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Ep.10 – From Fishing To Survive, To Professional Football Player

Ep.10 – From Fishing To Survive, To Professional Football Player

Hey! How are you? All good? All good! Please come in, come in! Thank you very much Mohammed I want to know everything about you because in town
many people talk about your fairy tale about how you became a football player it was a big dream! Actually if this wall wouldn’t have been painted, I would have showed you…when I was small I wrote there: I want to be like Rooney,
Renaldo, Ferdinand and the first match I saw was a Manchester one Since that time I like Manchester From that moment on, I made sure I’m gonna try my best to be the best I can I’m a player which I haven’t gone to any Academy, any coaching…nothing I’m just a player which comes from a village. i used to play mostly on the beach playing football is not just “playing” you should know when to pass, how to pass, what to do. but I didn’t know that, because no one taught me neither I went to any trainings. I went to a team I didn’t know anything but slowly I did
started and now I’m here. it was very difficult, close to impossible but sometimes God is there. We prayed, my mother worked hard. I remember those days when
we didn’t have anything but somehow she did something she worked the whole day and night and even my brother They did something so they make sure I’m here, right now. if I want to give up tomorrow I have to think “Oh see these are the
people who taught me, these are the people who supported me these are the people who gave me everything Now everything lies on me so I can’t give up, I can’t do anything all I all have to do is just to play, work hard that’s all seeing that your mother gave you everything when you were younger to to let you become a football player Now that you are a professional football
player and your career is going up what would you like to give back to your
mother? she just want a house of her own where
she can rest and she can say proudly “Oh this is my house” because the first thing I did was buying my car so when she saw it, she cried and she said: “yes now I can feel this is my car.” Because whenever we used to go out, I had to borrow my friend’s car and she always used to be like this I said: “What happened?” You always take friend’s car. What they’ll say? I said: “mama please chillout.” one day, Inshalla I’m gonna get my car and you’re gonna
feel proud about it so like this, I wanna fulfill her wishes so whatever she wants I’m gonna give that (The new house) is gonna be a surprise for her there was a moment when you were younger and you were thinking: I shall give up. I
shall find a normal job. this is not the dream for me there was a place where we struggled We lived in a hut but there was no light, no washing
machine, there was nothing! I was living in the road it was very difficult: my dad was alchoolic He used to make trouble to my mother He used to beat my brothers even if we didn’t do anything He just came, sit with a drink. if you din’t give him what he wanted, he used to hit my mother This was bringing me to give up and just do some work give up, just do some work. Don’t consider football but that is the place which gave me a lifetime kick and I couldn’t forget because we didn’t have anything We used to struggle even for a rupee To say how we lived, it would be almost impossible That would bring tears maybe this is your real motivation that is my real motivation because at that point you don’t have anything to buy a pair of slippers that costs 100 rupies…we didn’t have that now I have everything but if you go to that place and if you see… you didn’t have anything and now you have car, you have fame, you have a name… everything! Now we have money Is the hut still there? The hut is still there! maybe we can go to have it a look. I would love to see that hut Sure! but before that I would like to show you my house this is where everything happened I see you have all the shoes over there Which are your favorite ones? The “tiempo” are my favorite one and also the “Magista” There are the ones I use for training I’m a big fan of Ramos Big big fan of Ramos, I just bought these ones Before, thinking about these nike was ..a big dream. All your trophies?! All my trophies do you sleep here? Yes, I sleep down this is where my mother sleeps I sleep
here and my brother there So, your mother sleeps on the on the bed. There, there is another mattress that you put on the floor Me and my brother sleep there so, this is my second room Very messy guys! It’s like a wardrobe!? An open wardrobe! there, there is your biggest fan Yes, she is my biggest fan the biggest supporter. Namaste! She is cooking something special You like fish I guess She knows I love fish too This is the washroom and there we have the bathroom outside let’s go the training now because it’s already time we have to be there soon Is this your car? how many times do you train per per day? we do once but sometimes twice a day’s Sometimes is once but now, since the season started, it’s only once a day Everyday? Yes, everyday So you are in the middle of the goalkeepers!? Yes Let’s see the toilet What do you do here? Ice? Ice bath You do it? Yes, i do it When I am very tired I do it ready to rumble! Yes! All set. We train here We have the best ground in Goa The Bambolim Stadium You always come so early or just for me? I am always on time, before time! Yes? Yes of course It’s better: you come, relax, take your time dress up If you have any injury go to the physio do some exercises and be ready for training Come! let’s sit together because I have 10
questions for you now Yes sure Now I have to ask you 10 questions about
happiness those are the questions that I’m asking to all my interviewers around the world So, there is no right answer, wrong answer… only your answer first question: What is something small that always make you smile? Something small that makes me smile… Some people who thought and I
wouldn’t be anything but now I am something! What is your first thought when you wake up? first thing when I get up is to learn more about football yesterday we did practice what mistake I did and what I had to do? I keep that in my mind and I keep
repeating it not only when I wake but even before going to sleep up even when before going to sleep I
keep everything in my mind So, I did this mistake, so from tomorrow
if I get the same ball I am going to do it in the other way which I have to do my coach is expecting something from me so I have to do that Ali what do you think are the three most beautiful things in the world? First thing is mom Second is football Actually, second is prayers and third is football This the thing that make a person happy…man or woman whether it is, family is the first thing! What are you most scared of? I am not scared of anything but I’m just scared of injures that can happen. I’m ready to face anything in this world okay, what is the most precious thing you own? My mother She made so much for me she worked so hard Even if I buy that house or car or whatever to her It’s still nothing for her because, thanks to her and my brothers, I am here today so she’s the most precious thing in my life What does dying mean to you? That I have to fulfill my dreams and until I don’t do it, I am not going to die what is the perfume of happiness for you? The football pitch Nothing else You can give one and only advice to
yourself ten years ago, what would you advice, what would you suggest to Ali? How I am playing now I should have played 5 years ago If I would have learned this before, I would be a better player right now what is the recipe of happiness for you? Nowadays kids just wanna be a player instantly That is not the recipe Even if you want to cook something, it has certain steps to follow going to make a cake by itself if you just keep it there. you need a recipe. you need to put this and
put this, bake it It takes time the same thing with football. start slowly, slowly, wait for it, have patience have patience, have patience, work hard for it Even if you don’t get it, work hard for it and slowly you will get it! That is how I got it Never give up Nice, nice safe! Look at that! The water just… We have to move, we have to move Ali! I am all wet! but at least you saved the camera This is the formula of happiness: that you saved my camera! well thank you very much thank Ali I have got something for you Really? Yes Come, I show you This is amazing! I’m going to bring it in my journey thank you very much The shorts too? The shorts as well In town everyone will think I am FC Goa Player Thank you so much man! I really appreciate it Thank you very much for your inspiration, for your story Thank you so much for making a story of about me I hope someone could be inspired by it Work hard and never give up on the dreams cool! We finished This the place which has changed my life which it has done everything to me which has literally kicked my life this was the place where we lived This was the hut that we built and there was nothing over here we used to enter from here we used to enter from it. this was our house It was like in the jungle. You just had to live without lights, even to get water you had to literally walk half kilometer so that was very difficult for me to come up and in the day, there’s a beach in front where I went fishing, sell the fishes, make some money and get something for us At that time, football was the thing that
has saved my life from nothing to something and from something to excel Now it’s the best thing of my life

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