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Ellen Chats with Carrie Fisher

Ellen Chats with Carrie Fisher

You have your drink of choice there,
which is Coke. You drink a lot of Coke?>>Yes.
>>And it’s a whole lot, how many do you have a day?>>Maybe 16, but
I don’t drink all of them, I start them, but then it starts to get warm. And then you have to get another one.>>[LAUGH].
>>Right. So all in maybe just 12.>>Maybe, 12 and they have to
be that sharp, sharp cold taste.>>Yeah.
It’s bad for your teeth.>>[LAUGH].
>>Yeah.>>And it’s a lot of sugar.>>But my father was
the representative of Coca-Cola. He was the Coca-Cola kid.>>Eddie Fisher was-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>They did not let you drink that when you were shooting
Star Wars because they made you, you were on a strict, strict diet.>>Well like they like to
hire part of me [LAUGH] and so I have to get rid of
the part they don’t want.>>[LAUGH]
>>And so when I’m hired for Star Wars,
every time they have hired about, like three quarters of the size that I am.>>And a lot of it’s here.>>And so they make the mistake
of thinking, well it’s here too. But here, can it still be
called baby fat when you’re 19?>>[LAUGH]
>>Sure.>>Thank you.
>>You were 19, yeah that’s kind of when
you really do gain weight. I gained a lot of weight when I was,
up until I was 23. I think you do gain baby fat-
>>I had big, baby fat face. And they really had a good idea then, what
kind of hairstyle would you put on someone>>[LAUGH]>>With a round,>>[APPLAUSE]>>No really, it’d be a good idea
to put on more and make it so that they can contain the fat.
>>[LAUGH]>>That was the prison.
The hair prison for the fat.>>[LAUGH]
>>My god, your stories are hilarious. But yeah, they kept you on a strict
diet because they wanted to hire, as you say, part of you. Harrison Ford, you reveal in your
book after 40 years, is that right?>>40 years I thought I’d wait.>>Okay.
So you revealed that you were having
an affair with Harrison Ford.>>I was.>>Well, you say it. But-
>>Yes I did.>>All right, so,
how did that stay a secret for 40 years?>>I was good at that wasn’t I?>>You sure were.>>I told other staff to distract people
so they would never figure it out. No, and no one thought it
was happening at that time. I don’t even know if he did.>>[LAUGH]
>>But, no no, he did.>>Yeah, so
did you have a relationship that lasted, was it just sexual, or was it love?>>Well it depends on who you ask. You’re talking to me.>>I’m asking you, well, you’re here.>>I was in infatuation. Probably infatuation.>>It was infatuated.>>Love is more mature.>>Okay, I understand. But, so did the relationship continue
after you all stopped filming together.>>No.
>>It was just when you were filming.>>It was location, location,
location, location.>>[LAUGH]
>>And that’s what.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>That’s because everybody was away from home.>>Mm-hm.>>So then the rules, I didn’t know this. I was 19, no one told me about
location rules or lack of rules.>>Yeah.>>But you can do whatever you want,
as long as you film the movie.>>I see, as long as you film the movie.>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>If you’re just vacationing,
you can’t have an affair.>>You can’t do that.
>>If you’re filming a movie, people can sleep together.>>They can sleep together
if their family’s not around>>I say, that’s the rule.>>My mother wasn’t there I don’t think. God I hope not.>>It’s just amazing that,
you let him know that you, you let Harrison know that you
were gonna write about this?>>Yes.
>>Yes. Did you all ever acknowledge it
when you saw each other again?>>You mean constantly over the last
40 years it was when we saw each other.>>No but when you did,
you know you’d run into him.>>Not really,>>You never looked at each other because
you kissed in the next movie.>>We practiced kissing on
the first movie off screen. That shows dedication to your craft.>>Yeah and you->>[LAUGH]
>>No not when it’s him though.>>Right.
>>And then, yeah we did have to kiss. I didn’t realize how much
until I went back and looked.>>Yeah.

100 comments on “Ellen Chats with Carrie Fisher

  1. You can see how much Ellen admires Carrie in this interview, I think. I feel like she isn't usually so in tune (though she always is enthusiastic) with her guests as she is with Carrie. Vale.

  2. My sister has baby fat and she's 18 😂 no one believes her ! She has baby cheeks still ! She gets IDed all the time 😂😂😂

  3. You helped make me strong as a child when you played Princess Leia, and strong as an adult when you were totally real and unashamed about your mental illness, which I’ve tried to follow your example. RIP Carrie Fisher. The world needed you, and you did what the world needed.

  4. Carrie fisher is truly someone many people can look up to especially girls she will be missed by hundreds of Star Wars fans like me and her family's r.i.p Carrie fisher princess Leia is my favourite character with Luke but probably my fave I love her

  5. Ellen please, there was no need to be rushing Carrie. I wish interviewers would have just chilled and let her get more of her stories out. Much better than hearing about that tired affair with that jerk Ford or how much coke she drank every day.

