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Eel In Rectum Kills Man (Tragic Practical Joke)

Eel In Rectum Kills Man (Tragic Practical Joke)

fifty nine year old man in china and i don’t
have to regain uh… fifty seven either asians while the deal was click into his rectum uh… that that’s probably which usually happens
if the state what is the nasa bout it twenty inches at one thing evil in your reactor that is unfortunate by his friend said that
they were joking around and it was just a joke on m i here’s the problem uh… the i’l
eight his insights how much blood shall unhappy even think of that is that what that is that
they get together like i don’t think they can you look at that michael work are look they’re always men involved and so
it’s like the idea of angry in the whole thing is i thot shovel at and the guys are retire
ok benefit and they can build the place to project major but here’s where the joke it is really dumb uh… but not life threatening wayne you put the i’l near his s account provided batten down the highway built under
no circumstances will i go to my first enemies and they shouldn’t say that he loves them
right guys s alexei janaki cannot possibly drug-addicted elevate that no interest in
as up on here but feel a little bit celestron when you sticking tire fifty centimeter ito
in his rep he’s passed out front panel and then get the job it’s a little less funny
when he’s lost inside the guys rectum andy’s eating is inside okay albeit yell back out you morons and sought out a guys that uh… unreal unreal has to be some people are everynight
look drunk not drug is no excuse for savior rectum you look at your friends rectum notes you see on the family ok so it won’t
do it going to be about next that’s can be so stupid i agree here’s what but know that you know like some
doesn’t get up to a rodeo drive regards to the movie you ever go blue mumbaihangout women seeking or exactly aren’t
except anyone’s rectum okay here’s what girlfriends are never going to one of them stick it fifty
centimeter twenty inch you’ll of one of the threat okay and that seems to be straight but there are
those war heroes and it was blocked potatoes less than ninety ok dot became friendly drug or not i do that if they

99 comments on “Eel In Rectum Kills Man (Tragic Practical Joke)

  1. theres no way he wouldnt wake up from his ass being torn apart just to get the damn thing in there. The "story" the friends gave is definetely bull shit. Also who has an eel just hanging around for something like this..? wtf?!?

  2. @Riot5tart3r thats totally different. girls do that because theyre desperate for money. guys do gross shit cause they think its funny.

  3. I know there's so much racism, gayism, ageism, whatever!

    But wow! SOOOOO much sexism. Guys are really not that different from women…and visa versa…and I don't understand why people make such a distinction where there isnt one.

    Even if it's not intended as mean. I always hear people seperating guys from girls and girls from guys….weird.

  4. there was a group of girls that kidnaped a disabled lad and beat him in the bath tub and stuck a cucumber up his chad in south londo they filmed it on there phones 2.

  5. We used to go fishing for eels by throwing a cows head in the water, only to come back a few days later to take it out eel ridden. Can't imagine how an eel in a guys rectum would look like, I'd pay to see that.

  6. Oh yeah, totally. Women are all civilized and elegant and don't do anything remotely stupid at all.

    *cough* Two girls one cup.

  7. You know what that sound is, your drunkenness? Those are the shrieking eels. Don't believe me? Just wait; they always grow louder when they're about to feed on human flesh!

    On a more serious note where the fuck do you even get an eel?

  8. They were actually secret police whose job is to control the world's population. They get a gold star for this.

  9. Well folks, we have arrived. Now we are going to have to fence off EVERY ocean, lake, river, and swamp just to stop people from purposefully killing people with wildlife. I am pretty sure we are going to have to line those fences with rubber also to prevent people from running face first into them and killing themselves, and electric razor wire along the top to stop people from climbing them. Our imprisonment of humanity into the largest zoo every constructed is almost complete.

  10. The word "Rectum" is great. Its sciency, but it adds to the general vocabularic lexicon in accordance with the poopoo peepee place and the more words we have for it, the better. What more in the name of pud?

  11. You think the man suffered, think about that poor eel! It prob didn't like being stuck up that guys' ass…

  12. Im pretty sure that those people are in jail but if they arent who knows ehat theyd do next i mean why would someone br that fucking stupid

  13. No, not even close.  Men don't do that, not normal men anyways.  In fact if anyone were to even mention it, he probably wouldn't be our friend anymore.

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