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Eel Slap to the Face

Eel Slap to the Face

Today, we slap each other
in the face with sea creatures. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! Much like a real highway,
the information superhighway known as the internet
works in two directions. Your questions go southbound,
then our advice goes northbound. Whoa, look at that Link!
Here it comes. A question from Ela McNeil: “What do I do when the people in the car
next to me make awkward eye contact?” Awkward eye contact.
It is a common happening. People’s eyes instinctively go
to other people’s eyes when they’re driving,
and awkward eye contact happens. – In all situations, really.
– All situations, especially in a car. Especially. As a side note, that’s amazing to me,
how well we are able – to make eye contact with people–
– Watch how fast I can do it. At high speeds. The key to not making it awkward
is when you feel the awkwardness, don’t look away.
First, step one, once you’ve felt
that eye connection, is nod, then look away.
Like… What? Do I know you? (stammering) Maybe.
But it’s not awkward. It’s like I’m saying,
“Okay, I’m in charge here.” It makes me feel stupid. – I looked at you–
– It’s about making other people – feel stupid. Right?
– Or at least acknowledges – our eyes locked, and now it’s over.
– Okay, I kinda get it. And I’m not gonna act
like it didn’t happen. – I’m not gonna shy away from it.
– Nod! Something else you could do,
I’ll just put this out there, is you could make a viral video
of the awkward eye contact, like our friend Nick did.
He’s got a camera rolling constantly when he was on his motorcycle,
and he caught an awkward eye contact exchange with
the weirdest celebrity on the planet, Shia LaBeouf–
Is that how you say it? Yeah. I say “Boof” sometimes. Shia LeBoof.
And he made a viral video. (Nick) How you doing? – Good, how are you?
– (Nick) Good. (Nick) I got earplugs in,
but have a good one. The great thing about the video
is that it’s a long build-up, longer than we even showed you,
of just a guy on a motorcycle looking forward,
and if you listen closely there’s something that–
or I think it was just the gaze of Shia LaBeouf that kinda prompted
him to look over. And I think Shia was kinda
messing with him a little bit, – or just being Shia.
– It helps if it is Shia LaBeouf. – That helps.
– Over 7 million views helps to take the awkwardness out
of an intersection awkward exchange. Yeah, what else we got? Cara Shaffer asks, “I get sleepy
while driving long distances. What should I do to be more alert?” Nod. Does that work in this one too? – Just nod.
– No– Don’t nod!
Because if you nod off, then, yeah, you don’t wanna do that. Okay, here’s one example
of something you shouldn’t do. Good friends of ours growing up,
Will and Ben Thomas, they had this thing that they would do,
and they were brothers, – Will and Ben Thomas.
– Yep. Same last name, not just friends
with the same last name. – They were actually brothers.
– What they would do when they were driving is they would put it on cruise control,
put the car on cruise control, and then the driver would go to sleep
while the passenger – held the steering wheel.
– How does this make any sense?! – This is what they would do.
– If you’re not a Thomas, – you can’t understand.
– And I was like, “What did you guys do
if there was a situation?” He was like, “I would just yell
to make him wake up.” He’d be like, “BWAH!”
And he’d go for the brake. In fairness, they were
on a really long road trip and they didn’t want to lose
the time of pulling over – and changing drivers.
– Yeah. Very efficient. It’s still a very stupid idea.
I mean, I’ve tried rolling the window down,
sticking my head out like a dog. Well, I will say the reason why
I don’t trust Will is because he ruined my kayak one time.
I had a kayak that I had coined – “The USS Merle”.
– I remember. And he borrowed it
and bent it into a V and ruined it, so I’ve held
that against Will ever since. He did pay for it though.
So you were saying you’d roll down the window.
That’s common. I think some people sing a little bit,
sing along with a song that’s kinda loud.
I have found– – Drink a coffee.
– But this is just while you’re driving, you know?
I think the best thing that I have found is just go, “WHOO!” – WHOO!
– But that– WHOO! You do that a couple times
and you will wake up. Try it. Do it.
Do it. WHOOO! No, you gotta, “WHOOO!” WHOOO! When you’re driving down the road,
you’re gonna get – some awkward eye contact potentially–
– By Shia LeBeouf. But you will wake yourself up. Okay, the correct answer is
pull over and take a trucker nap. I mean, we want you guys to be safe. JayJayJames2332 left a comment.
I wanna switch gears here. Use a little transportation analogy.
And give this guy his due here. He said, “Link said…
quote the word “T-O-K-Y-O” end quote and it went unnoticed.”
Sad face. Now, I know what you’re talking about.
When I say that word, “T-O-K-Y-O,” there’s a certain thing
that Rhett should do and in the Unlocking the Door
With Your Butt episode, it just blew right past him.
Take a look. Researchers at the Advanced Institute
of Industrial Technology in Tokyo– (in slow motion) Tokyo… (in slower motion) Tokyo… Okay, I gotta admit,
I just totally forgot. And I didn’t realize it either.
So we’re both– – I broke the tradition.
– We’re both in the wrong here. Listen, I am sorry.
