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[Eng subs] Eels Colombia Jang Geun Suk 장근석 FC en ElGranFan Canal Trece Colombia

[Eng subs] Eels Colombia Jang Geun Suk 장근석 FC en ElGranFan Canal Trece Colombia

Jang Keun Suk also known as Prince of Asia
makes history with us and his fan club in Colombia he is popular in the whole asian
continent, besides being a korean singer he is actor, dancer and model. His carreer begins in 1997 in the comedy Selling happiness thanks to the faith that his family teach to him since he was a child moreover being only child. He starred his best roll on You are beautiful on 2009. He likes listen music, cooking and shooting sport. He is major in theater, his zodiac sign is Leo and the chinese zodiac sign is rabbit. The fanclub of this artist is know as eels. This name was given because this is one of the favorite food because of the energy that this animal provides. He has said that his fans are his motivation and main strength. Among his hobbies are snowboard and skiing. His group of friends is called chocoball, one of his closest friends is Super junior’s Choi Siwon. His favorite food is spicy food and marinated crabs. Some news about him is that he bought a whole building for a future project that hasn’t been unveiled. One of his worst fears is being closed in a place because he is claustrophobic. The prince of Asia is loved for many people and his club in Colombia shows that it’s true therefore, the colombian eels are here with us in this special show dedicated to this unique and multifaceted artist. Hello ElGranFan friends. It happens that I love to come to the park on Saturdays, visit monuments and parks and there are some girls here. They are taking pictures for their school prom. Let’s greet them! Which highschool are you from? No, we don’t come form any highschool. No seriously, why are you all here posing today? tell me We want to show you our dear idol coreano, his name is Jang Keun Suk and repeat it, what is his name? Jang Keun Suk Let’s talk about how some girls in South America, colombia, bogota know a man millionaire and very talented in the other side of the planet. In a drama named You Are Beautiful in which he portrayed a very important roll. He was the leading character He is handsome, he is the most beautiful thing that we’ve seen. What does it have a korean man that a colombian man doesn’t have? Just all, all absolutely. Well we know that they, or at least Sukkie, his personality, he is so… but I’m also cool …. but it’s not the same. We are going to ask these girls in a poll made by ElGranFan and the journalist team of this wealthy show. How much do they know about their idol. How much do you know about your idol? When did he born? August 4th How old are he? 27 Which are his zodyac sign? ………… Leo! leo! leo! What is the name of his mother? Since when did he enter in the music world? since he was 5 years old What is the name of his last girlfriend? we don’t know about an official girlfriend What are the names of his last three singles? single eehhhh… If he could reincarnate as an animal, Which animal it would be? a rabbit Why? because he likes them. Why are you telling her!! If you had that man in front of you. What would you say to him? … in korean huh! sarangheyo Jang Keun Suk This was a test made by ElGranFan to the fans of eels colombia. How much do you know about your idol? We are eels Colombia!!! Annyeonghaseyo!!! Zikzin!!!

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  1. ahahahaha !!!nooo!!! que hermoso!!! la verdad esto me pone muy alegre que lindo chicas que hayan logrado que pasaran su biografia por TV!!! ,se los publico en nuestra pagina :3 debemos apoyarnos como eels Bye crii ,esto es muy precioso 

  2. Ai me encantan los coreanos. Y la música… aun que no entienda lo que dise. Más de unas palabras… ♡ ♡ soy de ((GUATEMALA )) SENTROAMERICA ????????,♥ ♡ ♥

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