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El boligrafo de los astronautas – Fisher Space Pen Unboxing

El boligrafo de los astronautas – Fisher Space Pen Unboxing

Hi there, ladies and gents, and welcome once again to The Tech Show! Today we have a very special unboxing. It’s something that I consider a very particular, a super unique item. And since I knew about its existence I wanted to see how it is, try it… Space Pen! The pen used out in space. It turns out that the NASA needed to develop a pen to write while astronauts were out in space, since the pens that we use here in the Earth needed the gravity to write, but in 0 gravity there was any pen that could be used at that time. So they started investigating, but when they saw that it wasn’t viable, they just took pencils. Over time, Paul Fischer, a pen manufacturer, invented that cartridge, which was a pressurized cartridge, that is able to write with 0 gravity, under the water, in greasy paper sheets… in any angle, in wet paper sheets. Its a pen that writes in high temperatures, in low temperatures, it always writes! It is the Fischer Space Pen. There were astronauts who took that pen with them already at the Apolo XVII missions. So it looks like it really works well. There are two designs: the ‘astronaut’ design, and the ‘bullet’ design. The ‘bullet’ one is a cool design, it was the one that I liked the most, OK? I took it in matte black, and… now we are going to see it. Look, it is a small pen, here is the box. Fischer Space Pen Let’s open it Once again, the booklet. Fischer Space Pen. And… voilà! Here it is! Well, with this kind of box that resembles a bit the Moon craters, don’t you think? And here it is. This is… This is very small. This is a very small pen. Our Mr. Paul Fischer, who I referred before. What I love about the story of this man is that he has a small manufacture, he has a small manufacture in the USA, in Nevada. It’ a very small manufacture, where everything is really handcrafted. These pens…Well, nowadays, besides the fact that there are almost no manned missions to the space nowadays, except the ones from the ISS, they aren’t something official from the NASA, they are just pens that work in all conditions. So, this a is a really handmade, authentic product. This man developed this pen, inside of it there is basically an ink cartridge with a gas that allows it to come by pressure. And as they say it lasts three times more than a normal pen from this size. Very tiny, it’s freaking tiny. Look, my hand. The pen. It’s mini, so so tiny. Now, what is good on it, and what makes that pen interesting is not only that it’s a spacial pen, that it writes underwater, and all that stuff… but the fact that this pen has really won design prizes. Some magazines, some articles considered that pen an example of industrial design. It’s very handy, as long as my finger, as you see. If you have a normal pen, check how it’s not as long as your finger. It’s a really tiny thing, and however when we open it… Here is the pen, you see it and… Tadaaa! Normal-sized pen. It’s enough to place the cap at the back, and it converts into a normal full-sized pen. Do you see? completely made out of metal. Very resistant. It resists all kind of scratches and blows, according to what they specify. It resists very high temperatures, very low temperatures, 0 gravity, water, oil, everything. It writes in any angle… So, let’s try it, let’s see if it’s true! Another important fact about this pen is that its tip is made of wolfram. It’s really manufactured with first quality materials. And… let’s see how it behaves under some water. Let’s plunge this paper here… Well, it has been underwater some time, let’s prove it. We’ll write over it. Let’s see if we succeed. It gives me the creeps to put that pen underwater, but Oooh ho ho! When you’re at war, inside the mud in Vietnam, in any place you are in you can use this pen to write. Whatever happens you will be able to write. Thank you very much to be here with me, and see you next time, guys! [Subscribe]

21 comments on “El boligrafo de los astronautas – Fisher Space Pen Unboxing

  1. esa lapicera era antigravedad la crearon lo yankees gastaron miles de millones de dólares mientras que los soviéticos llevaron un lapiz un invento inútil

  2. El problema es que los lápices si se desgranan la viruta al atravesar la atmósfera tiene el poder de atravesar cabezas y casi cualquier cosa que se pase. Para evitar que ocurran accidentes se empezó a usar este bolígrafo


  4. .
    Tengo dos, uno igual a ese y otro de color azul. Es un buen bolígrafo, con todas las virtudes que has manifestado. Lo veo útil para cuando se deba escribir en ángulos diferentes, ya que responde a la perfección.

    Pero es importante tener en cuenta que en circunstancias normales no es un bolígrafo que escriba mejor que otros, sino igual, y a veces no responde tan bien como uno quisiera.

    Aparte de lo expuesto, por su reducido tamaño, pudiéndose guardar en bolsillos, pequeñas carteras, etc.., también porque escribe desde distintas posiciones, cosa que no hacen el resto de los bolígrafos normales, merece la pena tener un Bullet de "Fisher Space".

  5. Me pasó algo muy curioso. Estuve viendo video tras video desde el primero que publicaste y este no me deja verlo, se queda cargando. No me lo he podido ver.
    Será que hablas de tecnología muy peligrosa?

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