
where’s my Seattle people at see I’ll bring it to you we’re gonna
tell you hard next week coming at you coming coming at you bet your bottom
dollar and Snatcher you could never keep it on you’re gone yeah what else we got
how long the wait to put plants a new tank do it right away do it right away
you’re not waiting she’s a good woman for sure
don’t wait Chris just do it yeah Chris get her done get it done we’re gonna do
these live streams about going on the comments let’s go what you want to wait
on them Portland come on up vex and cat let’s
get crazy woman’s not close I’m actually staying real late I never stepped past
nine I’m gonna be out late on that night because I got a I got an early flight I
got a red-eye flight I’m gonna try swing Oh eating I was up in town my girls from
Hodgenville swing up to Vancouver I’m supposed to be learning some
snowboarding out there I don’t know if that’s even do that in Seattle you got
to drive up to do that how does that work no no Cleveland Ohio respect see
come to NJ I’m having NJ this summer what’s my favorite fish growing up um
growing up it was my prana then I got over him real quick and I like I really
liked I like barb growing up they were fun it was good it’s good times I
enjoyed it what else we got here folks getting a 40 gallon breeder been setting
up a while I’m excited you should be excited it’s a good stuff Georgetown
Kentucky what’s up KY proud bring it yeah it’s good action well any chance
you’re coming near Charleston South Carolina Debbie I actually did a show a
show in Spartanburg not too long ago would you recommend using a box Hornet
filter for a small tank all day all day small tanks box voters agreed the
problem they take a part of the tank and that’s no fun so you got to watch that
with your favorite Tetris to keep the Angels neon tetras all day long even
though they might eat them if they’re wild cry use the promo code easy save
yourself ten percent easy on I don’t have time
to link anything up but I love you I appreciate you being on here thank you
and yeah all y’all tank on and have a fabulous night and
let me know which one we do videos about on these live streams could either fun I
did the PowerPoint got you engaged and then I thanks for all the likes and
super chats and all that stuff y’all are great cool go on the man thank you
appreciate glad you like the content cool you take Nick Foles from Berkeley I
don’t do I don’t know about the brown strand draft I don’t get into that all
right folks Dustin’s out rainbow fish Madagascar
game picking out the rainbow I gotta go peace out tank on love you little and
live stream I don’t even know how to turn these off I think you just hit the
x5 everybody game on exit

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