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Eating RAW FRESHWATER Fish (Sashimi)

Eating RAW FRESHWATER Fish (Sashimi)

what is going on guys today we have a very special episode because we were doing something number one never done before and number two I think the vast vast majority of people are watching right now you guys have never seen this type of fishing before it should be really really cool so here’s what’s so crazy so I’m sitting there and we’re getting ready for this trip you know getting the boat to stuff already one guy’s hands me a bucket and I open it up and it’s a bucket of blood and I’m like oh okay and then he gives me another buck I open up it’s a bucket of corn like cornmeal and they tell me hey you know combine the two and I’m like really pour them or the blood on the corn I’d actually ask him three different times as I was like yeah I just want to make sure I’m like I’m pouring blood over corn like what’s what’s the deal here well we made some chump check this out there is the corn with blood over top of it and so this is our Chum for the day we’ve already put some down there we’ll put a little bit more and we were fishing for a fish called a PL p how is the name of this Brazilian fish never fished for it before and the way we’re fishing for these things is pretty simple we just have a big egg sinker on a swivel and then a couple feet of leader and then a really small bait hook let me have some of these little bits it’s like bread cheese bread or something I don’t know I’m not gonna eat it considering that we just used corn blood but a couple of these pieces on hook like so and we’re just gonna lower this to the bottom another thing about today that’s gonna be super cool is we are going to eat these fish raw apparently they’re so good you can just take them right out cut them up and eat them as sashimi and so we’ve got soy sauce and wine and onions with us and so get some we’re just gonna cut open satellite if we get some we’re going to cook cook them up right here we’re not cook much prepare them and eat them right here on the yep no all right so got the blood corn out we’re gonna Chon this spot check out how much I’m here to get it to the bottom bunch of that nasty stuff huh yeah right so what kind of site you’re not from say yeah I don’t know about you guys but I definitely one eat a fish that eats blood corner alright guys there you go especially the day for me like that cold little fish a poor guinea they said something like that but I just switched up I put a piece of dumb bay and a piece of worm yelping ah my second fish of the day anyway look at that crazy fish that’s cool we definitely have a rain storm come we don’t see any lightning so I think I’ll be good it’s gonna get wet all right when I say don’t see any whitening we see all kind of guys we have moved to say the least of the rainstorm came out started to put away all the cameras but you can see the rain storm has moved off over the hill there we’re still on the water we just moved away from it obviously nice and sunny Suns coming out pretty soon here and anyway nothing on the in the P ow category so we were to start fishing for peacock bass now I’m experimenting with his brand new a shoulder strap camera so I can wear a hat while I fish which is kind of I think necessary for this really hot weather and so this this thing looks like first peacock mess of the day oh I just crushed it oh he sang he’s saying he’s oh shoot and that wasn’t just oh my gosh look at that it just bent out my snap swivel check that out that was a big peacock bass wow that’s the way name of the game when Missouri has one guys well we’re gonna try this big nasty topwater here oh nice one for those of you who may have noticed I am using a spinning rod with a bait casting reel and there’s because we are down one of the rods is broken or I don’t know what’s wrong fix I can you know I can’t speak Portuguese yet but something’s wrong with it so I loaned I’m searching my bait casting rod and I’m using a spinning rod and I’m actually it’s not too bad just do a little improv Oh misery’s got one guys and as my line it’s my line but nice fish we are gonna eat some of these really sticking our sashimi okay mom we’re didn’t make sashimi thank you out of these two Kaname well guys things don’t always go as planned sometimes well I got you small fish No yeah the good news is we have a couple of yellow peacock bass but they’re gonna make sashimi out of and I’ve never had fresh water sashimi before this should be interesting I’m a little bit nervous like just eating raw freshwater fish but mainly it’s the normal thing in here was in in Brazil here so let’s check it out now turkeys gonna show us how to prepare this she me that’s the filet all sides very skilled at that there he’s gonna cut the rib cage out on this boy same thing for this one and same thing to this side all very quick like about 30 seconds and there’s the beautiful pile of filets cleavage right here great and now it’s slicing the fillets really really thin really fine okay so all the fish are sliced up thin and then we’re adding some thin onions to the mix same change you buddy oh I decided ginger guys this is a ginger there we go we the first steps done all right now three line proximate in five lines almost forgot there six to this one you know zillions a lot of airlines show you or soy sauce as we say in the States [Music] [Music] looks great alright guys we’re gonna try some of this sushi we actually already had some off-camera but there was the music was blaring in the background so uh you know music is all I need is waitin alone oh I never thought I didn’t even know this is that thing to eat freshwater sushi from Dialga Missouri this is amazing it is a punch of flavor with the onion in there and then just raw ginger and the soy sauce it’s like the perfect blend and then I saw half al just one second she took a piece of bread because in Brazil they eat bread with everything and bread for breakfast bread for lunch in dinner his hollows out a piece of bread this is a very Brazilian thing to do and we just stuff it what no little movement hey guys somehow it’s good to get french bread for everything here in Brazil this is so fun to try all these new things thank you guys so much for hanging out today we hope you enjoyed sorry the fish was a little bit slow the next time it’ll be it’ll definitely be better but anyway we have more Brazil adventures to come guys please subscribe if you knew because we have a piranha kitchen cooks they have different kinds of catfish here they have just so many different types of fish I don’t even have alligators like I’m gonna try to look in the seed way and do like an alligator catch and cook or something like that anyway tons of cool videos coming up so make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you guys in the next one [Music]

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  1. Just started watching your videos lately. I love them, you inspire me to fish and I don’t know why, but you’ve become one of my most favorite yet channels. Seriously, I like how you describe the taste of the fishes as well, like if they are good, and how you like to eat them with, such as with butter, salt, or any type of seasoning. Anyways, I hope you become something more, you truly are a great person. Keep it up!

  2. Btw always been wondering y skip the part when u knock your lunch out?Youtube policy or is it for your viewers?

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  6. so deep freezing freshwater fish makes it safe, but saltwater fish will still always be much safer to eat raw.

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  10. Eating food with bread is also done a lot by Hispanic families, especially with menudo or posole, we hollow the bread “bolillos” and put the food inside. Other than that we use tortillas for practically everything

  11. no expert but might wanna curl those fingers while cutting just to make sure you don’t catch the tips by accident

  12. The combination of the acids from the lime and the onions chemically "cook" the fish. There may have not been enough acid to do that here; however, this recipe is just a riff on ceviche. The acids keep you from getting sick by neutralizing bacteria.

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