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Eating Tacos de Suadero in Mexico City | Street Food

Eating Tacos de Suadero in Mexico City | Street Food

hey guys so today I’m going to take you to a little tackle squad arrow place this place is kind of out of the way a bit and it’s small it’s set in a car park but it’s fantastic I’ve been there a lot and I love it just to give you a better view at night there is the angel so let’s cross the road okay it’s on green so I can go and we’re heading down this road so actually this place is just two blocks north of paseo de la reforma and here is the first block and just across the road you can see it in all its glory so this is actually set in a in a public cop car park but don’t let that put you off a lot of people come here it’s it’s popular although not right now but it does get busy it’s actually quite late now about ten o’clock at night so here we are so you can see some of the buildings of the Fordham ah in the distance and then you can see this wonderful tacky era just here so let’s go take a look so here you can see the the man getting the corn tortillas and here to the right you can see the longan Issa which is like chorizo but a bit different apparently and to the left is the actual soir dead oh and swear dead oh is apparently the part of the cow between the upper thigh and the belly now I’m not an expert this I actually just went and googled all this stuff so I could give you a better idea but what they do is they they fry it and then add the corn tortillas medicine for la calle de cacao Mosconi jana yeah and there you have it so to the left is the longan ISA which is the meat like chorizo and here is the actual taco sweat off and usually it comes with cilantro and onion savoia and then you can actually add different sources on there so here you can see they have all like south server today Sal tzedakah and then some other other bits and bobs I don’t import sources on my tacos which you know a bit surprising but I prefer it just with lime so I’m going to put lime on my taco stands have alcoholic gel so if you’re in Mexico and you don’t have it usually they they will have it at most places so I’m going to put some on my hands now I’m just going to put some lime on that’s what you’re supposed to do tastes great like this and then of course you eat it with your hands and you put into this shape and then put it in your mouth that’s for savoia these spring onions and these taste absolutely delicious you can see him cutting it up and then he’ll see specialist he’ll put on my plate so I recommend if you come and eat tacos sois dead I’ll ask for the Savoy yes of the onions these places are found all over the city it’s one of the most common street foods in Mexico City so you can see here I’ll just walk out a bit it has seating as it goes into the car park run over here the drinks fridge and I guess it’s a husband and wife working and have their TV when you’re basically sitting inside their kitchen on these seats on the street it’s quite interesting all of these four arrow places use a piece of wood to chop the meat so you can see the big knife there and the wooden like a tree stump and all of them have it and I guess it adds to the flavor and this is kind of cool it’s this is the lengua so this is the actual tongue of the cow and sorry guys but I didn’t I didn’t buy it maybe next time and they cook it with the you can see the steam coming out and they also put the tortillas on here to make them warm so before you get them get it yet the actual taco they warm it up with the steam through here okay guys so that whole plate came to 37 pesos which is about I think two dollars fifty so you can see the attack area just there and this is actually the car park with a ice-cream shop as well which is obviously open during the day and until probably about eight o’clock at night with the normal delicious ice creams so guys if you enjoyed this please remember to subscribe and more videos are coming soon and be great to hear your comments so form all your comments I’ve learned so much so I miss so many things and a lot of my Mexican subscribers we tell me new stuff so I look forward to hearing what you have to say – Cheers

37 comments on “Eating Tacos de Suadero in Mexico City | Street Food

  1. I live in California and everyone eats mexican tacos like all the employees at the sheriff's department i live next to. i know cuz theres a mexican restaurant vary close to the department

  2. I love this guy!!!! this is a guy who appreciates other cultures and embraces them, I do too!!👏👏👏👏👏👏

  3. as a Mexican living abroad, this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f***ing painful! 🙁
    I WANT TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have never been in England and I didn't know that "car park" means parking lot …lol…i learnt something new today 🙂
    On the other hand the ranchero music is not my favorite genre but that song was funny (talking about his shoe size and the ladies) hahaha
    Ignore the comments saying you should eat tacos and drink cola, because it's the most unhealthy combination that your stomach can take…a beer is fine or if you feel like trying the fresh homemade fruit flavored water then is good too.
    Great videos 🙂

  5. also mexican tacos vary from region to region, as well as street food stands, un guadalajara commonly you run into tortas ahogadas stands rather than tacos de suadero, and in Monterrey, most ir the taco stands serve tacos de barbacoa or tacos de desebrada I'am from monterrey and every time i eat tacos from CDMX I get stomach pains don't get my wrong it was touttally worth it love the spacy flavor (sorry for my spealling)

  6. i love this video! its been ages since i was in mexico. my parents still live there and i miss tacos haha. i hope you enjoyed the lol. also theyre a lot more expensive than when i was there.

  7. Love your channel I'm Mexican living in Florida thank you for explaining how amazing MEXICO really is there is allot of ignorant people that should watch your channel I do share your videos on Facebook !! Keep up the good work .. carnal

  8. Its great that a foreigner who lives here can give his perspective from the country, there are many things we don't see or take for granted. It's also good that people from abroad can see through the eyes from someone who is unbiased

  9. Lo que envidio del sur de México es que venden los tacos bien pinches baratos. Aqui en Sonora no bajan de $20 varos!

  10. I have a question, Do you know what does the banda song you used here mean? Hope so, hahaha. It's a very explicit song, hahaha.

  11. Tacos de lengua (tongue), de tripa (intestine, i guess), de sesos (brain), de ojo (eye), de panza (belly), cachete (cheek), cuerito (this is the skin of the cow or pork), and some others… maybe that sounds disgusting, but you need to try it.

  12. Viviendo en el extranjero es esto, las reuniones con cuates y el clima lo que más extraña uno. Y de esas tres puedes tener dos casi donde sea pero la experiencia casual de ir a una taquería es imposible de reproducir fuera.

  13. I absolutely love and appreciate your videos. I’m from the US but my entire family is from Mexico. These videos make me so happy and I love your appreciation of our culture.

  14. Paul I like the Mexican music for a change, but I prefer the usual electronic music on your videos. Greetings from a mexican in the US.

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