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Eel Fishing Arcade in Japan | 日本で外国人の女の子が釣り体験♡

Eel Fishing Arcade in Japan | 日本で外国人の女の子が釣り体験♡

We’re gonna start fishing now. Tecchan, please explain how it works. We get points for the different types and size of fish that we catch. The points we can trade in for some prizes. We are gonna try it now! These look like meatballs.. haha It smells like chocolate. It’s like almond chocolate. Oh, my bait’s gone!! I came up with a new strategy. I have been having a hard time fishing so I decided to make a lot of small pieces of the fish food throw everything in and trick them to this side I’m bored of this already I’ll leave it to Tecchan. You’re bored already? Yes. She gets bored easily. Tecchan is trying so hard but he’s standing in a very weird position Time is up. I couldn’t catch any. You couldn’t? No… 0? That’s unfortunate. I can’t be a fisherman. No way. The string breaks easily so be careful. We’re supposed to catch the eels by sticking this needle into its gill. Tecchan! Tecchan!! You did it!! Pull it up! Pull pull pull!! The string has snapped I’m so sorry. It was really close. -I’m so sorry.
-The string has snapped. I should have pulled it up. And so We didn’t catch a single thing.

6 comments on “Eel Fishing Arcade in Japan | 日本で外国人の女の子が釣り体験♡

  1. that was amusing and why is tecchan in a weird sitting position hahaha..
    you should go play in an arcade sometime 🙂
    and if you will please play UFO catchers… i love those ones.. 🙂

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