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Elektrikli Yılan Balığı Nedir ve Nasıl Elektrik Üretir?

If we think that fish produce electricity live in sweet and salty water, we immediately realize that a fish can be extremely dangerous. The electric snake fish, which has the power to produce electricity, uses this ability to communicate, to navigate, to hunt and to protect itself. These animals live in the Amazon and Orinoco areas in the north-east of the South American continent, sweet water with little oxy. It can be thought of as a type of snake fish because of the name and appearance of electric eel. But this animal is not a snake fish. It only has a long cylindrical body like a snake fish. Back-tail and abdominal non-winged electric eel average 2.5 meters in length and weigh 20 kg. There is a wide, oval and flat head. It color brown and gray. This fish breathes by taking oxygen from the water. There is a special blood vessel in the mouth cavity. It gets oxygen through this vein. On average, air breathes on the water surface every ten minutes. Young electric eels are fed with invertebrates living on the ground. Adults are fed mainly with the fish they kill. Electric eels call their mates to mate with the help of electric oscillations. Thus his possible wife feels in cloudy water. Men build nests with water plants, guard eggs and larvae. The babies are ten centimeters long when they leave the egg. Electric eels have organs that produce electricity. These organs contain cells called electroses that produce electricity. These cells are cells formed by the exchange of muscle and nerve cells. Electric eels can produce 500 watts of electricity. Electricity of electric eels is enough to kill small fishes. This electricity can kill a person in a deadly way. These fish, which may be deadly for humans, luckily live only in a certain part of the world. So electric eels cannot harm people too much. Thank you for watching my video. Subscribe me and watch my other videos see you 😀

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