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ESF Bass Fishing Club

ESF Bass Fishing Club

yeah I just like being out on the water
out here to have fun catch fish meet people you know just all about the
experience ah I don’t know I just like being
outside on the water it’s just it’s just what I love to do well I like fishing I
like getting together with the guys getting out on the water and having fun so at ESF it just it’s all environmental
science and forestry so we draw a lot of outdoors and a lot of sportsmen so
there’s a ton of fishermen at yes and we’re very conservation oriented so we
want to push that in the sport as much as we can and encourage that passed on
to other teams here it’s great enjoyment it’s getting out and being active with
with friends and schoolmates every 15 minutes
a flight of 17 is coming in so when they care it started at 2:30 the first flights
at 2:30 the second flight would be quarter of three three o’clock and so
forth if they’re to over eight hours they’re disqualified so the night before
usually they have the safety meeting where you get your boat number and then
in the morning everyone launches a nut order that you got based off a random
drawing and if you’re looking for five fish slow mouth or large mouth over the
size limit your 5 biggest fish you bring those into the weigh in and they get the stage
set up Environmental Science and Forestry Patrick and Benjamin it’s cumulative weight and whoever has
the most weight wins there’s a team effort we got two large
mouths today and a couple other fish that don’t count but just out there
fighting was fun. Just one question, how big was it? I don’t think you have a lens big enough for it! you

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