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Eel Trick Dokey Experiment, ankh as antenna

Eel Trick Dokey Experiment, ankh as antenna

Want to here something funny? Something thinks that this experiment could lead to leap frogging us into the realm of science fiction Well, that person is me. The reason why I think this experiment is important is because it could lead to modes of transportation for example, allowing passenger airplanes to fly through ash, volcanic ash It could lead to having us safely transport materials to and from the moon or asteroids or having us basically hop from planet to planet refueling along the way not having to come back to Earth, or starting each journey from Earth each time And basically we could move industrial processes off Earth altogether Put mining on the moon or Mercury and Mars or or wherever else That’s a pretty big thing to think about But then also there is the practical aspect of cleaning up Chernobyl and Fukushima. It’s stormy outside right now Cleaning up Fukushima and Chernobyl That amounts to blocking radiation That’s a big issue also for space travel All these things are related, but It’s kind of complicated. It has to do with aspects of high frequency antennas and the ankh represents an artistic manifestation of that technology. And so by experimenting on the ankh I think we could actually make a quantifiable breakthrough to get to the next step. This experiment is part art and science. It’s about testing a antenna First the ankh First part of it is this loop That’s essentially a dipole antenna and a loop anetnna. in a special configuration. It’s not just a dipole antenna and loop antenna It’s actually a what is called a phased loop array built into it which complicates the math of it. And makes it impossible to pretty much.. It makes the cost of calculating it insane. It’s basically impossible to do for anything under millions of dollars. The only way to really test this is is to take the is to get the [test] equipment and build it and test it directly. And that’s what this is about. Take a moment to review the experiment Let me know any questions you have, or yeah.. We really appreciate your support Thank you.

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