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Elsie Fisher Reenacts Meeting Timothée Chalamet with a Puppet

Elsie Fisher Reenacts Meeting Timothée Chalamet with a Puppet

-Since the last time
you were here, you were nominated
for a Golden Globe. -Yes. Very exciting.
-Hey, congratulations. -Whoo! Thank you. -That was great.
You were fantastic in that — in “Eighth Grade.” It was so good.
-Thank you so much. Yeah. -What was that night like?
Was it fun? -Whew, it was a night. -It was, right?
-No, I mean, it was wonderful, ’cause I’ve been
to awards shows. But that was, like,
an award show, big deal. Like, I think the red carpet
was like a football field, the length of that. -Really?
-Yes. -Did you meet any big stars
that you want to run into? -God. I mean, I’m very nervous
about talking to other actors, because, you know,
I study their work a lot. -I heard you got to meet
Timothée Chalamet? -Yes, yeah. I mean, I have
gotten to meet a lot of people, but he was one of the few
that actually approached me. And at first, I was like — I heard this guy go, like,
“Hey, what’s up?” And I’m like,
“Oh, that’s Bo Burnham,” who was with me
at the awards show — -Of course, that was his movie. -Tall man, bro. And then I turn around,
and it was Timothée Chalamet. And I was like, “Oh, hi.” And I started shaking.
[ Laughter ] ‘Cause whatever.
-You were nervous? -Yeah, I’m always nervous.
-Oh, you are? -It’s my secret, cap.
-It’s your secret. [ Laughter ] That’s your secret weapon
is being nervous? -Oh, yeah.
-That’s your superpower? -Yeah. Well, you know what,
it’s — It’s helpful, because then people
sympathize with me. So it works out. -We love — We love — Hey, aww. We love Timothée. But was there anything that
you wish that you told him… -Oh, man.
-…that you didn’t say to him? -I mean, our interaction
was so brief, but — -You know what, we actually have
the Timothée Chalamet puppet we bought online. So if you want to,
you can talk to the — -Oh, he has his harness. -You can talk to the
Timothée Chalamet puppet and… -Oh.
…tell him everything — I can pretend to knock — tap on
your shoulder like Timothée did. -Please, okay, yes.
Let’s act this out. Bo? Oh, my God. -[ French accent ] ‘Ello. [ Laughter ] -Wow.
-I am Timothée Chalamet. -Oh, my God. Your eyes are so — -Yes, look into them. -Oh.
-Is — You were great in the movie — How you say “eight” in French? -I think it’s eighth form.
Right? -Eighth form, yes.
“Eighth Grade.” You were great
in “Eighth Grade.” And now we’re here
at the Golden Globes. And you are golden. Is there anything you’d like
to say to me, Timothée Chalamet, who, by the way,
is not even French? -Let’s go get
some baguettes together. -Let’s go get
baguettes together. You are awesome!
Elsie Fisher, you are great! I will see you
at the Fallon show. Bye. [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] [ Normal voice ] You got
to say hi to Timothée again. -Oh. Good to see him.
So good to see him. -I want to talk to you quickly about something that I think
you’re doing is very cool. You’re writing the score
to a video game? -Yes, yeah. I’m very excited. -I love video games.
-Oh, me, too. I mean, I’ve been playing them
for forever. You know? -Yeah, me, too.
-I had a Game Boy Color. Like, that was my first console. -Whoo!
-Yeah. Nintendo. -That was probably
my 15th console. I’m — Hi, I’m your grandpa! Hi. How’s it going? But that’s — How are you getting involved?
What is it? What is it called?
What music are you writing? -Yes. So, the game is called
“Witch of the Wilderness.” And it’s in pretty
early production. But it’s kind of
about the near future and the apocalypse,
like the climate apocalypse. Super fun stuff.
-Yeah. -Yeah, but I’m writing
the music for that, ’cause I wrote the score for
my “Dungeons & Dragons” podcast. Yes, oh, thank you.
-I love that. -Such a large career
in music already. -E.P.!
-Yeah! Got to love all this rep.
-I do love all that. I want to talk about
“Addams Family,” because I’m happy
that they’re rebooting this. -Me, too.
-It’s so good. It’s a great animated film. And, this,
you play a new character. -Yes, I play a character
who has never been seen before. She’s Parker Needler,
the teenager daughter of the main antagonist,
Margaux Needler, so she’s already
got it pretty hard. -Yeah. -But she, you know,
is an outsider. And then she meets Wednesday,
the ultimate outsider. -Yeah, and you become friends.
-Yeah, they’re friends. -I love that. This movie’s more
based on the comic or the cartoon
that it was based on. -Yeah, yeah. I mean, I love the fact that it’s animated,
which is awesome, ’cause we’ve never really had
that type of incarnation before. But the fact also
that the designs are, like, faithful
to the original. -Yeah, it’s good. It’s spooky.
And it’s perfect for Halloween. -Oh, so perfect.
-And I’m psyched you’re in it. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Elsie Fisher
in “The Addams Family.” Take a look at this. -What’s your favorite filter? -I don’t know. I look
black and white in all of them. -You know, when I met you,
I thought you were super weird. But now I think
you’re really cool. -I concur. -How’d that barrette you bought
yesterday go over at home? -Actually, my mother’s reaction
was…well, unexpected. She was accepting. It depressed me. -I wish I could do that. But my mom makes me wear this
stuff, and it’s just so — so — -I believe the word you’re
looking for is “unfortunate.” [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] -Elsie Fisher, everybody!

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  1. Oh I didn't recognize her at all for a good minute there.. Amazing how simple hair color changes a face… or at least, my ability to recognize one.

  2. she is ADORABLE. the avengers reference, the casual bo burnham name drop, the fangirling over timothee chalamet. she is literally all of us.

  3. I have no idea who this is, but she is incredibly genuine, has a DND podcast, and is working on a video game? She’s so awesome!!!

  4. If you give her a rare candy will she evolve into Isla Fisher and then a 2nd one to evolve into Amy Adams??

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