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Endangered eels used for dog food

Our eels are being exported overseas to be used as pet food
in other countries. As a result, people of Te Arawa
are expressing their concerns, as the delicacy is on
the brink of extinction. Hinerangi Goodman has more details. They’ll end up like the moa. If environmental issues affecting
our waterways aren’t addressed, many types of eel face extinction. The Maori Council has lodged an
application to the Waitangi Tribunal and is still awaiting a response. Tribes across the country understand
the importance of our eels and that we need to take
action to protect them. The eel is special to us of
Ngati Manawa, of Te Ika Whenua. We were dubbed Te Ika Whenua
because of our eels. We visited the Addiction Foods
factory who manufacture products for pet foods for
countries like America. The general manager for this
factory is away overseas, but a worker told us that eels
are only used in specialty foods for cats and dogs with
particular illnesses. Less than 1% of the
fishing quota is allocated by the Ministry of Fisheries
for eeling. I blame the government for
selling off our assets to overseas countries, just like our power companies. At the end of this month,
the Maori statutory board will present their case
before the Waitangi tribunal. Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.

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