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Eating out at Uncle Fish Spot   Sardaryab   Charsada (Pashto)

Eating out at Uncle Fish Spot Sardaryab Charsada (Pashto)

In the name of Allah the most merciful and Beneficial My name is Mustan Shah and I am a resident of Sardaryaab I am a fisherman This is our family business. My father set it up twenty five years ago At first our little shop was closer to the road Me and my uncle would fish and we’d sell whatever we had caught for the day, here. In fish variety local people like Chinese, sulimani and Shir Mai None locals prefer farm fish سلور، راوُ اور ماشیر مچھلی زیادہ استعمال ہوتی ھے
Here in fish variety we consume silver, Rao, Ma Shir in loads A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into setting up a fish farm. That’s why almost all the fish farms are in Punjab Daily farm fish consumption, in Peshawar is very high. The people of Punjab work very hard to set up and run their fish farms. And it is through the efforts of the people of Punjab that the fish farms are up and running Some wish we catch from this local river The people here don’t know much about the different kinds of fish Just now two people brought around two kilos of fish they’d caught People come here in the summer. There are swings to swing and boats to ride here The owner of this place is from Charsada He’s kept a supervisor though

The supervisor goes on collecting rent from everyone. All these are rented by people This entire area is his, its huge. They are good people. They not only treat us well, but everyone else as well There’s no electricity here. We use generators.
This is my maternal uncle. We are all so glad to have him here We’re grateful to Allah for this work. He is the one who provides A lot of things weren’t available here, it’s gotten better over time People from far off places visit this place Especially around Eid, this place is packed! A lot of the visitors are from Peshawar Some, from Charsada In winters we’re open till 9pm at night and in the summers we rain open till 1 am It’s because in the summers people sit by the sea long hours into the night

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