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EGYPT: Fishing The Ancient Nile River

EGYPT: Fishing The Ancient Nile River

Here, the fishermen are out before dawn as they have been for thousands of years. Even their boats haven’t changed much since ancient times. Before the Aswan Dam was completed in 1971 they say they often caught fish the size of a full-grown man. Nowadays they comb through the grassy banks looking for anything that’s fit to eat. Though by wiping out the breeding grounds they’re leaving even fewer fish for future generations. With over 4,000 unregistered fishermen the competition’s fierce. Hours later, they break for tea and bread then cross the Nile to cast their nets over and over in the growing heat. Many fishermen have no choice but to live on their tiny boats. A few are lucky enough to have a house on shore such as it is. But four hours of hard work barely nets enough for the midday meal. Unable to feed their extended families, fishermen are having to depend more and more on government handouts, like the wheat subsidy. Turns out that Egyptians like bread even more than they like fish but that’s a story for another time. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to Our Human Planet.

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