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Elsie Fisher talks about her new movie, ‘Eighth Grade’ | The Youths

Elsie Fisher talks about her new movie, ‘Eighth Grade’ | The Youths

-Oh, my God. Oh, my God, it’s Elsie Fisher,
the star of “Eighth Grade”! -Hey!
-Will you come talk to me? -Yes!
-Oh, my God. -Let me bring my milkshake. -Do teenagers still do this
and come to diners? -Maybe not most, although my
theater class likes to, after the play, go to Denny’s. -My theater classes in high
school would go to Denny’s ’cause it was the only place
that was open 24/7. So, if you just give me a yes
or no answer whether these things are cool
or not, I think our readers and viewers
will be very interested. -Awesome sauce.
-Is Snapchat cool? -Yes. -You said that with
some pain your face. -It’s not cool to me personally.
-Okay. -But to teens in general,
the consensus is it’s all right. -Are sleepovers cool?
-Yes. For me, hella. -Is vaping cool?
-No. No.
No. -Are hoverboards cool?
-No. I think they’re used ironically. -Are selfie sticks cool?
-Practical, but not in. -Are cheerleaders cool?
-I’d — Yeah, I-I-I think that’s cool. -Is being good at school cool?
-Yes, surprisingly. In movies for teens, you know,
if you’re good at school, that makes you a “nerd,”
but, like, people who are good at school at
my school have the most friends. So I think that is pretty cool.
-Wow. Shout-out to your school. -Hell, yeah.
-Are newspapers cool? -No.
I know. -Ugh! -I feel terrible saying it,
but it’s like — I think they’re not cool,
but, again, are needed. They’re good. -That’s fair.
-Practical. -Are millennials cool?
-Yes. -So, a lot of parents
I’ve spoken to are terrified to see this movie ’cause they have kids
in middle school or have kids that will be
in middle school and they’re just, like,
terrified. What do you hope parents
who see this movie will take away from it? -I just hope they realize that,
like, you were in your kids’
shoes at some point, so you should have faith
that they’re gonna be okay ’cause, like, hopefully you can
just relate to each other. And for kids who watch
the movie, hopefully they can relate
to the dad. Stuff sucks, but at some point,
it might suck a little less. -I don’t talk a lot of school,
but if people talk to me and stuff,
they’d find out that I’m, like, really funny
and cool and talkative. By the way,
I like your shirt a lot. It’s, like, so cool.
-What? -Do you think it’s harder to be
a teenager now than it was, like, when your parents
were teenagers? -Yes, probably.
I mean, I obviously wasn’t alive when my parents
were teenagers, so — -That would have been weird.
-Yes, it would have been. Well, time travel.
We’ll see. This time period is about
messing up and learning
from your mistakes. And, like, the Internet just
kind of gives a permanence to that, you know? You can make a bad joke, and
it can stick with you forever. I think — I think it is harder.
-So, you wrote in “Teen Vogue” recently about how you have
dealt with some anxiety. And I was wondering, how do you, as someone who deals
with anxiety, deal with now being
in the public eye and being really vulnerable on
camera and talking to the media? How do you —
How do you cope with that? -I mean, thankfully,
I have people I can talk to if I really feel like I do need
to talk to someone about it. I just try to be honest on
camera and not worry about it. And I never watch interviews
’cause I will over-think them. So, as much as I can
distance myself from it, I think that makes it great,
while being honest when we’re doing it, so — -This is a weird question,
but why are some kids mean? -I think a lot of it has to do
with insecurities. I mean, I know that’s very
clich? to say, but it’s true. It’s just a way of coping
with your own insecurities and just —
Maybe you just don’t know how to handle
being in social situations. And I don’t think people think
it’s cool to be mean, although I will say,
from my experience, a lot of boys
think it’s funny to — not be mean, but be kind of like
ignorant, you know, of stuff. -Kayla gives a lot of advice
in her YouTube videos. What’s the best advice
she gives? -For me personally,
I think being yourself is the best one she gives. -The topic of today’s video
is being yourself. Being yourself can be hard, and it’s like,
“Aren’t I always being myself?” -You know, it’s a true,
deep question. Do we know what it means
to be ourselves? Probably not. There’s just so much anxiety,
especially now, about conforming and constantly being
in the public eye, regardless of whether
you’re a “celebrity” or not. Like, social media just adds
a whole nother aspect of that. So, I think if you are yourself, you can worry about
making yourself happy more because you’re not
always performing. -Why do you think that even
though Kayla’s having such a terrible time
in middle school she’s so actually optimistic? In the whole movie,
she keeps saying, “It’s gonna be —
Maybe it’ll be better. Maybe it’ll be bad now
and better later.” -I think a lot of it is
probably her dad influencing her ’cause he’s just a good person. -Huh?
-I said, one more week of eight grade, right? -Yeah.
-That’s crazy. -Yeah, uh-huh. -You know, she might have had
a rough middle school, but we’re only seeing
a week of her life. We don’t know what the rest
of her life is. And I just have faith that she
is a genuine person who truly believes
that things can get better. So, I don’t have
a specific answer. I just think a lot of her
surroundings are really good, and she’s just good. -Finally, I have — I have the check here for you.
-Oh, okay. -And it has a very important
question inside, which is, “Do you like
‘The Washington Post’? Yes or no?” Aah! That was a really — -I know. -That was a fake-out.
-I know. I like to be scary. -So, despite what you’ve said
about newspapers, it’s a yes, guys. She does.
She likes it. -I like how the letters
are different sizes. It looks like it was cut out
of a magazine.

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  1. YouTube phenom-turned-director Bo Burnham actually made "Eighth Grade" for himself as much as he did for a generation he's not even a part of. (And yes, he hates being called a "YouTube phenom.")

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