I sincerely apologize that I missed it and I feel like
I gotta make it up to you Mythical Beasts,
and so, Link…would you do the honor? Okay. Researchers at the Advanced Institute
of Industrial Technology in Tokyo have come up with– Whoooooooooooooaaaaaaaa… oooooooooooooooo! (dubstep remix) Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoaaaaaaaaaa! Whoaaaaaaa! Whooooaaaa! Whoaaaaa! Ho-ho-ho-ho-hooooooooooooo! Hooooooooooooo! Oooooooooooh! (silence) That was weird… but not as weird as this next segment
we call The Internet Is a Weird Place. That’s right, the internet
is a weird place, and we feel like we need
to walk you through the weirdness that is the internet,
so in this new segment what we’re gonna be doing
is each week we’re gonna highlight a weird website,
and this week we’re getting started with:! Let’s go there right now. Zooooom! Okay, so pretty simple.
It’s just a dude there, a guy with a short hair cut,
sort of a scraggly beard. – He’s got a collar shirt on.
– What’s going on here? I don’t know.
He’s just on a green screen. I don’t know.
Let me get the mouse out and…whaaaat?! Boom!
Did you see that? Yeah, ooh!
And in reverse, too. I slapped him with an eel, Link. – And that–ooh, that–
– There’s no sound. It’s just so satisfying. And you can see, there’s a couple
of things to know about this, is number one, the guy anticipates it.
Impossible not to do, I would think, if you’re a normal human. He smiles a little bit. Boom, and gets hit upside the head.
And look at the slime – that sticks to his face.
– Oooh, smack slide. Ew! It’s like snot. Go to
It’s incredibly satisfying. I could do this all day. Well, I mean, it’s one thing
to just use your cursor, but I feel like maybe we
should give it a shot in person. – In real life?
– I think it would be funner. Eel slap IRL? Let’s do it. (whoosh!) – (Rhett) Okay.
– All right, I’ll go first. (Rhett) Oh my. We got our green screen.
We got our cooler with–ugh! (Rhett) Oh…(gibberish) Ew, it’s like a snake from this–
ooh, it’s got blood coming out of the bottom of it. It looks like a snake,
even if it’s from the sea. A snake from the sea!
Okay, it’s a little bit smaller than his, but…
gosh, it’s gross. (Rhett) I can’t hold onto it, man. You’re gotta do, like, a “three, two, one.” Three, two, one. – (slap)
– Oh! (laughter) Dang, that was hard! – (slap)
– Oh! It didn’t seem that hard. – Was it?
– (Link) Yeah, did you hear it? Kudos,
We gotta try a different sea creature. (Rhett) We’re gonna up the ante. You’ve heard of,
but have you heard of (Link) Oh my gosh. (Rhett) The funny thing is I didn’t swing
that hard with that eel. – It’s just–
– (Link groans) – This is gross!
– Eels pack a punch, man. (Link groans) It’s purple! Why did I volunteer to get
slapped by the octopus? – That was dumb.
– Just smell it first. Oh! (gags) (laughter) – All right, you ready?
– (Rhett) Yeah. (Link) Three, two– – (slap)
– (groans) (laughter) (gags) (laughter) Oh! (laughter) It wrapped around the back of my head
and slapped me on the other side! (laughter) – Gosh!
– (gagging) – Let’s go back out there.
– Gah! I gotta wash. – (Rhett groans)
– (Link chuckles) Gosh, I have never felt so bad
about doing something – so cruel to you.
– I have never smelled so bad. I smell my face in a way
I have never smelled my face. (laughs) And I’ve got eel butt blood on my palm. people,
kudos to you for doing that, especially doing it every single day
that someone logs onto your website and puts the cursor over there. Oh, it’s footage.
It’s not something– – Yes.
– Right? – Yes.
– Okay, listen. This is what we’ve done.
We want you to help us find more weird places on the internet,
so we have created a website:
We want you to go there and nominate your
favorite ultra-weird website for us to feature.
We’ll feature one next week, and the week after, and we will credit you
with the nomination. Also, while you’re over there,
you can get a free trial and 10% off the creation
of your own website, weird or not, using Squarespace, the all-in-one platform
for creating websites. Plus, you can browse
all of the Mythical Beasts’ nominated websites
and learn about those too. So we’ll continue featuring those.
Hopefully they won’t smell– – oh my gosh–
– Smell my face! Link in the description.
I’m not smelling– – Smell my face.
– I can smell my hand – and it’s like the same–
– My nose smells my face.
Help us out. – Go over there.
– Thanks for liking – and commenting on this episode.
– I actually made a (spitting) – sound effect.
– Oh, really? (imitates spitting) You know what time it is. My name’s Julia and I’m
from Sydney, Australia. It’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality. If you want your very own
Good Mythical Morning mug, I’m not gonna touch mine right now
’cause I don’t want it to smell like octopus or eel
for the rest of my life, you can go to
and get your very own. Click through to Good Mythical More,
where we eat some dragon meat and an exotic assortment of Kit Kats,
and open some other mail. Rhett has been sent from the future
to warn Link of a diarrhea attack. Just sittin’ here in the present. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! In about three minutes,
you’re gonna smell my face and you’re gonna have instant diarrhea. Don’t ask me how.
Don’t ask me why. So I should just wait for three minutes? Three minutes. You could smell it now if you want. Oh! Too soon. (imitates farting) [Captioned by Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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