  6. Whenever I get asked a question now my answer is, “Well it depends on who you ask, Oh you’re talking to me.” ❤️ ℹ️ ♏️ℹ️💲💲 ✌️🅾️⛎ Princess ❤️

  7. Coming to this a year plus after her passing, still can’t believe she’s gone…but then, no one is ever really gone! We’ll always have her amazing body of work, from star wars to her witty books, to her work as an advocate,.Mark Hamill was right when he called her an Auntie Mame. Indeed she was. A true original. Hail again the lovely traveler….

  8. The "location rules" idea could be a sign of an object constancy problem. I always feel better when I listen to Carrie. I have all her books and I'm not even a star wars fan. I couldn't even get through watching the first movie and I tried twice.

  9. I can't believe they made her lose so much weight in such a small amount of time at her age that's ridiculous

  10. I hope they don't make a cgi Carrie to fill in for her in ep 9. Ugh. Learn from your mistakes Disney, we don't want or need another debacle like Rogue One. RIP Carrie.

  11. I'm sad she's gone.. there is an interview on Ellen that she said ''when im 70 ill wish I looked like i did when i was 60'… bummer she didn't make it. RIP Carrie.

  12. I am still hurting over the loss of this beautiful woman………………I still do not have the words about losing her. Of course, I did not know her personally…………But I knew enough that Carrie was a beautiful…..amazing……….funny…… ……. Well, my my my…….I actually do have words for this beautiful creature…………Rest in paradise sweet princess…….you and your mother, The great Debbie Reynolds, will be missed forever!…… Carrie is in a galaxy far, far away…. While singing in the rain with Debbie…….By the way, did I mention that I am still hurting over this huge loss??? It still hurts so much.

  13. Coke a cola the drink that sweet with love so honey bee and Johnny me we will have a sweet of love I like to buy the world a coke what the world was today coke the 1970's ad

  14. There will only ever be one Carrie Fisher. What a great, smart, funny woman! I’m so happy we’ll get to see her again in Episode IX. I hope JJ gives her the send off she deserves.

  15. David bowie, christoper Lee and Carrie Fisher were/are my hero's from when I was born tbh. I have no hero's left. RIP Carrie you will always be a princess to me

  16. people who don't laugh at their own jokes and keep a poker face are soooo funnie . Carrie is hilarious I had no idea

  17. Actors live a different life than most of us. So much expectation and a craving for approval. I wouldn't want it but Carrie went off the grid and said things that most of Hollywood would cringe at. Good for you Carrie…..RIP sweet angel!

  18. Gentlemen, can't help… but in this interview she sounded as if she was 90 years old, drunk or under drugs. Can't explane her awful voice otherwise… Beg your pardon.

  19. Oh Carrie. The world is so much bleaker and less interesting without you. I’m glad your beautiful daughter is doing ok. I’m proud to have the name Cari like you.(Though obviously I spell it different). And like you I (used to) drink 18 coke’s a day and I would stop drinking one when it got flat and open a new one. I have now switched to Coke Zero. RIP beautiful! ❤️

  20. Comments on Billie Lourd's later appearance on TheEllenShow pointed out that she, Billie, is wearing her mother's necklace and opal ring which we see Carrie Fisher wearing on her last appearance on TheEllenShow. I revisited this clip to check that out. Aww, that is sweet, connected, and awesome.

  21. She was fabulous in every way. If you haven't listened to her Wishful Drinking audiobook here on YouTube, please do! She narrates and it's hilarious. 😊

  22. HOW!!??!?!!?!
    DID THIS DUDE JUST GET 82% COOLER ..Hah… haaaahaahahahaha. Hah. I said earlier today on this "website" for the first time that Mark is the man no question but mister H.F. is beyond any of us and we know a few xthinga that are good simple best roughly.. I excluded ofcourse my father and mister Douglas Noel Adams. RIP Hero of life.

  23. CARRIE FISHER WAS LEGIT AN ICON. She was sweet, gracious, and so so funny. We miss you Leia, but heaven got the best angel there is that day in December 2016

  24. The kiss in 'Empire' is not good (Harrison Ford has never been good at on screen kissing) and even though they did it off screen all the way through Star Wars it still doesn't look good on screen in the sequel. Maybe Carrie found Ford's mouth skills worked better on her other lips (;

  25. Absolutely loved her but not only SW, she was genuinely funny and honest. A brilliant woman, talented in so many ways, she was a fantastic movie editor and her stand up stage act was wonderful. Like everyone else I miss you Carrie, x

  26. Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher. I loved your sense of humor and had me always laughing. You seemed to be modest about yourself and very beautiful.

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