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‘Eighth Grade’ Star Elsie Fisher on How She Copes w/ Her Anxiety | TRL

‘Eighth Grade’ Star Elsie Fisher on How She Copes w/ Her Anxiety | TRL

– Elsie, you’re quite
interesting to me. – Thank you. – No, no it’s all good. You turned a very
open and honest letter to Teen Vogue about your
own struggles with anxiety. – Yes. – And I can appreciate that. As a youth, I
probably had anxiety but didn’t even realize it or even know how
to deal with it. And for you to do that,
I commend you for that. Your character Kayla,
seems like she has anxiety. What advice would you give
to your character Kayla or other young folks out there that are dealing with anxiety? – I would just tell them, it’s
okay that you feel this way. Forgive yourself a little
more cause, I don’t know, I felt like I was
attacking myself when I was first feeling anxious
and having those feelings and I think the best
thing you can do is just accept that
change can take awhile and just keep moving forward. – Who are you right now? – No idea. – Want to carry you around and
actually pull up everybody. Do you do finances too? – Afraid not, bad at math. – One of the things
you do in this movie is your portrayal of pop culture, where you got a principal
that’s givin’ a dab or you know, Kayla’s
character sayin’ Gucci. Or you know, at the end of it. Talk about that
character, of pop culture and Internet culture. – We wanted to portray
parents using it incorrectly and older people, so the
teacher dabbing and there are teachers being like,
puberty is lit. You know what I mean and we’re
trying to call out obviously, cause when I see pop culture
portrayed for teens in movies, it literally feels like
a Taco Bell commercial where it’s like hashtag chalupa. You know, it’s like Jesus. And so there’s that
but then there’s also, I mean pop culture’s
just a part of their life so there’s just posters
all over the wall and a Hamilton calendar
or a SpongeBob USB thing that she uses or that, we try to portray it
without commenting on it, which is actually how it
integrates in our life. – Now the Gucci? – Well she said Gucci all
the time in the movie. I wish she had said Kohls
cause the wrap gifts would have been a lot cheaper. – Yeah. – TJ Maxx. – This dude off the chains. – When you said it,
I was like oh Lord. – Sorry. – Yeah. – How did, during this
journey of making this film, because it feels
like you guys are like brother and sister now, how did y’all chemistry develop? How did it come along? – A DNA test. To find that we were
in fact brother, no look at that,
that’s a cute picture. – I love that picture. – What was goin’ on right there? Were you guys just
staring at each other or he had a pimple? – I don’t know what I was doing, I think… – We were just talking
before the scene. – Yeah, I was worried
about being a dude writing a story
about a young girl but I felt a connection
to this character and when I met her, right
away I was like, I’m good. I get you, we are wired. – Very similar. – I think we’re very
similar type of people. We finish each other’s… – Sandwiches.
– Breakfasts. – So how did you
contribute to his vision? Did you have to direct
him on how to use some terminology properly or? – The one thing I had
to correct him on was, originally when I read the
script for the very first time, all of Kayla’s DM’s
were in Facebook. So… – [Bo] She read it and she was
like, is this about my aunt? – Yeah. – No one uses Facebook anymore. – No one uses Facebook anymore. – I was like, ooops. So we changed that just
to Instagram and Snapchat. – So let me ask you this,
are you in public school? – I’m 15 so yeah, public school. – Oh, so what happens now? The movie comes out and people, how does that work for
you in public school? How do you think it’s
gonna affect your life? – Well, I might not go
to public school anymore. That’s my answer. – That’s your answer? – I mean, the trailer came out
and a couple of my teachers played it in class and
everyone was excited for 20 minutes and then, can’t find a gym
partner in school, ehh. – I was the same way. I had silly, little videos
go viral when I was 16 and no one cared, no one. The hierarchy of a
school is much more, people are much more
interested in the immediate effects of cool. – But I’ll still always be
weird, quiet, anxious Elsie I think but yeah, we’ll see. – Well congratulations. Bo, you’ve come a long way, man. – Appreciate it but for
real, I want a season two. This movie was a long
way of me trying to get to the head of MTV
and get a season two so if you all are out there, I want it. – You want that season two? – I want to be back in the fam. – Okay, you want
Zack, bring Zack back. – [All] Bring Zach
back, bring Zack back, bring Zack back,
bring Zack back.

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