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eel fishing 2016 (see 2019 for best practice)

eel fishing 2016 (see 2019 for best practice)

2015 Pilot Vlog – Updated Eel fishing Vlog due out on 1st July 2019. Subscribe and click the bell to be notified of new Vlogs as they get published as this vid is getting a little dated. Thanks! For best practice on rigs & handling, go to the National Anguila Club website.

16 comments on “eel fishing 2016 (see 2019 for best practice)

  1. Love fishing for eels. Did a session on my local canal in january and had my pb which weighed 5lb. What baits would you recommend for canal eels? I tried lob worms and small rudd but only caught on the worm. Great vid 🙂

  2. Where is this lake? Just going to say I’m English and know that Eels are hard to catch due to them being endangered, I’ve been trying to catch an eel for awhile now. I go to a certain fishery and one of the lakes has an eel in it, they can go across land but I can imagine it would be hard to catch.

  3. your country eel are soft with no thorn on back in our country it got thor on back like cock hair style

  4. hi mr Charles, may I know which river you are fishing for eels? and do you know of any eel fishing spots near Loughborough?- Thank you

  5. Hi mate – wondering what landing net you’re using here – looks like it’d have a good mesh for pike fishing

  6. They are really strong and so tasty. Its so sad that they are threatend. I live in sweden and there is a river that runs through the country which i live next to. The river runs through many lakes and in a really fast current between to lakes My grandfather found a super spot for eels. Back in the 60s they could catch 10 eels in a night No problem. Now when we go there were lucky if we get one 🙁

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