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[ENG/EDIT] 꼼장어 8인분과 비빔국수 먹방편~! /191127방송 편집버전,Mukbang

Hi! This is Haetnim! Today’s menu is the thin eel (kkomjangeo)! 4 servings of salted thin eel -48000won 4 servings of Seasoned salted thin eel – 48000won beef bean paste stew – 9000won I made this spicy noodles by myself I adde a lot of perilla oil today smells so nice! Gonna start with the salted one Dipping in some oil sauce I personally prefer thin eels to eels ooh this texture! Sooo good with some spicy noodles Wow I made it so well I also like eating some thin eels with white kimchi dip it in some oil sauce This time, I’m gonna try this seasoned thin eel smells like charcoal sooo nice a piece of thin eel with spicy noodles Wow the taste is very strong This time, I will make a ssam with a piece of white kimchi I will add some noodles too Like this Mouthful mukbang Wow the spicy noodles is really good too I think I added too much chili powder. It’s hot I wanna be full just by eating thin eels 8 servings of thin eels are not enough Take a bite~ I should move these rice balls on the grill wow the rice balls are nice This stew looks like soy bean paste soup, cheonggukjang and kimchi stew With a rice ball This must be good half a bowl of regular noodles in one bite I get so happy when I eat a mouthful of food It looks like a boa constrictor? huh? anaconda? Q. I think you made too much noodles A. Cuz thin eels are not enough for me I need some other food to make me full I think it’s better to charcoal them oh I could not eat all the kimchi. I made it very deliciously though I had a simple and delicious meal today!

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