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[ENG SUB] 겨울 필살기! 배신없는 겨울 낚시 루어 채비! Winter fishing cheat codes! This lure would never betray you!

Hi, guys! Today! I came to Kumho River! Kumho River! Wow, The winter is fully in the air, right? fully in the air, right? put hot-pack behind neck! and wore turtleneck! brushed hoody like this! and heavy outer It’s not really cold at all right now! The wind is very chilly today! Because I wore so tightly It’s bearable! Well, Today To show you winter bass! I prepared Let’s go, guys! Look, guys! Today’s first lure is Today’s first lure is Vibe! Do you remember? I caught a mandarin fish with this! Mandarin fish! First, with this Vibe! Not far, in this way where the bass hides with this Vibe.. Like this, like this I’ll try a quick search! If it show up in first casting I would said ‘Thank you, very thanks’ But I can’t, guys In the shape of a fan with this Vibe I’ll explore more! Wow, this line rubbed a lot?! I should change it! It would snap soon If I didn’t check line.. maybe.. It would snap right away Guys! This time I’ll use metal Vibe! Guys! This time I’ll use metal Vibe! What; (What is it, it hanged..) Well, guys this time! I’ll try metal Vibe once! The season of metal Vibe~ Win-ter~ Win-ter~ (She don’t know that her tongue is short) Guys, I can’t Ha.. I have to use free-rig freely (Let’s change the lure to metal Vibe!) Huh? Huh? Fish? Guys, fish.. Look, fish!! Guys! It’s mine!!! Ta-da! Wow.. Jackpot! Oh.. it’s cold..! I was about to cry thinking of fail I got this with metal Vibe! A lipstick.. Oh, it turned red! Thank you Were you cold? Were you hungry? You ate my lure well~ (Hey, what the hell are you saying) Tada! Guys! Look! Wow.. It’s been a long time, right? The Vibe of faith in winter! Oh it’s really good Guys, no less! In winter, I think Vibe is best choice! A metal Vibe! Now How I found this bass is! There are three trees in the water opposite me I cast between that trees as soon as it dropped, I reeled Something! The feeling was so heavy? Thinking ‘What is it?’ Then! I knew it was fish! You know I’m saying?! Please understand well this contufontulation.. The reason why I thought ‘What? What is it?’ was The bite was not strong exact ‘It’s mine’! So Um, it is fish~? Then it was~ It’s suddenly sunny because I’m fishing pshaw.. It’s mine!! wasn’t it..? Not..? Really!! No.. Tada! Guys! I’ve been fishing for dinner feeding There was no reaction after catching one before So.. Yes.. it is.. Next time! I’ll show you more than one bass! Two bass! Then see you next video, subscribers!

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