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Elever I Fokus – Swedish Sport Fishing Education – Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum

Elever I Fokus – Swedish Sport Fishing Education – Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum

The fishing industry is growing rapidly in Sweden. Each year around two million swedes pursue some kind of fishing … while also growing in very part of the world. This creates new jobs such as … fishing guide, journalist, at campings, shops, salesman, product developing etc. In order to provide the youth with optimal possibilities there are educations available suited for fishing. Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum is one of them. We’ll see what the students think and how a regular day looks. I’m Cecilia Kihlman, vice principal at this school. It’s high school in Älvdalen, Dalarna. There are plenty of students from various locations. You can live at our hostel. What’s extra ordinary about us? The staff and teachers. They are doing their best for the students. I’m Christian, teacher at this school. Today we’ll be fishing for grayling while going through some … swimming theories, different types of activities, what the fish eat, choice of fly and guiding. While the students are preparing I’m observing the water. Seems to be some mayflies here! Good! I’m in the second year of Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum. I’m using a fly which assembles a mayfly since there are plenty of them here. Should work out. The average age is between 16-19 years. Working with something you love is for many a dream. In order to be successful at your job it’s important that you enjoy it. Who wants to work with something they dislike? Took at the surface! Surprised me! Klink hammer delivers fish! Try to keep your hands moist in order to prevent the fish from getting damaged … I’m fishing barbless as well. Nice catch and release! First grayling this year – good school day. Love being out in the sun and fishing for grayling. How fun. This spot tends to hold fish at around 45-50 cm. Just 10 minutes away from the school. Plenty of similar spots like these. Apart from this river there are plenty of lakes which covers all types of fishing, such as pike, perch, char, trout, grayling and sik. Working in the fishing industry is hard due to the competition. Some jobs don’t have the common … 9-5 shifts, many jobs require a lot of time. If you’re not ready to fight and do your best you’ll may not get your dream job. If you do work hard you’ll most certainly be able to get the job of your dreams – how cool wouldn’t that be? I’m Daniel, a teacher at the school. The education is suited for students who would like to work in the fishing industry … such as a fishing guide, in shops or another service. There are the standard subjects such as math, swedish and english but also more specific subjects regarding fishing. We try to fish as much as possible. Trout?
– It feels better. I’ll come out and help you. Don’t lose it. We haven’t seen it yet though. It’s a trout. No, a grayling! Awesome!
– Caught one of these bigger fish we talked about. Expected it to be a trout. Congrats man!
– Thanks! Took on the same fly as before.
– Fun, finally we caught a bigger one. Another great thing about this school is that every student love fishing. Easy to get friends … and you learn a lot from each other. I want to become a fishing guide when I’ve graduated. Being a fishing guide requires you to cook food as well. That’s why we’ll cook “pytt i panna”. I’m Linus and I pursued Älvdalen’s sportfishing education for two years ago. Fun, educational and beautiful nature. I’m working in a fishing shop since two years. I started here after the internship, got the job immediately. Worked during vacations. Without the school I wouldn’t be able to get the internship. I recommend this education for fishermen and for those who wants to get started. Good for beginners so to speak. You get to spend your days in the nature fishing and do what you enjoy. Binding flies during class. Plenty of gear and awesome nature. Basically in the forest. Love it a lot! There we go! Good fishing nearby the school. The river where we fish grayling and trout. Good pike fishing in the lakes nearby. Big perch and pike. There’s a wild water nearby as well with beautiful brook trout. It’s weekend so me and Emil will try to catch these brooked trout. 5 minutes away from school. There’s a hostel for those students who would like to live at the school. The staff guards the place both nights and weekends. If you’re interested in this education, check their website or videos out. Know someone who would love this education? Send them this video! Tight lines everyone!

21 comments on “Elever I Fokus – Swedish Sport Fishing Education – Älvdalens Utbildningscentrum

  1. vet ni vad medel meritvärdet är? har tänkt att söka dit jag går i åttan nu så jag har tid att få högre betyg

  2. Jag älskar att fiska och går i 9an så jag funderar på att söka dit. Men jag undrar om det är lett att få ett jobb efter man har gått 3 år eller är det inte en så stor chans? undrar också om det är gott om brudar för det är ju också ett stort intresse 😉

  3. Tycker att ni ska kolla forshagaakademin också! går där just nu och kunde nog inte valt bättre! hade just 6 veckors praktik i nordnorge!

  4. Tjena dom som fiskar i österdalälven tänkte att ni skulle få mer info för de är så att om man får en siljans öring så ska man släppa tillbaka den för den arten håller på att dö ut. Och hur den ser ut svarta fenor silver blank och bara svart prickar . Mvh joel ha skit fiske på er

  5. Det låter ju som dröm skolan och yrket. Synd bara att man studerar till annat redan. Men man får se om man trötnar någon gång på det man gör nu. Kommer defentetift att dela

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