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100 comments on “Eterneva Has Mark and Daymond Riled Up – Shark Tank

  1. So the thing is that if a company is too successful and have a high valuation then it’s true they don’t need the sharks and could be doing this for free advertisement but could also be that they do want the connections and the sharks don’t wanna force up that much money. The sharks love having smaller businesses that haven’t sold much so that they can take a bigger piece of the pie due to the situation

  2. I guess if funeral service is such a big business, why not the ash from dead people, right? I can't believe it such a lucrative business.

  3. "i hate the fact that…" we screened you extensively, knowing exactly what your corporate structure was, just so that we could invite you on the show, clutch our pearls, and pretend to be outraged. i also find your rejection of my lowball offer as proof that you're not serious and you don't really want me on board.

  4. This article just came out now states “ Mark Cuban-backed ‘cremation diamond’ company is a scam, experts say”. I’m curious to know if they finalize the deal

  5. By the way they want 5% and was having a hard time going above 5%. I don’t think this deal went through. 😂😂😂 I wonder how much % they have in the company.

  6. Article that says Cremation Diamond is a scam…

  7. There business is a scam. It was scientifically proven that you can turn ashes into pressurized diamond. I d ok nt if i said that correct lol but anyways i an article about it

  8. Mark always finds a way to do a deal..Always!! He has got a bigger vision than other sharks Disrespect to other i love them all ,but yeah this guy !! No wonder he is a billionaire

  9. Daymond only wants losers or small start ups on the carpet, his comments, not the first time in that matter, are really just annoying.

  10. I thought this would be Daymond and Mark tearing into someone for some reason. I was let down to say the least.

  11. Wait a minute, Mark first offered $600,000 for 15%, then when Robert offered $600,000 for 10%, they were saying if you want a shark pay a premium, then he rejected $250,00 for 5%($500,000 for 10%, 5% each). But then he accepted $600,000 for 9%, what???

  12. When did Will I Am get on the panel
    Oh and Lori is the worst fuckin part of this show
    She’s worthless in every sense

  13. I didnt see a problem with them saying our company based on investments is valued at such and such. she also said that most of those investors were in tech and not business. It seems to me that they came to find a mentor more than anything. And i am also a business owner and i do pretty well.

  14. Why does Mark always beat Mr. Wonderful on negotiations or let me pit it this way… why do most people always keep Mr. Womderful away for Marc Cuban?

  15. @3:50 something is a bit "off" about these two … why are they holding their hands exactly the same way?! Shouldn't they be standing at the end of a hallway in a hotel some place way up North in Maine?

  16. I think what she whispered to him near the end is that if they lose an investor by changing their evaluation that’s fine, because a shark is more important. (In less words obviously, but you get my point)

  17. remember when this business idea was pitched on Dragon's Den Canada 10 years ago? They turned it down then. Different people but same idea.

    Kevin said a diamond made of hair was creepy. Robert also passed. Making one of human remains is even more creepy.

    google Augenstern diamonds. The CBC website has the episode.

    That business no longer exists.

    I wonder why O'leary and Robert did not mention that. Maybe their contracts forbid them from mentioning their previous gigs on Dragon's Den. So many pitches on ST are copies of pitches they already got on DD.

  18. I love the fact that they act like there the only “sharks”. In the world. Or only investors. There are millions!!! And tons of them with better connections then these guys.

  19. Typical Daymond John “I’m out” , the guy has taken up space throughout the show’s existence!Get rid of him and allow a real investor to show him how it’s done !

  20. That little twitch on Mark's face at 4:16. He knew they were gonna accept when he took the non-aggressive approach.

  21. Y’all like to make fun of Barbara, but Lori deadass just went out because “something doesn’t feel right”.


  22. The Barbara is always out jokes don’t acknowledge how it’s bc she has the least amount of money to risk out of all of them

  23. Why do people come in looking for a deal, they get multiple offers and then hesitate and lose out on all offers.Take the damn offer!

  24. Stopped watching SHARKS. I ordered KETO off the I/N and never received it. Got charged but now product. This was 2 months ago. Repeated request went unanswered!!!

  25. Sometimes these sharks frustrate me…Like u have to HIT the entrepreneurs that hard for 1% here 1% there…like who needs it more…You that is already super rich OR the Entrepreneur who is trying to GROW? Fuck sake.

  26. Jeff Bezos: Hi my name is Jeff Bezos the Ceo and founder of Amazon and today I am seeking $5 for 99.9% of my company Amazon.
    Barbara: I'm out

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