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[ENG]  Fish Tagine With Vegetables / طاجين السمك بالخضر – CookingWithAlia – Episode 439

[ENG] Fish Tagine With Vegetables / طاجين السمك بالخضر – CookingWithAlia – Episode 439

Today we’re going to make another tagine with dada Rabiaa. Dada Rabiaa, what are going to make today? Today we’re making fish tagine with 4 vegetables that don’t take a long time to cook white fish once cleaned, no bones, only takes 10 to 15 minutes to cook. let’s start! Step 1: Marinating the Fish First, let’s prepare the charmoula. In a large bowl combine: paprika, cayenne pepper, ground cumin ground ginger, pepper, salt, and chopped parsley and cilantro. Now add tomato paste, olive oil, and lemon juice. mix well. Get your white fish ready. Place the white fish slices in the marinade and mix well so that every piece is coated with the charmoula. Add a little more fresh herbs and a bit of water to dilute the marinade. let the fish absorbs all these flavors while preparing the rest of the ingredients. Step 2: Preparing the Veggies Peel the carrots and cut the tips. Then peel the potatoes – these are tiny potatoes. If you are using a big one, cut it into bite sized pieces. Cut both ends of the green bell pepper, slice in the middle and remove the seeds. Now slice the pepper into medium sized sticks. Do the same with the red bell pepper. Cut both ends, remove the seeds, and slice into sticks. Now thinly slice the carrot into diagonal pieces Also, slice the tomato without peeling or seeding it. Step 3: Cooking the Tagine Place the carrot slices in the bottom of the tagine. Then place the tomato slices on top of the carrots. Take some of the charmoula where the fish is marinating and spread it over the tomato and carrot slices Place the fish slices on top of the tomatoes. Then top it with the veggies: the green pepper sticks the red pepper sticks the potato pieces and another slice of tomato. Pour the rest of the charmoula on top of all the veggies. Close the tagine and let it cook on medium heat for around 20 minutes. Now, for extra yumminess, add a couple of bay leaves to the sauce a few green olives and top it all with chopped parsley and cilantro. Cover the tagine and cook for another 10 minutes. At one point, check on the tagine and baste the top vegetables with the sauce. You know that your tagine is ready when the potatoes become soft as they take the longest to cook. At the end, decorate with a lemon slice and serve immediately with crusty bread. hmmmm…. This tagine tastes heavenly. Bessaha war aha.

49 comments on “[ENG] Fish Tagine With Vegetables / طاجين السمك بالخضر – CookingWithAlia – Episode 439

  1. I wanted to try this. Does the fish survive cooking for so long? Normally 8 mins is ok for fish and any more will leave it overdone.

  2. Another beautifully done video! Your sharing of these wonderful recipes inspired me to buy a Le Creuset tagine which I just love using! Thank you so much for introducing me to this delicious cuisine!

  3. Hello Alia! I like this series very much!! At this moment i'm cooking the meat with green peas. I also wanted to tell u that i like very much the music and ur soft voice over the top! Very nice job!!😊

  4. La meilleure recette de tajine au poisson jamais testée et super rapide en plus ! Merci BCp pour le partage, on s est tous régalés;)

  5. Salam 3alaikom Alia I have tried this tajine last week and it was sooo good so easy and quick, I am cooking it again today, I love it!! @cookingwithalia thank you for 🤗

  6. This looks great. I am making a big pot of it today. Btw, the sound "Charmoula" is so pleasant to my ear =)

  7. I bought a targine and have been cooking chicken. I'm so going to try this dish, but will try using a preserved lemon. It looks too good not to try.

  8. This looks delicious! I'm going to try to make it for my husband… can I put the tagine directly on my glass stove top or will I need a diffuser?

  9. Thanks so much for your video.. I want to learn this kind of menu because it's my boyfriend's favourite dish. I just want to ask if it is possible to cook it in a normal pan? And what kind of fish you usually use? Looking forward for your response.. thanks in advance… 😊

  10. سلام عليا أنا معجب بزاف بوصفات ديالك ؤ طريقتك فنشر الطبخ المغربي ؤ دبا كنطلب من إلاسمحتي نشر هاذ الفيديو ديالك عندي فوحد صفحة من بعد الإذن ديالك بطبيعة الحال ؤ شكرا

  11. Thank you Alia. I have never learned how to cook back at home as I had 3 sisters and a mother who cook like pros. Now that I am on my own, I needed to start cooking for myself and your videos are excellent help for me when my mom or sisters are not available on WhatApp to walk me through the cooking :-). So Merci, Shoukran and thank you very much!

  12. Really yammy but u forgot the garlic always Moroccan fish tajin comes with garlic but thank u

  13. Very nice video. I like fish very much, and also Like the Arabic cuisine. How type of fish can I use to cook?

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