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[ENG SUB-VIET SUB] Tacos with pulled beef/ Taco mit pulled beef/ Taco với thịt bò nướng lò

[ENG SUB-VIET SUB] Tacos with pulled beef/ Taco mit pulled beef/ Taco với thịt bò nướng lò

Hello, it’s nice that you tuned into thuskochtour again. Today our trip goes to Mexico!!! Maybe you already tried mexican tacos and asked yourself: how do you make these? They are prefect for an evening with friends or for a party as finger food. These tacos only consist of
wheat or corn and nothing else! And now I will show you how to make these. First I will prepare the tacos and therefore you need: 300g cornmeal 150g wheat flour 350ml water 1tsp salt 1tbsp oil First sieve the cornmeal and wheat flour. Add salt and the oil and mix it together. Then add the water and knead it into a dough. Now let the dough rest for 30min. After 30min divide the dough into 20 equally sized pieces and knead it into a ball. Sprinkle your surface with some cornmeal and press down the ball of dough with your hand. To make the tacos even put some cling film onto the dough and press it down with a pot. Repeat the process with all of the dough balls. Then bake the tacos in the pan from both sides. Let the tacos cool down, covert hem in cling film, so they don’t dry out. Then I will prepare the pulled beef and therefore you need: 1kg beef from the chest 250ml meat broth 100ml rice wine 2 cloves of garlic (already chopped) 1tsp five spices powder 1tbsp sugar syrup 1tbsp soy sauce 1tsp paprika powder 1tsp paprika powder First mix together the sugar syrup, soy sauce, spices, paprika powder, garlic and pepper and put it aside. Then remove the tendons and skin from the beef. Now put the marinade on the beef, cover it with cling film and let it rest for min. 3-4 hours in the fridge. I recommend letting it rest overnight. When the marinade sinked in, put half of the rice wine and half of the meat broth into a casserole, put the meat into it and pour over the rest of the wine and broth. Then cook the meat in the oven at 110 celsius for about 5 hours. Meanwhile I will prepare the guacamole and therefore you need: 3 avocados 1 tomato juice of half a lemon some cilantro 1 red onion ½ tsp salt 2 cloves of garlic (already chopped) 1 chili (already chopped) First cut the avocados into half, remove the pit and spoon out the flesh. Then mash it with a fork. Then remove the tomato pits and cut them into small pieces. Also chop the onion and coriander into small pieces. Now mix together the tomato, onion, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, chili and garlic with the avocados. Now I will prepare the taco shells To get the typical taco shape I used a grill grate and put the tacos around two grits and bake them for 10min at 180 celsius. This way they get crispy and a stable shape and you can fill them easily. Before filling the taco shells I will pull apart the meat with two forks. Additionally for the filling you need salad, limes, tomatos and jalapeno. You can vary this part and fill your tacos depending on your personal taste. And now you have delicious taco shells with pulled beef from the oven. This recipe is so delicious! Try it out yourself! Have fun trying it out and until next time! Bye

6 comments on “[ENG SUB-VIET SUB] Tacos with pulled beef/ Taco mit pulled beef/ Taco với thịt bò nướng lò

  1. Ich wusste garnicht das du Vietnamesin bist, ich bin komme auch aus Vietnam, habs erst gesehen weil dein Titel auch auf vietnamesisch steht, finde ich cool und die Tacos sehen auch super aus😃

  2. oh weia was lecker und wir haben gerade bzw ich schaue es gerade um 23:00 uhr. nu muss ich mich aber echt zusammenreißen um nicht den kühlschrankt zu plündern hehe.. super rezept werd ich mir merken mach weiter so du bist echt klasse

  3. Super Video und des Rezept dieht echt lecker aus, aber die Musik war bissl zu laut fand ich….hat dann irgendwie bissl abgelenkt und genervt fand ich…aber wie gesagt Rezept sieht super aus 😆

  4. Der Kanal ist ja absolut klasse, habe es schon an meine Freunde geteilt!!! Vielen lieben Dank für deine Mühe und einen schönen Gruß aus Wiesbaden wünsche ich

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