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Eileen Fisher’s Timeless Fashion Design

Eileen Fisher’s Timeless Fashion Design

Simple to me is beautiful. I like simple. I think simple lets a person come forward—doesn’t
take over. I really resented spending hours shopping. I would get sick when I’d go to the department
store—it was just so overwhelming. I kind of envied men and that they had a much
more simple system, whether it was a suit or even just simple
shirts and sweaters and T-shirts and pants. It was just kind of something very simple
about the way they dressed. I wanted more of that: to get dressed quickly,
move on with my life. In my twenties, I was doing interior design
and graphic design and I ended up on a project in Japan with
my Japanese partner-boyfriend. I was very fascinated by the kimono because
for over a thousand years in Japan, they were only that shape. Typically, the Japanese Kimono is a very,
very simple shape, very architectural, clean line, very, very simple. It’s designed to use every inch of the fabric
that they made, the way it was designed. I was interested in the inherent sustainability
of a concept like that. I had studied interior design and interior
design is a little more [about] form and function. You want things to last. So I came up with this idea that the clothing
I was trying to do was simple, comfortable, timeless —that it was kind of a system where things
all went together. It’s not so much about having the latest hot
thing —you know, so it’s not sell a lot and then move to the
next hot thing. It’s more…there’s a kind of evolution of the concept
and so it has a continuity and hopefully it continues to move forward and finds a new shapes and proportions every season without being too attached to following the
trends. Maybe a lot of people don’t know that the
fashion industry is one of the worst polluters in the world. We employ one in six people in the world,
so there’s a huge opportunity to actually clean up the industry and clean up the planet because so much work
is done there. One of the philosophies we’ve been thinking
a lot about lately is this idea of circular design. Really looking at everything from the seeds,
to the fibers, to the dyes, to the finishes —all the processes, to the people in the
factories… all the way through to how we take the product
back from the customers, resell it, give it a new life, remake it into something
else. Not let it get into the landfill. So it’s sort of trying to create a whole circle
of responsibility around the product. The beauty that comes out of working on solving
a problem— I love that. I love that about the company
when things are going wrong I might dive in and figure out, because in the midst of the problem is the
next possibility.

15 comments on “Eileen Fisher’s Timeless Fashion Design

  1. A group of friends got together to plan our funerals and one of my requests was to be buried in an Eileen Fisher outfit .

  2. She promotes all this sustainability and employing people while removing toxics but at the same time she can't make an article of clothing that doesn't cost over 150 dollars.

  3. Minimalism at its best. I love her clothes and her philosophy. The prices? Too rich for my blood, as my dad used to say.
    On the other hand, re cost: because the garments are so well constructed and of classic styles, they should have a very low “cost per wearing”. Investment pieces.

  4. I love people being conscious about sustainability and I always try to find conscious brands. But..
    1.Why is there no link in the bio?
    2. It is so damn expensive. I am not in a position where I can pay 300 euros for a shirt. How are we gonna get more sustainable if only a very small percentage can afford it?

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    The system


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  6. I love the ethical philosophy behind the brand and I respect striving for simplicity in design, but I do wish there was a little more structure to these designs; these sorts of loose, flowy styles look beautiful on a slim, willowy figure –but it isn't so flattering on a fuller figured woman. The average dress size in the US is around a 12-14; I'm a curvy size 8-10 and I still couldn't wear these designs without the clothing making me look bigger than I am. In spite of the expense (really this is what you have to expect to pay for ethically produced, quality clothing) I wish more designers would adopt an ethical philosophy like that of Eileen Fisher or Patagonia. But I also wish that more brands would design pieces that are flattering to the average size woman rather than just what looks good on an average model's frame.

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