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‘Eighth Grade’ Star Elsie Fisher: “High School Is Terrible” | Jezebel Quickies

‘Eighth Grade’ Star Elsie Fisher: “High School Is Terrible” | Jezebel Quickies

-High school is terrible. Don’t do it, I don’t recommend it. It sucks, but that’s fine. You’ll get past it. Hi, I’m Elsie Fisher and this is Jezebel Quickies. “Eighth grade” taught me that you can feel bad a lot and that’s still fine. It’s cool to not feel cool. -A lot of people, like, call me quiet, or shy, or whatever. (upbeat music) but I’m not quiet. -Most quiet, Kayla Day -The thing I most-related to about Kayla was her anxiety, and that’s something I’m really proud I could help to portray on screen, because one of my own main struggles is with anxiety. And the fact I just get to portray a story I find realistic about it, was just amazing. If I could un-invent one thing it would probably be memes I think. (camera flash) I don’t know, the realest thing right now is maybe Twitter. The wackest thing to me is Instagram comedy culture. It’s like kind of remnants from Vine just kinda moving over to Instagram It’s just people making videos that are funny, but they’re just not written very well. And it’s just not my thing. I spend most of my money on video games and it’s not healthy at all. Video games I buy are Splatoon 2, I bought Skyrim, that’s been my favorite game since childhood. I got caught in a lie in 5th grade cause I told everyone in my class I had a twin sister and that is very much not true. And then, also, I wore frameless glasses to school, and I tried to pretend like I needed glasses. So, two-for-one deal. (electronic music)

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