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EATING FISH SEMEN (Shirako) (Adults vs Food)

EATING FISH SEMEN (Shirako) (Adults vs Food)

♪ (French accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’ll be eating this. – Ooh, okay. Exciting. What in the Nine Hells is that? – Oh! It looks like an intestine. – It looks almost like
a brain type of situation. That’s exciting. – Maybe intestines,
but I think it looks like brains. – This is like something that I feel
like I’ve seen in my biology class. – Can I touch it? Eugh! – Ooh, is that moving?! Yo, I thought it moved for a second. – (murmuring) Why did I do that?! There’s a first time for everything and, unfortunately,
my first time is today. – (FBE) And now you get to taste it.
– Ooh! Fancy. – Ooh, this is fancy. It’s sushi now. – All right, YOLO. Oh… hold up. Ooh, that aftertaste– that aftertaste. It’s just like mush of nastiness. – All right, here we go. It’s weird because
it tastes like it smells. – (mumbling) It’s not bad. I kind of want to finish it now. It’s like when you eat a hard boiled egg. It tastes kind of like the cooked yolk. – It does have a very fishy taste,
but it’s actually not bad. It’s really good. – Ew. Ew, I hate the texture. It’s sort of slimy, a little,
like a little slimy, but mostly just rubbery. – I’m going to go all in
and then… we’ll see. It’s… kind of grainy. Does that make sense? But not, like, sandpapery. It looks meh and it tastes meh. – Hmmm, it’s okay. It’s definitely salty. I probably won’t eat a whole meal of it, but, I mean, just taking
a few bites of it was fine. – Hmmm. Whatever it is, I’d eat it again. Once you eat it, it’s almost
like a pâté kind of situation. – You do not want to smell
my breath right now. – (FBE) You just ate shirako.
– Shirako. Never heard of it. – (FBE) Shirako is cod milt,
so to put it in more familiar terms, it’s fish semen.
– (gasping) Oh my god!!! No way! Yo! Yo! ‘Ey. ‘Ey. Come on.
Come on now. – Oh… (queasily) oh. – Well… – That’s not bad! (laughing) I’d eat it twice. – (groaning) Oh my god! My mom is going to watch this!
(embarrassed laughter) – (FBE) In Japanese cuisine,
the milt of cod, anglerfish, salmon, squid and pufferfish
are all considered a delicacy. – I mean, it doesn’t taste bad. It is a very mild flavor. – It was actually pretty good, so I could see how it’s a delicacy. – I can’t argue with
their culture. (chuckling) If that’s what they like,
that’s what they like. – Thumbs up for you guys,
but I don’t know, man. This one might not be the one for me. – (FBE) So for the poll, do you recommend
that people eat shirako? – Absolutely. – Yeah, I mean, why not? – You only live once. Try everything at least twice. – No. No. Nay. Nada. Nay. No bueno. – Yes! It’s good to step outside
your culinary comfort zone. – I wouldn’t recommend it. I just ate fish semen!
Are you serious? – It actually doesn’t taste bad. Give it a shot. Is there… is there anymore? – I say go for it. Don’t let them tell
you what is until after you eat it, but definitely try it. (laughing) – Thank you for watching
Adults Versus Food on the React channel. – Thumbs up for fish semen. – What food should we eat next? Let us know in the comments. – Hey, guys, I’m Katie,
a React channel producer. Thank you so much for watching. Now if you could just come on over
and hit that subscribe button.

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  1. Thanks for watching the Adults try Fish Semen! We release new videos at noon PST almost every day! Note to Subscribers: YouTube is having issues sending videos to your homepage. If you want to get notified when we upload a video, hit the “bell” 🔔 icon above and you can get more regular phone or email notifications – FBE Team

  2. Adults react is so much better than the teens.. seriously theirs are always underrated, make more adults react pls!

  3. whatever take care of it because you never know if it's going to be a poison thing like in in America people eat things that they dream smoke you need to watch out for what you eat it because sometimes it's not good I'm telling you people

  4. I'm sorry, but i would physically attack you guys if you made me eat something without letting me know what it is. ESPECIALLY animals semen. wtf is wrong with you people.

  5. "What in the nine hells is that?" LMAO
    Mush of nastiness…oh now that's a good description. And that first guys reaction to finding out what it was…omg that is hilarious.

  6. LOL! I love Jeannie – "It's not bad." Then she says don't eat it after she finds out what it is. 🙂 I mean hey, people eat caviar, which is eggs, or ova. Ova sperm ova sperm. What's the difference? They're BOTH reproductive items. 🙂

  7. "I can't argue with there culture" "if that's what they like that's what they like" "do you recommend it" "NO! I just ate fish semen"😂

  8. Oh please boys. Caviar is basically Fish Eggs (the female's equivalent to Semen), and that shit's expensive! I bet it tastes very similar and you'd freak out 99% less.

  9. the people who said yes knows its bad so they want other people to eat. u try something bad, u want someone​ else to try it. it's what u do. switch to Geico

  10. I think it's really interesting how people reacted. I'd love to have compared to how they reacted to the idea of fish eggs (eg caviar). Is it a general ickiness at the idea or is it because it's from the male fish?

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